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-----------Thoughts from the Wall ------------

Nathan Leal's - Thoughts from the Wall
October 17, 2015

"Should You Leave America?
...What If You Can't?""

Ten or fifteen years ago, the question would have been unthinkable. Today it is a different story. Because today the United States of America is in a mess.

Many are thinking of leaving, but what if you can't?

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------------- Audio MESSAGE -----------

Nathan Leal's - News from the Wall #25-
October 11, 2015

"Donald Trump and World War 3"

The world has entered the next phase of history. War is on the horizon. Russia and China are mobilizing in the Middle East.

...And Donald Trump is gathering momentum. But can he save America?

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Nathan Leal's - News from the Wall -
September 26, 2015

"It is Time for Revival "

We just had our Days of Awe Conference in Sandpoint, Idaho and it was awesome. Because of this, we are going to do more conferences with a focus on REVIVAL...!

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--- Nathan on Hagmann & Hagmann -----

Nathan Leal on Hagmann & Hagmann -
Friday - September 25, 2015

"America Needs Revival...the Next Chapter "


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------ UPDATE ----

The Conference was a Success -------

Here is a shorter video of one of the worship songs - The Old Rugged Cross / Hallelujah Thine the Glory




Here is a video of the Saturday night worship. Below is a full video of the worship, (40 minutes)


The Holy Spirit moved mightily. Because of what happened in Sandpoint, I have a very exciting announcement, we are going to be taking this nationwide.



The Days of Awe Conference

A Solemn Assembly in Sandpoint, Idaho –

September 18th to 20th, 2015

"A Gathering to Seek God for Mercy"

Conference Information


------------------ Sermon Part 3 ----------------

Nathan Leal's - "For Such a Time as This"

"Jesus - Feeds the Multitude - The Bread of Life - Part 3 "

June 31, 2015

This sermon will examine the hidden message that God has placed as the incredible promise of His Second Coming that is embedded in the account of the feeding of the 5,000.

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--- Nathan on Hagmann & Hagmann ------

Nathan Leal on Hagmann & Hagmann -
Friday July 10, 2015

"The Judgment to Befall Us as a Nation"


Web Page with Audio Link


"Understanding the Coming Judgment..."

America is in Trouble.. - Read


----- Nathan on Hagmann & Hagmann ------

Nathan Leal on Hagmann & Hagmann -
Friday June 26, 2015

"What to do when you don't know what to do"

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-------- A Lamentation from Nathan Leal ----------

I Grieve...

Today, in light of the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, I grieve.

I grieve because the land of my youth has died.

I grieve because...

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----------------- Father's Day Article -------------

Fatherhood – A Different Perspective

Warning - This article not for the weak

June 21, 2015

Article Page

------------------ Sermon Part 2 ----------------

Nathan Leal's - "For Such a Time as This"

"Jesus - The Bread of Life - Part 2 "

June 17, 2015

The are many people out there who want more of God but at times, they struggle to understand God and the Christian journey. This message will encourage those who are spiritually hungry or need a touch from God.

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------------------- Sermon ---------------------

Nathan Leal's - "For Such a Time as This"

"Jesus - The Bread of Life - a sermon"

June 6, 2015

In one of His many miracles, Jesus fed the multitude.

He did this because He had compassion for the people...for they were like sheep having no shepherd.

Today, Jesus also desires to feed His people. My friend, He wants to feed and strengthen you! ...and in these dark and unsettled times, God's people need spiritual nutrition.

This sermon is part one of a new series that will offer encouragement and spiritual health for you and your family.

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------- Transcript of Latest Message -----------

"Jade Helm & the End Times -
...the Beast is Rising

Updated with many images. This is part one.
It contains a spiritual challenge for God's people

Read the transcript

------------- NEW AUDIO MESSAGE -----------

Nathan Leal's - News from the Wall -
May 17, 2015

"Jade Helm & the End Times -
...the Beast is Rising

When the End Time Beast rises, it will use the military to control Planet Earth. In those days the military will also use a worldwide spy network to gather data on everyone and use it to control, corral and punish its enemies.

...enter Jade Helm, a test run for the Beast!

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--- Nathan on Hagmann & Hagmann

Nathan Leal on Hagmann & Hagmann -
Friday May 8, 2015

"Jade Helm - Rise of the Machine
& Martial Law"

Jade Helm" is a manifestation of a new direction for America and the US military.

It will play a role in fulfilling the Bible prophecy of the End Time Beast.


Show Notes and Images with Audio Link


---- Nathan on Hagmann & Hagmann ------

Nathan Leal on Hagmann & Hagmann -
Friday April 24, 2015

"Operation Jade Helm - A Further Analysis"

In this program, we will take a deeper look at Jade Helm. We will examine the hidden message in the logo which may reveal "Internment Camps" for the extracted ones.

We will also look at the Jade Computer program and much more...


Show Notes and Images with Audio Link


----------- Expose' from the Wall --------------

Nathan Leal - Alert from the Wall

"Operation Jade Helm - An Expose - Part 2"

This is part two of an ongoing expose on Jade Helm

Read the report and Expose

------------- Prophetic Warning

"Prophetic Dream - A Nuclear Event in Montana"

April 4, 2015

Read the Prophetic Alert


----- Nathan on Hagmann & Hagmann ------

Nathan Leal on Hagmann & Hagmann -
Friday April 3, 2015

"Operation Jade Helm - The Real Truth"

Jade Helm - What is it?

The Operation is littered with speculation, rumor and genuine concern. But what is it?

I have uncovered information that examines and exposes it into its very core ..!

This information must be shared with everyone.

Report with Show Notes, links and images


----------------- Sermon ---------------

Nathan Leal's - "For Such a Time as This" - A Sermon

"Defeating Spiritual Sluggishness"

April 1, 2015

Audio Page and Link

------- ALERT from Nathan Leal -----------------

"The World is on the Brink of War -
A Warning and a Challenge"

March 16 , 2015

(date typo fixed, it said Feb 16. thanks SL)

Note - The following message is brought to you with great anguish and heartache...

Ladies and Gentlemen, War is coming. A terrible war!

It will be shocking as the coming storm shakes the mountains, stirs the ground, and turns buildings into relics...

Read the Alert


"The Illuminati Attack on America!"

Nathan Leal was on Hagmann & Hagmann -
Friday Feb. 27, 2015 Topics

- The Phoenix has Invaded the White House
- Katy Perry's Half Time Show – Part 2
- New Age Hollywood Deception
- Ukraine & the Coming War

Updated Notes and images

Program Notes & Audio Link


America's Dark Invasion -
Sealed by Obama!

"The Phoenix has Invaded the White House"

February 26 , 2015



The 2015 Grammy Awards -
America has Died!

"The World Rocks Out on the Highway to Hell"

February 10, 2015


------ Nathan on Hagmann & Hagmann

Nathan Leal on Hagmann & Hagmann -
Thursday Feb. 5, 2015

" The Illuminati Super Bowl 49 / Half time Show
– The Arrival of the Beast"

As expected, Katy Perry's the Super Bowl 49 Halftime Show was another Illuminati display of coming events.

The one thing that stood out was the theme appeared to be a continuation of last year's "PREPARE" message.

So fast forward to the present. We just had another Super Bowl. And the message was very clear ... war is coming and the world will burn...!

Updated Notes and images -
Program Notes & Audio Link


------- Nathan on Hagmann & Hagmann ------

Nathan Leal & Steve Quayle on Hagmann & Hagmann - Thursday Jan. 22, 2015

"Prophetic Warning to America...War is Coming!"

On this program Steve Quayle joined me as we shared some very important information. It involves several prophetic warnings.

Ladies and gentleman, the Russian Bear has awakened and WAR is coming to the United States.

Updated Notes - Jan. 24, 2015

Program Notes & Audio Link


President Barry Snow's
State of the Union - 2015

Nathan Leal -January 21, 2015

On January 20, 2015, President Snow....I mean Boy Wonder Barry performed to a sold out House of Politicos for his 6th annual recital of vocal smoothies.

The performance was as expected, at times, there was thunderous applause mixed with smiles and cheers; other times, there were moments of solemn adoration...



---------- Latest Audio Message ----------

Nathan Leal's - "News from the Wall" - #22

"America 2015 - Time is Running Out!"

January 12, 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, in 2015, America will sail into uncharted waters.

Uncharted, because we have never been here before. This year, America will enter the seventh year of her judgment.

She is also in the final quarter of the Obama Cabal. Will it go into overtime?

What will become of the Ukraine Crisis...or the Oil Crash? What will happen the the PetroDollar? Will there be a war with Russia? ...a false flag attack?

This message also includes a word of spiritual challenge and encouragement. The year is young and this is a good time to start fresh with a new heart of repentance and commitment to God. I hope and pray that the words in this message will touch those that need it.

Go to the Audio Page to hear the audio


-- Nathan Reports on Hagmann & Hagmann -----

Nathan Leal on Hagmann & Hagmann - Monday Dec. 29, 2014

"Events approaching in 2015 - Gearing for War!"

New Year 2015 is upon us. What will it bring? Many things are approaching, including the pounding of the drums of war with Russia.

War will become the developing story as public opinion in the West is swayed to accept it, and desire it. But in order for the general population to accept this, they must first be brainwashed by the New World Order Brigade into believing that Russia is the enemy of the USA and NATO.

This will require false flag events. Some of them will be small and some will be large. Eventually there will be one that will galvanize the population with hatred towards Russia.

2015 will be the year of brainwashing for war.


Updated Show Notes & Program link

Show Notes and Program Link


Season's Greetings from Watchman’s Cry

"Jesus is the Light of the World!"

December 25, 2014

Today in this late hour, the world is mired in darkness. It is a darkness that is galloping from the East to the West, bringing a thick sludge of evil and misery.

...But there is hope...His Name is Jesus!



-------- Nathan on Hagmann & Hagmann ------

Nathan Leal was on Hagmann & Hagmann - Friday Nov. 28, 2014

"America - the Fall of the Colossus"

At one time, America was mighty. She was a beacon of hope for a tired world. She represented freedom, liberty and a heritage that feared God. ...But that was the past. America is now on the road to destruction.

This has been prophesied in Scripture. But the prophecies were spoken as a mystery.

To him that has the eyes to see. The program's theme will cover this and more...

Updated Show Notes with Images & Video -

...Including information about China's espionage against the USA & Russia's electronic warfare weaponry.

...Black Friday Madness

Show Notes & Program Link


----------- Latest Audio Message ----------

Nathan Leal's - "News from the Wall" - #21

"Lament for America is Fallen!"

November 24, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, America has fallen and entered the next phase of the New World Order plan.

The President of the United States has gone rogue. The Constitution has been trampled. Obama is now revealing more of his true colors.

Why are these things happening? What does it mean?

In this audio, we will visit this topic and examine it through the lens of end time Bible prophecy.

Go to the Audio Page to hear the audio


------------ Prophetic Warning Alert -----------

A prophetic warning by Nathan Leal

"Election 2014 Did Not Save Us!"

November 5 ,2014

Read the Alert


-------- Nathan on Hagmann & Hagmann ------

Nathan Leal was on Hagmann & Hagmann
Thursday Oct. 30, 2014

"Signs from Heaven, Judgment on the Earth... ...Night is Upon Us"

The signs of America's downfall are underway. Over the past few years, God has sent messages of warning to America.

The signs have taken place before our eyes. The signs have not been coincidental. To those who have the eyes to see, let them see...

...that the night is upon us...

Link #1: Listen to the Program

Link #2: Click to play - Right Click to Download

UPDATED Show Notes, Video & Images- Notes


--------- Nathan on Hagmann & Hagmann ------

Nathan Leal was on Hagmann & Hagmann
Friday Oct. 17, 2014

"The Ebola Crisis
& the Coming Collapse of America "

In this program, Nathan talked about the present crisis of Ebola and what is really going on!

What is the end game? Is it a hoax, is it real? What is going to happen?

The crash of the USA is the end game. The dollar will be destroyed in the coming future. The time to prepare is now!

Listen to the Program


Link #2 - To save to your PC right click link below (Note download is 162 megs):

Program Link #2

-------------------- Warning Alert -------------------

A prophetic warning by Nathan Leal

The Coming Crash & Collapse of America.

The collapse of Crude Oil Markets and the Petrodollar.

October 13 ,2014

Read the Alert


----------- Latest Sermon Message Prt 5 ----------

Nathan Leal's - For Such a Time as This

"Gideon & the Angel of the Lord - part 5
...Becoming a Living Sacrifice "

October 4 ,2014

In these trying times, it is very important that all Christians get their spiritual houses in order. My friends, the plague appears to be arriving and the future is going to be challenging.

Our duty as God's people is to make sure that we strengthen our relationship with Christ while we can.

This message will visit the Scriptures and encourage those who want to draw near to God. This is a sermon message to strengthen the saints.

Go to the Audio Page with Link


------------ Sermon Message -------------

Nathan Leal's - For Such a Time as This

"Gideon & the Angel of the Lord
...the Call of God - part 4 "

September 25 ,2014

This is part 4 of our series about Gideon.

In this session we will examine the call of God upon Gideon and Gideon's response.
It occured when Israel was in turmoil and pain.

Today America is also in pain. And today God is also looking for people like Gideon.

God is our hope.

This message will encourage those who are facing struggle in these trying times.

It is also for those who have the call of God on their life.

Go to the Audio Page with Link

------- Nathan on Hagmann & Hagmann ------

Nathan Leal was on Hagmann & Hagmann -
Mon. Sept. 22, 2014

"The Judgment of the 4 Sevens - ISIS and the Plague "

In this program, Nathan shared what America is experiencing right now and what is coming!

There are events approaching that will change everything here in America. They involved ISIS and a plague...among other things!

Listen to the Program

Updated Notes 9-26-14 - Notes


------------ Latest Sermon Message -------------

Nathan Leal's - For Such a Time as This

"Gideon & the Angel of the Lord
...the Battle Against Baal - Part 2 & 3"

September 4 ,2014

In the Bible's past, Israel experienced hard times and judgment. The Scriptures tell us that it was because she struggled with Baal worship and idolatry. Baal worship originated in Babylon and it has never gone away.

End time prophecy tells us that the spirit Babylon will once again invade planet Earth with corruption, deception and brutality!

In these sessions, we are going to examine how Israel struggled with Babylon's religion of Baal and we are also going to see how they found victory over it.

Go to Audio Page with Link

------------- Sermon Message -------------

Nathan Leal's - For Such a Time as This

"Gideon & the Heart of Deliverance
...the Foreign Oppression - Part 1 "

August 22,2014

Times are growing weary in the USA. What does it mean? What are we to do?

This sermon will answer these questions and more. My prayer is that it will be a challenge and a blessing.

Go to Audio Page with Link

Updated Notes from Recent Hagmann Program

A new disclosure that uncovers Illuminati symbolism that is hidden in New York City. This session reveals a cryptic message that was aired several months ago on television.

The cryptic message was as follows -
1 N C 6 3 0 7 A G M.

What does it mean? This study will go into the details.

Updated Notes 8-20-14 - Notes


---- Nathan on Hagmann & Hagmann -------

Nathan Leal was on Hagmann & Hagmann -
Thur. August 14, 2014

"America's Descent into Darkness & Chaos "

In this program, Nathan shared about America's present road to destruction.

What are God's people to do? There is hope for those who hide in Christ. Nathan covered several topics including the Promise of Psalms 91 during a storm. Nathan then went into a disclosure about Illuminati Symbolism in New York City.

Listen to the Program

Updated Show Notes 8-20-14 - Notes

------ Nathan on Hagmann & Hagmann -------

Nathan Leal was on Hagmann & Hagmann -
Thur. July 17, 2014

"The Real Invasion in these End Times -
The Coming Mark of the Beast "

In this program, Nathan talks about the invasion crisis that is taking place in America. But the invasion is not limited to illegals from the South. The invasion is also a spiritual invasion from Hell to fulfill end time Bible prophecy.

Nathan also addresses the coming Mark of the Beast & present trend of tattoos in America and in the Church.

Listen to the Program

Show Notes - Notes

----------- Sermon Message -----------

New Program -
Nathan Leal's - For Such a Time as This

Sermons to Strengthen, Encourage and Offer Hope in these End Times.

"David & the Heart of Repentance"
July 14, 2014

This message offers a beautiful look at repentance and what it really is. It is for all of God's people!

Go to Audio Page with Link

----------- Recent Program Transcript -----------

Navigating the Chaos - Watch & Pray

Finding Strength in these Dark Times
Part 1

A message to strengthen God's people.

July 1, 2014

Read Sermon Transcript

------------ Audio Sermon Program -------------

June 20, 2014

Watchman's Cry Message 166

Navigating the Chaos - Watch & Pray
A Sermon by Nathan Leal

The news is reporting developments that are worrisome! This is leading many people to become overwhelmed with stress and fear.

In this sermon, Nathan shares an encouraging word from the Scriptures how we as Christians can navigate through these trying times. This is a message for all of God's people!

Link to the message page

----- News from the Wall Audio Program ----------

June 1, 2014

News 19 - prts 8 & 9 -
The Illuminati Unmasked: The Final Sessions

The BRICS Takeover of America - Prepare to be Crushed!"

In this study, I share the final disclosure the series, which is the unpleasant reality of America's decline. It includes very sobering words of challenge that must be visited by God's people.

Over the past few years, the BRICS Nations have been buying up America at fire sale prices. The butchering of America is following a very clever plan of deception, wickedness and betrayal at the highest level.

During the 2014 Super bowl, the Illuminati broadcast a commercial that revealed their New World Order plan to destroy America. It was the Bud Light Commercial that featured Arnold Schwarzenegger making an announcement - "Prepare to be Crushed!"...more at the link.

Links to the audios

Table of Contents - 9 Audio Sessions

----- News from the Wall Audio Program ----------

News 19 - prts 6 & 7 -
The Illuminati Unmasked:

The "Maserati" message decoded."

Maserati, the Rothschild's, and the planned demolition of America.

In this study, we will examine the ominous Maserati Commercial that was broadcast during the Super Bowl.

For those that saw it, it spoke volumes. Is this past news of little consequence? No, my friends. The things that they disclosed back then are now in motion in real time. They are beginning to arrive and you need to know what they have planned for your life.

May 14 , 2014

Links to the audios

Notes and Images

Table of Contents - 7 Audio Sessions

------- Nathan on Hagmann & Hagmann -------

Nathan Leal was on Hagmann & Hagmann - Thur. May 8, 2014

"The Judgment on America - What it means and what to expect"

It is important for all of God's people to understand the present judgment that is upon America right now.

...This includes the militia and the patriots. Without a proper understanding of 'what time it is,' well meaning people can be led astray and end up doing the wrong things.

The present crisis must be dealt with in the correct biblical manner. This interview explains how today's remnant / militia / patriots must approach the present national crisis here in America and offers suggestions for all Christians who are trying to prepare for the dark days ahead.

This is a message of challenge and hope!

Listen to the Program

------ Nathan on Hagmann & Hagmann -------

Nathan Leal was on Hagmann & Hagmann - Thur. April 3, 2014

"The Illuminati Exposed - Prepare for the Coming War ... "

Listen to the Program

Reference notes

Notes and Images

Jaguar Commercial Notes & Images
Updated Notes 4-7-14, 12 AM PT


News 19 - prts 4 & 5 -
The Illuminati Unmasked:

The "Prepare" message from the Superbowl decoded."

The warning is ominous and profound. The Illuminati hid the prepare message. I have decoded its meaning and it is very serious!...more at link

March 27, 2014

Links to the audios

Notes and Images

Table of Contents - 5 Audio Sessions

Updated Notes 3-27-14, 5:30 PT


------- Nathan on Hagmann & Hagmann -------

News from the Wall #19 - Parts 1, 2 & 3

"The Illuminati Unmasked:
The Babylon Bowl & the Grammy's"

"The New World Order Globalist Take Over of Planet Earth & the Coming War"

This audio series is going to explain in great detail what the New World Order is doing and the tools that they are using to do it.

Their takeover involves fascist globalist corporations, corrupt governments and evil minions of academia who are using crafty propaganda and deception to manipulate the masses into accepting the approaching season of war and darkness

March 7, 2014

Listen to the New Series

Notes and Images - Notes have been updated.

Table of Contents - 5 Audio Sessions

------- Nathan on Hagmann & Hagmann -------

Nathan Leal was the guest on Hagmann & Hagmann - Friday, Feb. 7, 2014

Illuminati Symbolism in Super Bowl 48 Half Time Show

What was meant by their message -

Feb. 7 , 2014

Show link

Show notes in posting below ---------------------------------------

Show Notes - The Hidden Superbowl Illuminati Message - part 1

Super Bowl 2014 - The Harbinger of things to Come

Feb. 7 , 2014

Notes and Images


The Overcomer Series - Session 2 in (two parts)

"A Cry in the Darkness -
The Road to Victory"

January 29, 2014


------- Nathan on Hagmann & Hagmann -------

Nathan Leal was the guest on Hagmann & Hagmann - Thur. Jan. 30, 2014

"The Real State of the Union - America in Crisis!"

Listen to the Program

----------- A Written Message by Nathan -----------

The Thankful Leper - Part B

An Examination and Study of
Salvation and Repentance

January 21 , 2014



Moving Forward into 2014
New Year - New Challenges

January 14, 2014


----------------------- Update -----------------------

Update on Nathan Leal's Health
...A Praise Report

January 7 , 2014


------- Nathan on Hagmann & Hagmann -------

Nathan Leal was the guest on Hagmann & Hagmann - Wed. Dec. 18, 2013

The Topics - The Reckoning!
Fire, Fractures & the coming
terrorist attacks!

Nathan also talked about affliction & his battle with Lupus

Listen to the Program

---------- New Program Transcript -----------

The Overcomer Series - Session 1 - Part A

"...And they overcame by
the Blood of the Lamb!..

This is a series to strengthen God's people.

December 13 , 2013


------ An Announcement from Nathan ------

A Day in the Life of Nathan Leal -
Living with the Disease of Lupus

I have Lupus, there I said it! I have not wanted to admit it. But it's true folks...


Read Announcement

----------- Recent Audio Message -----------

A New Watchman's Message

Introducing our New Overcomer Series!

The Thankful Leper -

This is the first installment in our new Overcomer Series! These new messages are going to serve as a refreshing encouragement to those who seek to endure in these end times!

This message will visit the biblical account of the leper who was healed by Jesus and was also thankful.


Audio Page Link


---------------------- Expose' ------------------------

America - The Road Ahead Part 3

Prophetic Warnings of Things to Come –
The Coming Invasion by China and Russia

In this session, we are going to talk about the approaching invasion of the United States by China and Russia.!


Read the Expose' - Part 3


Babylon America
The Road Ahead Part 2

Prophetic Warnings of Things to Come – Tsunamis & Heavenly Signs -

Ladies and gentlemen, we have entered the end
of days for Nation USA.

I know that for some, it can be challenging to digest this information because in the natural, it may appear scary. But folks, things have not even begun to get scary...!


Read the Expose' - Part 2


Nathan Leal was the guest on Hagmann & Hagmann - Friday
Oct. 26, 2013

Topics included what we are about to face – not only in America but across the globe.

Listen to the Program


Babylon America
The Road Ahead Part 1

Changes and Confusion -

America’s present course can only be defined as a “constitutional crisis!”

America has exhibited her inability to continue as a free republic. She has now become a fascist state governed by corporations, bankers and thieves....


Read the Expose' - Part 1


News from the Wall Program #17 -
Parts 3 & 4

"Babylon's Takeover of America - Prophecies of the End!"

The Series Continues - In these sessions, Nathan Leal continues to share his findings on the present Babylonian invasion of America.

He also shares several new prophetic warnings of coming events including a tsunami threat and the Chinese / Russian Invasion.


Audio page link

News from the Wall Library - Table of Contents


News from the Wall Program #17 -
Parts 1 & 2

"Babylon's Takeover of America has Begun!"

America that was once beautiful is changing into America the Babylon. But what does this mean? And why does it matter? It matters because this change is going to alter life as we know it here in NationUSA, as well as abroad. The changes are going to occur in multi-dimensional realms; the physical as well as the spiritual.


Audio page link

News from the Wall Library - Table of Contents

-------------------- Announcement -------------------

Nathan Leal was the Guest on Hagmann and Hagmann - Wednesday
Sept. 18, 2013

Topics included America's present metamorphosis into Mystery Babylon. The Bible tells us that in the End Times Mystery Babylon will play a dark role over the earth. Hear the details of what this means for America, her citizens and the world.

Listen the Program

--------------------- News Alert #7 -------------------

Don’t Be Fooled – History is repeating itself!

Countdown to the Syrian Invasion - Countdown to World War! (9-12-13)

Read the Alert

Alert Warning Library - Table of Contents

--------------- Nathan's Latest Word --------------

Lament for America. Woe Unto Her!
The Daughter of Babylon Rises!

A Warning for the People - (9-3-13)



News from the Wall Program #16 - Part 4

"Train Derailments Worldwide - What's Going On?"

The swarm of derailed train accidents has spread worldwide. Canada and Spain just experienced some of the worst in their history... the list goes on including...Russia, France, Switzerland, as well as others.

This program is Part 4 of the series, and will visit the question of what the derailments mean.


Audio page link

Notes and map images for the program:

Program Notes and Map Images


The Watchmen on the Wall –
God’s Hated Messengers.

A Confirmation of the Prophetic Warning - Part 1

At its core, the message of most prophetic ministries includes the challenge to repent.

It includes the foundational signature that all of us are undone and must seek healing from the Great Emancipator of Souls – The Lord Jesus Christ!

The Watchman’s task is to tear through the dark strongholds of deception and relay a message;

...a message which informs lukewarm Christians that they have been living in deception;

...a deception that tells them that they are healthy when in reality…their souls are sick!

The core of my message is repentance!

But there are people out there who cannot stand the message of repentance! …and who are also, not ready!...


Read Article


News from the Wall Program #16 -
Parts 1, 2 & 3

"Derailed Trains & Hidden Signs...
A Divine Warning"

Over the last few months, there has been a rash of derailed train accidents in America and worldwide. Some have been violent, deadly and historical!

Several months ago, Nathan Leal had several prophetic dreams that included derailed trains.

Was this a coincidence? Is there a hidden message in these derailments?

On this multiple part program, Nathan will share information that reveals what the derailed trains mean.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a message to be found in these train events. It is prophetic and it must be understood.


audio page link


---------- Report / Transcript ----------
News from the Wall #15 - Part 2 -

Fire from the South & Seeds of Discontent - Zimmerman's Trial!

Is a race war coming? - This is a very in-depth study on the next chapter of civil war that is coming to America.

This report is vital for God's people.


Transcript Release - July 19 , 2013

Transcripts Library Page


News from the Wall #15 - Part 1 -

The Approaching Civil War!
America Get Ready

A Challenge for the Remnant


Transcript Release - June 24 , 2013

Transcripts Library Page


Watchman's Cry Video

Lady Liberty & the Attack of the Vultures -
A Glimpse of America's Judgment
by Nathan Leal



News from the Wall Program #15

"The Approaching Civil War!"

How will it play out? Why will it happen? Which forces are behind it?

Also included is an examination of the recent NSA whistleblower & what the disclosure could mean.

Is Edward Snowden a hero or is he being used?


audio page link


Nathan Leal was a guest on
Hagmann and Hagmann - Thursday
May 30, 2013

The topic was a continuation of the recent warning involving the coming civil war. It was also a disclose of another very somber alert about events that will effect major portions of the USA!



Transcript 14 - Part 2:
News from the Wall #14b -

Includes Nathan's Prophetic Dreams
about the Derailed Trains.

A Warning of the Coming Civil War! -

Transcript Release - May 16, 2013

Transcripts Page


Transcript 14 - Part 1:
News from the Wall #14a -
The Road to Martial Law -
America in Crisis - Pt. 1

Now Uploaded!

Transcript Release - May 13, 2013

Transcripts Page


Nathan was a guest on Hagmann and Hagmann (5-2-13)

Nathan shared a New Prophetic Alert Warning of several events that are approaching.

The Powers that Be are conducting a systematic take down of America. Events approaching: A late hour blitz of evil forces armed and ready! Martial Law, Cities in lock down.

The approaching red train, the mystery of the gates, the slashing sword of lightning! What do these things mean? For more info...

Listen Here -
Hagmann and Hagmann


News from the Wall Program #14

"The Boston Bombing:
Martial Law - America in Crisis!"

A Prophetic Warning of What's to Come!


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Dead "Bombers" tell No Tales.
Neither do "Dead" Men!
Welcome to AmeriKa!

(4-19-13) Read


"Repent America - A Call to Revival"

Youtube Sermonette By Nathan Leal



Alert Warning #6 - "I Saw an American City Attacked! – Destruction from the Sky!"

A Prophetic Dream (3-08-13)
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Alert Warning Library - Table of Contents


News from the Wall Program #13
"The Pillars Have Fallen - Lament for America"

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Transcripts For Both Parts of News from the Wall #13 now Uploaded!

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Nathan was a guest on Hagmann and Hagmann Sunday (2-17-13)

It was a discussion of the prophetic downfall of the USA, open portals and more!

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News from the Wall Program #12 - (pt 3)
"Obama 2.0 - The Next Four Years"
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Nathan was a guest on Hagmann and Hagmann
Thursday (1-10-13

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Nov 6, 2012 - The Day America Died - Read


Announcing the New Muti-Part Expose on the 2012 Olympic Ceremony

Note - click on the image below for the table of contents
on this series.

Watchmans Cry Alert!
This important audio series exposes the recent Olympic ceremonies that just took place. Their ceremony was a pagan Luciferian ritual and initiation to take our world into their New Age.

Their announcement was made and is soon going to be felt worldwide.

They have a plan folks! And it appears that their plan is going to fulfill End time Bible Prophecy.

As of this update this series is looking to be 7 parts. It is going to go into great detail on what their plan entails.

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Watchman's Cry
Youtube Sermonette #101

This is a sermonette message to Christian Patriots and Preppers. We need to find God's Mercy for strength.

I love America very much. I find myself in much grief as I witness America change before my very eyes. This is no longer the nation that I remember as a child.

In this video I sing several Patriotic songs with some of the words changed. I sing them as songs of Lamentation and Sadness. I also sing "America the Beautiful" with the words changed to reflect that America needs to repent and turn to God.

(Please note* - these songs are not a performance, they are the cry of my grieving heart for this nation. The revised words were birthed in tears.)

To Patriots & Preppers - America the Beautiful /This Land was Our Land



Nathan's Devotional #002 - "Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly...
Nor stands in the path of sinners " Psalms 1:1

March. 30, 2012 -


Discerning Ungodly Counsel in the End Times - The Remnant and Gospel of Babylon

March. 18, 2012 -


Nathan's Devotional #001
"Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly..." Psalms 1:1

March. 12, 2012 -




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Click above for crusade info. Nathan will be in Dallas. It's time for revival!


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Nathan's - Sermons & Audio Messages


"News from the Wall" - Series

"Darkness Unleashed 2012 - Antichrist Rising!"

This new series from Watchman's Cry is going to discuss the topic of the coming darkness and what it will mean for Christians. It is also going to explore questions about the coming antichrist leader. What does the Bible say about him?

We invite you to join us in this audio series. It is time for all of God's people to get ready for what's coming

Part 4 - March 03, 2013 - Listening page 2 parts

Part 3 - February 05, 2013 - Listen

Part 2 - January 16, 2013 - Listen

Part 1 - December 21, 2012 - Listen

Link to Audio News from the Wall Library -
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Message #165 - Mega Series

"The 2012 Olympic Ceremony & the New World Order Plan" - This is a Multi-Part Series that Exposes the 2012 Olympic Pagan Ritualistic New Age Plan to take over the world !

Note* - The NWO has revealed that their goal of the New Age has arrived! The recent ceremony was a profound announcement and message to the world. As Christians we must learn what they plan to do so that we can be prepared to endure. This is the most ambitious and important series that we have ever produced in our ministry. Thus far it appears that this is going to be a 6 to 7 part series. Please listen to all of them.

August 17, 2012 - Part 1

August 21, 2012 - Part 2

August 27, 2012 - Part 3

September 10, 2012 - (opens in new page) Part 4

September 19, 2012 - (opens in new page) Part 5

October 22, 2012 - (opens in new page) Part 6

December 4, 2012 - (opens in new page) Part 7

Note* - Other Parts are Coming Soon!

Table of Contents of Series - Contents


Meat in Due Season - Program #18

Why is life so hard & what is in our future?
Does God really have a plan for our lives?
Spiritual tools to use when seeking God's will

How to seek God about relocation & moving.

"Finding God's Will & Guidance During these Troubled Times!"

May 22, 2012 -

Link to Audio Meat in Due Season Library -
Listen Here

Articles & Prophecies

Prophecy - The Eagle and the Fox!
WARNING! - American Pensions will be
taken by the US Government
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It is 1930 - A look at today's crisis...Read April 16, 2009

Liberty Decapitated - A vision of things to come...Read Feb.2, 2009

Anti-Depressants - America's Chemical Bondage - Today in America, we are experiencing an epidemic of Christians on legal drugs ...Read December 14, 2008

The Four Fold Judgment - The Scriptures mention that God sends four categories of judgment ...Read December 5, 2008

Money Shall Fail -Throughout human history, empires have come and gone....Read
November 26, 2008

The Sound of the Fallen - Remember the old philosophical question...Read
October 8, 2008

The Ministry of Propaganda- “The population is brainwashed”..Read Sept. 10, 2008

Then, they shall deliver you up - There will be NO secret rapture that rescues you or anybody else. Read August 12, 2008

The Collapse of America - Rise of the Beast Economic Collapse - Read July 8 , 2008