The Watchmen are Confused – A Call to Accountability – By Nathan Leal


Note – For those who may think that I have an agenda of hatred against Donald Trump, that is not true. Donald Trump is merely a politician. And now as the president, it is true that people should pray for him. Unfortunately, many of God’ people have also turned him into an idol. He’s a savior in many of their eyes. This has occurred because evangelical leaders behaved as Aaron and fashioned Trump into a golden calf. As a servant of God, I must call this out.

If you are a remnant follower of Jesus, please read these words and know that they come from my heart. Also, make note of the accountability challenge that is included.

Ladies and gentlemen, this message contains words that need to be said. The inauguration is behind us. America has begun a new chapter in her journey. Donald Trump is now the president. And from this point forward, there can be no excuses.

No excuses folks.

America is on a course towards calamity. But many watchmen are in denial about it. In addition, many of them are suffering from lack of discernment.

If a voice does not have discernment, they’re going to give the wrong information. And folks, you do not need to be listening to the wrong information, because navigating the coming days his going to require accurate information.

Let me say that again.

In order for God’s people to navigate the days ahead, they are going to need accurate and true information.

Unfortunately, the opposite is happening. As I type this, many of the voices out there are displaying confusion and delusion. Who are they? Some of them are my ex-colleagues. Some of them are renowned. Some are on TV and the radio.

– Some of them may even be on your computer screen.

– or in your MP3 player.

The Confused Watchmen

During the campaign, I sought to warn God’s people that America was not going to be rescued by Trump. Some thought that my motive was to try to convince them to vote for Hillary. Those assumptions were wrong. My motive was to warn God’s people that no rescue was coming. So therefore, all those who called themselves followers of Jesus needed to fill their lamps with oil and get their houses in order. Today, I maintain that. No rescue will come to America. Instead, judgment tornadoes are coming. I have seen them. They will arrive over the water. And also by land. Their swath will strike the rich and the poor.

And sadly, many will not be ready. Why? Because they are being told by popular voices that all is well.

But things are not well. How can I be so sure? Because America’s fiscal math does not compute. And multiple layers of dominoes are teetering over a chasm. And also because I have seen what the new president is going to do.

He is going to use diversions, political maneuverings, red herrings, ploys, distractions, deceptions, and also offer conservative trinkets to anesthetize his supporters and keep detractors at bay.

That is what his recent executive order on the Mexico City Policy was all about. It was a conservative trinket, and it was also a political volleyball token that all incoming presidents have participated in since Reagan. From the Washington Post.

Since its inception in 1984, the funding ban officially known as the Mexico City policy and referred to as the global gag rule by its critics has been repealed and reinstated every time a different political party has assumed power in the White House.

The rule stayed in place under President George H.W. Bush and then was rescinded by President Bill Clinton in January 1993. When President George W. Bush came into office in 2001, he imposed the rule that Jan. 22, the 23rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court Case that legalized abortion in the United States. President Barack Obama lifted the rule eight years later.

“But Nathan, doesn’t that prove that he is good?”

My friend, it was a political trinket laced with the Sandman’s sprinkles to keep the surrogates drowsy.

And if this executive order is a measure of presidential nobility, please remember that George W. Bush also signed a similar order, and nine months later we had 9/11, which was followed by new wars, the birth of Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, and viral videos featuring Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse and torture.

Yes, lives will be spared, but Donald Trump is playing chess. And he is very good at it. While the evangelicals are watching him in real time, his next ten moves are already planned, and when the time comes, he will sacrifice his chess pieces when it suits him.

When his chess pieces are all gone, he will sacrifice yours.

This is the other alarming thing that most folks didn’t notice. Trump’s Inaugural speech was drenched in authoritarianism. It was also laced with nationalistic collectivism which told the world what is coming.

By the way, make note of the term, nationalistic collectivism, and get familiar with it. Because it means, that individuality is going to become an endangered species in Trump’s New World. I will be talking about this in the future.

It is amazing, that during the campaign, he told everyone that he was going to enact policies that trampled liberty and freedom, and now, he has begun. Trump believes that he doesn’t need Congress and is proving it with his pen, and many more executive orders are coming.

The water in the pot is getting warmer, do you feel it folks? My friend, it is not a sauna, it is Trump’s cauldron, and God’s people are in it!

How Did We Get into This Mess?

The plan was crafty, and it had many parts. One of the components involved the underworld, who were allowed to send a spirit of delusion to infect the voices who are not practicing discernment.

Ladies and gentlemen, the watchmen cabal is presently infected with delusion.

“Nathan, how do you know that you’re not the deceived one?”

Because I am staying on my knees, listening to God’s voice, and I am staying in the Word. Also, I am following the edict of Jesus to examine the fruit of the coronated one, and folks, Trump does not pass fruit inspection.

There is also something else. It is called discernment which is a spiritual gift. I have asked God to open my eyes about this mess. And He has. The Holy Spirit gave me prophetic glimpses before Trump won the presidency. They are now happening. I have publicly stated my prophecies of what Donald Trump is going to do.

These are in two prophetic warnings that I have shared; Click on them to go to the links:

the “Uncle Fred Prophecy”  and “The Trump – Land Prophecy.”

The warnings have been published. Feel free to read them.

Delusion Entered America

Over a year ago, the Lord showed me that is a spirit of delusion had entered America. I am not intending to give it kudos but it is a very powerful principality, and it was allowed to enter the USA to bring delusion to those who do not want the truth. The deceiving spirit camouflaged itself, and sadly, the church welcomed it, and the watchmen community also welcomed it.

How could this be? The answer is simple. Some of the watchman are biblically illiterate. We saw proof of this during the Ted Broer fiasco last year when I exposed that New Age theology was filtering into the watchmen universe.

Some of you know about it. It was a mess. And back then, some of the watchmen were revealed to be in compromise, because they had allowed and justified New Age mixture into their programs. Now here we are, over a year later. And once again, the watchmen cabal is displaying another lack of judgment by convincing God’s people that all will be well.

Do you believe it folks? Maybe you want to believe it, or wish that it could be true. If so, I understand. Everyone wants to hear good news.

I also understand that some of you are torn. Perhaps you are not sure. Perhaps you’re wondering if the message of a reprieve is true? Maybe you feel tugged in both directions.

That’s why I’m writing about this. And I have an assignment to help to show the truth regarding the message of the watchmen out there. If they turn out to be correct, the results will show, but if the turn out to be wrong, the results will also show it.

A Challenge for Accountability and Confirming the Truth

Many of you want to know, so to help in finding the truth, I have a suggestion for all of you.

Here it is:

From now on, make note of the promises that the watchmen, out there are feeding you. When I say make note, I mean, write it down. Take a sheet of paper and write it down.

– Whenever they tell you that Donald Trump is going to save America and bring reprieve, write it down.

– Whenever they claim that America’s rescue has been prophesied, write it down.

– When you hear their words of, “peace, peace,” write it down.

– When you hear them claim that Donald Trump is the  doorstop against judgment, write it down.

– When they have guests on the program who tell you the same thing, write it down. Also, write down their names and the date you heard it.

Many of the voices out there have already made promises. Many of them have shared prophetic words from Mark Taylor, Lance Wallnau, Rick Joyner, and other members of the NAR Seven Mountain Kingdom Now Apostasy.

Write down all of the promises with their names, and also write the date that you heard it.

Why am I saying this?

Why am I suggesting this? Because you need to remember the promises or warnings that the watchmen are making to you. So take their promises and store them somewhere that you can reference, and look back on. Maybe you can place the promise on your fridge, or tack it to the wall. File them with your records. Place it where you can refer to it for future reference.

Why? So that you can look back to the prophetic promises that were made and weigh them with reality.

I say this because if a watchman is hearing from the Lord, the message will not waver. It will be consistent. This is why it is necessary to record it and write it down. Because if it turns out that they were wrong, then you will be able to reference the error. And you will be able to remember who made it. And after that, you can decide if you want to continue listening to them from that point on.

According to the Bible, those in leadership will incur a much stricter judgment. There is no pass for those that lead God’s people astray. Folks, if a watchmen is steering you wrong, why would you waste time with them?

This is called accountability. The watchmen need to be held accountable. This includes me. If it turns out that I am wrong, then I must be held accountable. But I must qualify what wrong means. If it turns out that America goes into a spiritual renaissance.

– And Donald Trump brings a revival to America,
– abortion is repealed,
– gay marriage is repealed,
– the totalitarian police state of America goes away,
– the Fed is audited,
– the dollar is restored,
– real employment returns,
– the welfare rolls dwindle,
– the inner cities are healed,
– drug addiction goes away,
– broken marriages are restored,
– poverty is erased,
– the pulpits reform to the old gospel message of repentance,
– the NAR apostasy dies,
– the NAR false prophets resign and get off the stage,
– and Donald Trump repents of all his shenanigans and truly get saved with tears and a contrite heart, and apologizes for all of the things he’s done.

… Then yeah, I will admit that I was wrong. I will repent, and make a public announcement that I missed it. Write that down as well folks.

So there you have it.

The watchmen must be held accountable. Some of them have turned their microphone into an occupation to share sorcery and call it Christianity, others have lost their anointing, some are confused with delusion, and some of them had no business opening up shop, blogging their thoughts or getting behind a microphone in the first place.

In know these words are strong, but I am grieved by seeing the present display of demonic open containers in the hands of those claiming to have a watchman message, when really all they have is fermented gall.

… cause brethren, that ain’t right.

In His service,

Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry