Vaccine 2.0 – Children of the Beast – Prophetic Warning


Transhumanist Children of the Beast – Prophetic Warning

by Nathan and Alison Leal

A few weeks ago on July 11, 2021, Alison had a prophetic dream. She has them from time to time, and this one is really concerning.

The Dream Begins  …………………………..

When the dream started, I was in a hospital standing in a vaccination line. I was in the hallway, at the opening of one of the clinical rooms. I was standing in the threshold waiting for my turn. There was a gentleman in front of me who walked into the room to receive the vaccine. The door was open so I could see what was going on.

The room was a typical clinical room. It had cabinets, counters and drawers with medical supplies. There were two medical staff members inside. One was a female nurse, one was a male orderly. There were both wearing white scrubs.

The gentleman in front of me was told to sit in a chair. The nurse opened an official medical box containing vaccine vials. I watched all of this take place from the doorway.

She took one of the vials, attached a syringe to it, and inserted it into the upper arm of the man. After she injected it, I knew I was next, so I walked into the room and stood by the man who was seated in the chair.

She began preparing another syringe for my jab. She opened the package and loaded the syringe with the vaccine.

In my heart, I didn’t want the shot, so I told her, “I don’t want this.”

The reaction from the two of them was surprise and anger. She answered, “what you mean you don’t want it?”

I said it again, “No! I don’t want it.”

They became more angry and insistent, “you have to get it. You can’t just say, ‘no’.”

But I held my ground. I kept saying, “no!”

As I argued, the man who had just been jabbed began convulsing. He was still in the chair and his body shook violently. It was some kind of seizure. His hands shook uncontrollably. The reaction was disturbing and severe.

The nurse and orderly attended to him. They tried to help him but his body continued to brutally shake.

Suddenly, I was in a new location. It was in a downtown area of a large city. I don’t know which city it was, but the infrastructure revealed that it was a fairly sizable town.

It was some sort of plaza that was full of people. They were dressed professionally like they were going to work, shopping, or returning home. A few of them were wearing suits, men as well as women. It was a typical day with people walking about. I was standing in the middle of the Plaza as they walked past me, a few of them were talking on their phone.


What I saw next amazed me. All of the people around me had a pair of horns growing out of their head. I was appalled. The horns appeared devilish and the people didn’t seem to mind.

To them, the horns were normal, they seemed okay with it. They walked about with a sense of pride. All of them were aware of their horns.

And they also knew that the horns gave them an affiliation with the governmental coalition that ruled over them.

They loved it. They loved the change that the horns gave them. As the passed one another, they smiled and gave approval to each others horns.

The horns grew in pairs. They were about 12 inches long, and they grew out of the top of the forehead at the hairline at about a 45° angle. There was a wide variety of them. Some were black, some were mottled, some had rings that grew along the whole length, and some were beginner horns with small buds. The growth rate and size of the horns was based on when they had been inoculated.

The horns also had a spiritual significance, and conveyed a loyal allegiance for everyone to see. They were a testimony and tribute to the governmental system that inoculated them.

I was shocked, sad, distraught and confused at the display. Why were they happy about this? It was not a good thing. The horns had changed them. They were no longer normal humans with free will. The vaccine had turned them into infernal creatures that were grotesque.

Evil had taken over humanity and people were no longer the same

The dream was over. …………………………

The Interpretation.

Interpreting a prophetic dream comes with challenges, because we are handicapped with the limitations of “only seeing in part. Both Alison and I prayed for understanding and at this point in time, I want to share some of the findings. However, I need to qualify, at this point in time, we believe that this is a prophetic glimpse and warning of events coming in the future.

Therefore, the vaccine that is referenced is a future jab. It could possibly be a booster that is is already in existence, or it could be a vaccination for a new disease or new variant.

That being said, we do believe that there is a nefarious inoculation or booster that is on its way, and it’s going to become compulsory for the whole world. When it arrives, it is going to have sinister effects on humanity and everyone who receives it.

So please take this warning to heart ladies and gentlemen.

This prophetic dream revealed several things;

1. A future vaccine is in the works and it’s going to be mandatory for everybody, and they expect everybody to show up when the announcement is made.

2. The gentleman who received the vaccine in the dream began having convulsions. This means it’s going to also affect people neurologically. This future vaccine is going to do something to people’s brains and altar their way of thinking, and it will also affect their motor skills.

3. It will be totally evil. The vaccinated people will have their mind hijacked as their body morphs into something that is not human. The vaccine will contain properties that will be able to alter the personality of every person who receives it. There will be something in it that will hijack the DNA and altar them into compliant drones.

4. A seared conscience. The location of the horns on the forehead signifies that the innate law of God, the conscience, and the knowledge of right and wrong will be abducted and given over to evil.

5. They were proud of their horns – once a person receives the inoculation, the God particle (desire of allegiance toward God ) will be replaced with a desire towards the beast. Additionally, the people will feel empowered by it, and their loyalty for the beast government will be uncompromising.

6. Chimeric – this devil’s brew will include nonhuman properties. Whether or not they will be visible is unknown. But there will be particles in this vaccine that will altar human biology with animalistic ingredients. Alison was not shown what the animals were, but the horns were apparent. The animal particles could be from mammals, reptiles, or other creatures.

7. Social participation – the people had a sense of accomplishment. They felt free to go about their daily life. The freedom to take part in the future world will be reliant on vaccine compliance. There will be a social infrastructure that mandates behavior with regular assessment. The system will offer both rewards as well as penalties for everyone based on their behavior. Those who obey the beast will be free to walk about downtown plazas and go to and fro.

8. Transhuman – the people had horns. This is a warning that those who receive this future vaccine will do it with the promise of trans-humanistic benefits. The promises could include longer life, freedom from disease, a boost in abilities, and physical enhancement. These promises will be a dangling carrot for the population. But they will not include the heavy price to participate.

These are a few of the after affects of an infernal jab that waits in the wings. To be clear, we do not know when it will arrive, but we do want to warn all of you that you must hold your ground and resist any mandated vaccine requirement that awaits in the future.

Most of us are on the same page about the Mark of the Beast. Was this prophetic dream a glimpse of the coming Mark of the Beast? It could be. So please maintain your vigilance.

Things are going to get weird very soon my friends. Another lockdown is coming. The new variants are bulldozing across the world. Try to get healthy. Take vitamins. Become acquainted with healing prayers because we are going to need them. And above all else, pray, pray, pray!

We will be putting out a YouTube in the coming days where we discuss this prophetic warning. Please be looking for it.

Share this warning with your friends and family.

In His service,
Nathan and Alison Leal


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