Spiritual Warfare Part 3 – Crushing Satan & Getting Results – Update – Uploaded to Youtube


Update – Sermon is now on Youtube with captions for your convenience. Link is below:

Spiritual Warfare Part 3 – Crushing Satan & Getting Results – A Sermon Nathan Leal

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Part 2 – Can be found here.

This audio sermon program will be a life changer and I am excited to share it with God’s people! Have you ever prayed for someone to be delivered from bondage or a stronghold, but the results were lacking?

It has happened to all of us, praying for a person who is struggling, but they can’t seem to find victory. To make matters worse, doubt comes around and hinders your confidence.

The result? The person continues to struggle. They don’t find victory, and the efforts are met with discouragement.

Can you relate my friend? Perhaps you are there right now?

The Bible tells us that with God all things are possible. We all know that part, and want to believe it, but the unbelief makes it difficult. So how does a child of God overcome doubt and unbelief?

That is what this message is about. In this sermon, we will look into the Scriptures and discover that there is a way to approach spiritual warfare, CRUSH the enemy of doubt, and tear down the strongholds!

Note – This message can also to you, if you are struggling with strongholds. It can help YOU find victory!

My friends, if God’s people can get a hold of this information, it will result in MIRACLES!!

This audio message contains a deep Bible study, but I want to challenge all of God’s people to take the time to listen to it, because it may provide the missing element that you might have been looking for.

Please share this message with the brethren, your friends and your family members.

Both the audio link and Youtube link are below:

In His Service,
Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry

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