ISIS and the End Game of World War III – Part 2 (Updated)


This is part 2 of the expose. Part one is here.

ISIS is setting the world aflame.

Thus far, the embers are small. Eventually the flames are going to be massive. But ISIS is not acting alone. Their role is to be “rabid pitbulls” doing the dirty work for evil men and politicians. In this installment, we will look at several of the players who are pulling the strings that will lead this planet into World War.

The Players 

One resides in America. His name is Barack Hussein Obama.

The other player is from Turkey – President Erdogan. He became President a year ago after serving as Turkey’s Prime Minister from 2003 through 2014.


Most Americans do not care about Turkey or their politics. But the informed ones need to keep their eyes on this part of the world because Erdogan is going to be involved in creating chaos in the Middle East and setting it on fire.

Who is Turkish President Erdogan?

He is a very rich and powerful dictator in the making.

Oh, and he lives in a big house.


His house isn’t just big.



It has 1,000 rooms and is officially the biggest house in the world with 3.1 million square feet of space. Its price tag?

Are you ready folks?….

Drumroll… $615 million dollars!

Yep, and the monthly light bill is over $300,000.


He believes that he is a Sultan and deserving of his palace.

He is also Obama’s buddy. They have an odd relationship and well, see for yourself.

obama_erdoganWhen together, they redefine proximity protocol. And have chosen to go with, “Let’s trespass each others space.”


Is this new millennium diplomacy?


Is this a Muslim thing?


“You have a smidge of falafel on your dimple. Here let me get that.


Obama-Erdogan5I don’t know folks, these images are creepy and weird.

Obama-Erdogan8Aside from speculation, we also have truth about their Muslim agenda because last year, Erdogan gave a HUGE donation to build a $100 million Islamic Mosque in Maryland and Obama help him dedicate it.

mosqueSo to answer the question, “Is Obama a Muslim?” What do you think folks?

The Rise of the Ottoman Empire

Erdogan’s campaign message included a promise to revive the Ottoman Empire and restore Turkey to its former glory. His campaign’s posters promoted this intent.

What was the Ottoman Empire?

The Ottoman Empire was also known as the Turkish Empire and lasted almost 600 years from the late 1200’s til the early 1900’s. World War One essentially ended their reign.

So What? 

As Americans, most folks may say, “So what. If the Turkish President wants to build his country. Let him. How will it affect me?”

But this is why it matters. Let’s look at a map of the old Ottoman Empire.


It encompassed a large portion of the Mediterranean. At the height of their power, they controlled much of Southeast Europe, Western Asia, the Caucasus, North Africa, and the Horn of Africa.

As a comparison, here is a map of present day Turkey.


Turkey’s present borders are much smaller than they were in the past. But did Erdogan really say this? Let’s look at a few of his campaign posters.


Make note of the words at the top of the poster, “Yeniden Dirilis, Yeniden Yukselis,” which means, “Resurrection Again, Rising Again.”

You can use Google Translate to confirm it – click here. Just click on the link and paste the words – Yeniden Dirilis, Yeniden Yukselis into the text field and Google will translate it for you.

The words were Erdogan’s message. This is why he won the election. Make note of the posters below.


You will notice the Yeniden Dirilis, Yeniden Yukselis term used over and over.




Make note of the number 562. This represents the number of years ago, that Constantinople was conquered to become Istanbul. The Ottoman victory occured in the year 1453.

1453 + 562 = 2015

Erdogan’s message is this – Turkey is going to finish the conquest of the Ottoman Empire which began in the year 1453.

In other words, he is bringing about Ottoman Empire 2.0

His campaign artwork shows the Ottoman Conqueror riding a WHITE HORSE! It was featured as part of his stage backdrop. (shown above and also in the image below.)

A white horse folks! Is this prophetic? We will address this in future installments.


Why does this matter?

ISIS also calls themselves ISIL. (The term that Obama favors.) Which means the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant.

The Levant is an area of the Middle East that has similar real estate to the old Ottoman Empire.




Is it possible that Erdogan wants to see a revived Turkish empire with ISIS as his soldiers and henchmen?

During his campaign, Erdogan said, 

“As in the 16th century, when the Ottoman Balkans were rising, we will once again make the Balkans, the Caucasus, and the Middle East, together with Turkey , the center of world politics in the future. That is the goal of Turkish foreign policy and we will achieve it.”

He referenced the Balkans, the Caucasus…the Middle East.

Where are the Balkans?


And the Caucasus…


Erdogan has also stated that the Muslims must quit fighting each other and look to Jerusalem. Which is a contradiction since he funds ISIS.

He also said that Muslims must ask God for the Al-Aqsa Mosque which is located in the Temple Mount of Jerusalem. And let it  be restored to the infallibility of the Muslims. In other words, the statement is Muslim speak for we want to conquer Jerusalem.

His Prime Minister Davutoglu has also made inflammatory statements about conquering Jerusalem.


The tangled web exists. Based on the information presented here, it appears that one of the reasons that ISIS was created was to bring chaos to the Middle East, so that Turkey can unite the Muslim states with President Erdogan as their Spiritual Caliph.

What is a Caliph?

According to Wikipedia, a caliphate is a form of Islamic government led by a caliph, which is a person who is considered to be a political and religious successor to the Islamic prophet, Muhammad and a leader of the entire Muslim community.

Erdogan believes that he is the caliph that has been chosen to unite the Muslim world under the umbrella  of a revived Turkish Ottomon Empire. When he won the election in 2014, a pro-Erdogan politician Tweeted the words, “The caliph is coming, get ready.”



Ladies and gentlemen, these developments are going to have a major impact in the Middle East and throughout the world. Based on the evidence before us, it looks like Turkey is one of the hands holding on to the lever of approaching chaos.

A war is coming folks. A World War! But this is all by design because there is an end game. It is called the New World Order.

And it is also Bible prophecy!

So here’s the question. Was Erdogan given a “back door deal” by the world elite to start a war using ISIS? Was he promised the real estate of the Ottoman empire in the aftermath? Russia has revealed that it has proof that Turkey is financing ISIS. We will cover this information in a future installment.

The elite of the world have an end game, folks.

  1. World War.
  2. Depopulation as shown through the Deagal website.
  3. That the Phoenix will rise from the ashes of a burning world.
  4. The world divided into ten economic unions, as shown in the image below from the 2012 Olympic Ceremony. The guy in the middle is the little horn AKA the antichrist broadcasting to the world with ten cameras.kenultimateI will dissect the image and much more in an upcoming installment and oped expose’.

To be continued…..

In His Service,

Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry