ISIS and the End Game of World War III – Part 1


This is Part One – Part two of this disclosure is here.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been researching the terrorist group ISIS. This is not an easy task because they don’t actually have a website or a Facebook page where you can go to see the pictures of their picnics and family gatherings.

Correction, strike that. – The Islamic radicals do have Facebook pages, but not for feel good purposes like reunions and piano recitals of their kids.

You know why?

Because the members of ISIS are subterranean, demon possessed creatures. And researching them, is like going into a dark room of nasty ether. I do not think that there are enough words in the dictionary to describe these horrible-vulture-maggot-infested-blood-thirsty-perverted-vampire-sub-humans.

I could go on but, most of you already know this.

Perhaps you feel the same way. In my opinion, every one of their members have exceeded their allotted time to exist on planet Earth.

I know, I know, Christians must have compassion for other people, but the way I see it, these beings are not human. They are vermin. And out of here where I live in rural Idaho, vermin must be exterminated.

The raccoons who ate my chickens must be dispatched. And the coyotes, that are attacking my sheep must be removed without prejudice, second guessing, or soft engagement.


But I am digressing. Sorry. Where was I? Oh yes, ISIS.

They are sick creatures, that – get this folks, the Obama administration has fostered. (I will address this in future installments.)

I have been trying to figure them out. And in so doing, I found myself with many questions.

  1. Who are they?

  2. Where did they come from?

  3. Why are there so many conflicting stories about them?

  4. Why has Obama had such a hard time getting rid of them?

  5. Did Obama even try to get rid of them?

  6. What is the truth about their beheading videos?

  7. Are the videos real?

  8. Were they produced by the CIA? Or did the West help?

  9. How is it possible that ISIS has oil wells?

  10. And worse, how is it possible that they’re able to sell the oil?

  11. Why do they want to make enemies of the entire world?

  12. How can they be so brutal?

  13. Why does their name keep changing?

See folks? I have a lot of questions. Most likely, so do you. But where does one go for answers? It’s not easy. So in my quest, I have had to resort to an old-fashioned method – research.

At the same time that I have been researching, God has given me a new prophetic warning that a change is coming that is going to bring a shift for America.

The words that the Holy Spirit said were, “The time has come for the US to enter the next phase of the playbook.” 

What does this mean? It means that there is a playbook, a script, a pre-planned agenda that evil men are following. Sadly, the next phase of this script is going to involve terrorism which is going to lead to war.

Terrorism and war folks! And it is going to affect many lives.

War does that.

I cannot say it enough, a major war is coming and it is going to become long and drawn out.

Terrorist Attacks are Coming

I know that there is a trend for many people in internet land to assume that all of the killings that are taking place are fake. But folks, please know that the people who are pulling the strings have a conscience that is seared. They have no problem killing the innocent. Their goal is world depopulation. The Bible tells us that it is going to happen. When it does, the elite are not going to use “crisis actors” to fake us out! It is going to be the real deal. Death is their satanic offering. They are not afraid to use it.

It will begin with several terrorist attacks in mainland USA. Big Attacks, with massive loss of life, including innocent children. I have seen a few glimpses. The grief and heartache will be historical and for some, too much to bear.

This is why I am giving this expose about ISIS and radical Islam. They are one of the chief components to coming events. Already, they are being used as pawns set the world on fire. They are at work creating a bloody mess. But they are not acting alone. They have sponsors. They have politicians and rich men with blood stained hands funding their terrorism.

These politicians come from the United States, and the West. Imagine that folks? The bad guys come from our side of the fence. Its a hard pill to swallow. When did the USA become the bad guys perched on the wrong side of history? I struggle with this one. But this is where we are and the stage is now set with ISIS behind the curtain, ready to pounce. And my friends, this next act needs to have your attention before it happens. Because you don’t want to be any where near ground zero when it does.

But where will it be? Where’s the location? This is the handicap. So what are we to do? Should we live in paranoia? No. As Christians we are not supposed to. So does one go to the other extreme and live in apathy? Again, not wise, because not watching can have unexpected consequences.

So what do we do?

Well as Christians, we need to be living in a manner that allows the voice of God to be heard. Because if we can hear His voice, then hopefully, we will also hear Him prompting us to avoid a certain area that may be the target area. But being able to do this requires that our spirit is sensitive to His voice and His guidance.

It may also require the discernment to interpret the proverbial “flat tire,” as His way to stall us or detain us from going somewhere. By the way, side note, the next time that you get a flat tire, be thankful because God may be doing this very thing. Perhaps, not to escape terrorism, but a divine delay nonetheless, which may be used to keep you away from that intersection when the drunk driver runs the red light. 

Something to think about right folks? But getting back to ISIS. Who are they?

What is their Name?

And what are we supposed to call them? Have you noticed this? There seems to be several variants to their name.

  1. ISIS

  2. ISIL

  3. IS

I have seen the Western press use all three three versions, while Obama seems to favor calling them ISIL. Why? Well, it has to do with the ISIS acronym and its particular meaning.

1. The acronym ISIS means -The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

2. ISIL means – The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

3. IS means – Islamic state.

So what’s the difference? Well, the differences mean everything. And understanding these names helps to explain why they exist. It also helps to explain the motives behind them. The goal of ISIS is to have an Islamic state of Sunni Muslims that is led by a supreme leader or a caliph.

The Islamic Fatah to Conquer

Their eventual goal to have an Islamic State exceeds the borders of Middle Eastern countries.

The ISIS acronym includes the two countries Iraq and Syria. If these two countries were their final goal, we would not see them attacking other countries like they have been.

When Obama makes reference to them he calls them ISIL. Have you noticed that? The acronym ISIL stands for the Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant.

In this definition, Syria is replaced by the word Levant. But what does it mean? Well here is where Obama’s true colors are shown. The Levant is a geographic region, and depending on the historical reference, it may mean most of the Middle East, including Israel and Jordan and some of the Eastern Mediterranean countries.  See the map below.


A picture paints 1000 words doesn’t it.


The Levant map above explains why Obama chooses to use the name ISIL. Conquering real estate is the Muslim objective. And taking over Israel is the objective of this group. This is the goal folks. According to Bible prophecy, it is going to be attempted. So what we are watching is the framework of Bible prophecy that is going to set the Middle East on fire and take us to World War.

The terrorist group ISIS was created to cause chaos and war. President Putin has exposed this. He has also exposed that the deep pockets that are funded Isis come from America and Turkey.

The web is very tangled, but in this expose I’m going to explain those who are involved and the final end game.

In the coming installments of this expose I am going to address the questions above as well as reveal what Obama and the Muslims have planned for the future of the world.

In His Service,

Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry


This is Part One – Part two of this disclosure is here.