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Watchman's Cry Messages



Message 166 -
"Navigating the Chaos - Watch & Pray
A Sermon by Nathan Leal"

The news is reporting developments that are worrisome! This is leading many people to become overwhelmed with stress and fear.

In this sermon, Nathan shares an encouraging word from the Scriptures how we as Christians can navigate through these trying times.


The Overcomer Series - Session 1
"The Thankful Leper"

This is the first installment in our new Overcomer Series! These new messages are going to serve as a refreshing encouragement to those who seek to endure.

This message will visit the biblical account of the leper who was healed by Jesus and was also thankful. In this session Nathan preaches a sermon about finding renewed strength as we journey into the end times.

This message will also examine what real repentance is and what it is not!

Revelation 12:11 -

"And they overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of their testimony..."


Message 165 - Part 7
"Finding Rescue and Strength While Living in Babylon"

A two part sermon to spiritually encourage those who are stuck
in the captivity of Babylon !

1. The spirit of Babylon is conquering the land.
2. What should the people of God do?
3. How to reset our focus to the things of God!
4. "Nuts and Bolts" of renewal to stregthen the "Remnant of God."

( Note - This message is Part 7 of the Olympic Ceremony Series. Its purpose is to provide a spiritual remedy to comfort those who desire to get prepared.)

Therefore this message brings meat to the words "Get prepared Spiritually!


Message 165 -
"The 2012 Olympic Ceremony & the New World Order Plan"

A Multi-Part Series that Exposes the 2012 Olympic Pagan Ritualistic
New Age Plan to take over the world !

Note* - The NWO has revealed that their goal of the New Age has arrived! The recent ceremony was a profound announcement and message to the world. As Christians we must learn what they plan to do so that we can be prepared to endure. This is the most important series that we have ever produced in our ministry.

I am going to release each part as they become available.
At present it looks like this series is going to be seven parts!


Message 164 -
"The Church of Slander & Betrayal"

Benjamin Baruch Joins Nathan to Discuss the Ailment of
the Betrayal & Slander
that is infecting today's Church!

1. The Ailments of Laodicea.
2. The Love of Many Shall Wax Cold!
3. Many Shall Betray One Another!
4. The Abomination Seven! The Things the Lord Hates


Message 163 - The Secrets of the Scriptures: Part 3
"John the Baptist & the Spirit of Elijah"

(Nathan shares a very important warning of a coming event!)
The Elijah Anointing - What is it?
A Sermon about John the Baptist and Repentance.
Biblical examination of the Holy Ghost and Repentance!



Message 162: "The Secrets of Scripture: Part 2 - The Violent Take it by Force"
Why do some Christians struggle to find victory?
The Plague of sloppy conversions! Why do some conversions fail?
Who are the Violent Ones? True Repentance - How to find it
This message will help those that may be struggling to go deeper with God!.



Message 161: "Radiation Highway - John the Baptist & the Jackal!"
A Call to Spiritual Restoration!

The Secrets of Scripture: Part 1
The World Faces the Spectre of a Radiation Meltdown.
Finding and Returning to God During this Crisis!
Strength & Shelter For the Remnant
A Message of Comfort this radiation Crisis



Message 160: "2011 - America languishes in the Spirit of Egypt!"
The Nation has Provoked God. Woe onto the Land!

America has birthed Pagan Children.
Thoughts about Fear Mongering!



Nathan: Guest on TruNews with Rick Wiles
Nathan was guest along with Augusto Perez
discussing insider info of NWO plans for a global currency

The Global Currency is Coming!
NWO Plan is in motion



Message 159: "A Stormy World in Transition - Trials at Sea! "
We are in a predicament.
Saying Goodbye to the American Dream.
Sermon - Finding God's peace & strength during the present storm!

Closing Music - Chuck Girard - "Lay Your Burden Down" - website



Message 158: " Glimpses in Eternity - The Basket and the Book of Remembrance! "
Prophetic Dream - Explosion in Seattle.
Finding Guidance from God.
Sermon - The Basket and the Book of Remembrance!!
Brethren- Getting a hold of this message
may determine success or failure in the coming crisis!



Message 157: "Drifters in the Land - Highways and Hedges! "
There are wanderers in the land.
Prophetic Words - Black Tornados of Evil and the Gulf of Mexico.
Sermon - A Call to Repentance - Highways and Hedges !
Brethren this is one of the most anointed sermons that God has allowed me to preach!



Nathan was a guest on TruNews with Rick Wiles - Sept.14, 2010
The Remnant, Tea Party Confusion
& the Coming Black Storm




Nathan was a guest on OmegaMan Radio
A Very in depth discussion on what is coming to America!
It is Three hours long broken into three parts

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Message 156: "The Stupor of Laodicea - Mega-Church Madness "
The Priests in the land of Pretend - Mega Churches in a Stupor!
Evangelical False Conversions!
Nathan interviews - C. J. - a Sister in Christ
who gives a
testimony of her real conversion.
She also saw Heaven and Hell
Latest Sermon Excerpt (In printed form) - Read



Message 155: "Seeking the Secrets of God in Perilous Times"
The New Normal of America's Demise
Update on Coming Dollar Collapse!
The Parables of Jesus - Treasures from Heaven -
A Nourishing Bible study



Message 154: "The Demise of America - Understanding the Times!"
Independence Lost - A Dramatic Narrative
Gulf Spill Syndrome - The New Plague!
Finding True Repentance
Sermon:The Tools of Spiritual Understanding!


------------------------- For Slow Connections - Message broken into Two parts ------------------

Part 1
Part 2


Message 153: "Oil Eruption in the Gulf - Part 2 - The Gulf is Under Siege!"
Vultures over Lady Liberty - A Dramatic Narrative
Is an Evacuation Coming?
And the Holy Spirit said: "Tell them to seek understanding!" - Nathan Leal
Sermon: Finding Spiritual Understanding from God! Finding out what to do!



Message 152: "Oil Eruption in the Gulf - The Waters are Poison!"
"Prepare to see the Poisoning of the Water...! ( A prophecy April 2008)
Judgment has Begun! Why are these things happening?
The Oil Eruption in the Gulf of Mexico. How bad will it get?
A Sermon on how to deal with these things.



Message 151: "Scorched Earth-Solar EMP (Part 2) - Benjamin Baruch Interview"
"This audio covers the worse case scenario of a Solar EMP!"
An ELE ( Extinction Level Event!) 2012
Benjamin shares updated findings of a meeting with Plasma Astrophysicist!
A Spiritual Challenge
Closing Music - Chuck Girard - Sometimes Hallelujah!"



Message 150: "The Bell Tolls for the Land! - Rebellious Ones in the Shadow of Egypt!"
The toll of the bells - A dramatic narrative
Finding Answers for the Future. Who is protected and who is not!
"Woe to the people that depend on Egypt"
Sermon: " A Powerful Challenge for the People of God!"



Message 149: "ObamaCare - The Fascist Takeover - Liberty's Decapitation has Begun!"
A Look at Fascism in History
ObamaCare - The Fascist Takeover - Liberty's Decapitation has Begun!
And the Holy Spirit Said: "Tell them darkness is Coming " - Nathan Leal
Sermon: "Preparing for Darkness"



Message 148: Interview with Benjamin Baruch "Time is Running Out!"
The Dollar Collapse Coming!
Benjamin discusses the New World Order Timeline and
the coming economic Super Depression.



Message 147: The Coming New World Order / New Age of Death, War & Depopulation
New Age Elite want to depopulate the world.
A Time Line of Coming Events.The closing window of preparation.
And Jesus Said: "I am Thirsty " - Nathan Leal
Saints in Desolation - (Part 2)
An Altar Call - The River of God.



Message 146 - America has been Conquered!! The War has Begun! Saints in Desolation!
And God Said: "America has been Conquered" - Nathan Leal
The present moral climate of America. People in Desolation.
The NWO campaign against America.
This program will be: Eye Opening to what is really going on in America!!
A spiritual challenge to rise up and be strong.



Message 145 - Scorched Earth: Pole Shift / 2012 - Benjamin Baruch Interview
"The Earth Shall Reel to and Fro" - Isaiah 24:20
Benjamin shares findings of meeting with Plasma Astrophysicist!
Solar activity is going to become unstable in next few years.
Calamity of Pole Shift . Coming EMP blasts from the sun.
Destruction of EPIC proportions and the END of western civilization.
The Great Tribulation Approaches.

The Remnant shall be purified.



Message 144 - The Lamentations Series Part 3:
"The Cup of Suffering / The Peace of God"

And God Said - Tell them about the Cup! - Nathan Leal
A preview of 2010!
The Cup of Suffering - What is it?

The Suffering of Jesus.
How to Deal with Suffering. Finding the Peace of God in suffering.



Message 143 - The Lamentations Series Part 2:
"The Cup of Iniquity / The People are Undone! Mega-Church Madness and Starving Congregations"

And God Said - The people are undone! - Nathan Leal
Today's Mega-Churches are Lacking.The people are starving!
How long will the judgment last? The Beast from the ashes!

The coming North American Police force
This is the second audio of a series on preparing for what is coming.



Message 142 - The Lamentations Series Part 1:
"A Call to Repentance - The Inkhorn and the Firebrand!"

A last call to repent and prepare for the approaching storm.
Do you want to weather the coming storm? We all have one of two choices:
To be marked by God OR To be a Firebrand in the furnace!

This is the first audio of a series on preparing for what is coming.



Message 141 - "The Coming Dollar Collapse and the Fall of America"
Interview with Benjamin Baruch
A Discussion on the Future of America
and How to Prepare!!



Message 140 - "Lament for the coming sorrow - The World will WEEP!"
This is the most intense message I have EVER recorded.
A serious PROPHETIC warning of an event that is coming.
Intense sorrow is at the gate. Mothers and fathers will wail!


------------------------- For Slow Connections - Message broken into Two parts ------------------

Part 1
Part 2


Message 139 - "Get Your House in Order "
A VERY serious and sobering message.
Something is coming and it is time for ALL of us to get our houses in order!
There is no more time to wait!!!



Message 138 - "Christ the Rock in the Wilderness"
A Message that admonishes all of us not to repeat the sins of Israel in the Wilderness.
And it also challenges our relationship with Christ our Rock!

1. Ichabod America!
2. Following Christ the Rock.
3. The faith of King David.



Message 137 - Zeal for Thy House has Consumed Thee
A Message that answers the Question - "Does God care for Me?"

Why are we in hard times and challenges and where is God in all of this?
Also - A discussion about relocating: To Move or Not to Move?
and finally...Many Categories of World Crisis approaching!!
Note: this audio is larger than normal: 1 1/2 Hours (15 megs). Please give it time to load.



Message 137 - Message broken into Two parts

Part 1
Part 2


Message 136 - A Biblical Explanation of the Present Judgment
This is a primer to explain the late hour using the scriptures.

Many Christians and Clergy doubt God's involvement in the present Crisis!
Use this audio to show your friends and family what is happening.
The judgment is underway, millions may perish!!



Message 135 - Interview with Michael Boldea - Judgment has arrived!!
Michael Boldea talks about the condition of today's church.

Persecution is coming to the church!
A great and terrible event is coming to America.
Also coming is war, pestilence and earthquakes, etc.



Message 134 - Judgment over the Land - The Hiding Place
Prophetic Visions of Coming Destruction

Where we are in the Judgment Timeline - The Coming Crash this Fall
Pollution in today's Church.
How to Really Hide in God.



Message 133 - Equipping the Remnant Series - Part 2
Thirty Pieces of Silver

The great temptation and betrayal of Judas Iscariot!
How temptation tries to hypnotize humans into sin.
Two types of Repentance in scripture.



Message 132 - Equipping the Remnant Series - Part 1
A Study of Temptation and Sin

A Sobering and Biblical Study of How Temptation Attacks Us!
To have victory, the Remnant needs to know about our battle against sin.
Closing Music by Keith Green - There is a Redeemer


Rick Wiles

Recording of Rick Wiles interview from February 2009
Statue of Liberty Decapitated
This was a very annointed program where
Nathan was a guest with Igor Shafhid and Augusto Perez



Message 131 - The Day of The Lord is at Hand
Interview with Benjamin Baruch
Benjamin's Endtime vision of Martyrs in Internment Camp s
The Coming Financial Collapse!
A Challenge and an Encouragement to the Remnant
Benjamin's Book will be available in PDF - Read



Message 130 - The Swine Flu Pandemic
Has the Pestilence Judgment Begun?
An Analysis of the Pandemic and the New World Order Plan
God's Warning to Prepare for Perilous Times!
How to prepare and protect our families.



Message 129 - Christian Carcasses or Temples of God!
Demonic Spirits have been loosed upon the land!!
Mass Murder / Suicide Crisis and Demonic Oppression
The present judgment in America and the rising epidemic of death!
Tools to resist the oppressive evil in the land!



Message 128 - What's Next!!
A Prophetic Vision and Word about the Near Future!!
A Vision of the Approaching Crisis
Some details on events that are coming to America!
Every Remnant Believer MUST hear this to prepare!



Message 127 - Finding Maturity in Christ - What God Expects from You!
The Wheat and the Tares / The Sheep and the Goats
A missing part of modern Christianity.
An eye-opener that will challenge all of us to take our Christianity to the next level!
Closing Music by Keith Green



Message 126 - Liberty Will Be Decapitated - The Dark Future of America
A Crisis is Coming to America
Out of the ashes of the present economic crisis will be the New Non-Freedom.
Nathan shares instructions and info from God on how to prepare and what to expect.
Article about this vision - Read



Message 125 - Christian Suffering in these Uncertain Times
A Special message from God to Comfort the Hurting
Many Christians starting to feel the pain of the Economic Crisis
A Perspective on Obama
Closing Music by Keith Green



Message 124 - The AntiChrist - Part 2
Economic News about the New Year 2009
Hidden Manna in Prophecy - God's Prophetic Curve Balls
The Temple Abomination, The Peace Treaty and The "Beast"
Warning - This Message WiIl Make You Think!!!



Message 123 - Being Steadfast during Hard Times
A wrap-up of 2008 and a preview of 2009
An encouraging challenge to be steadfast in your faith
inspite of what lies ahead.



Message 122 - The Four Fold Judgment Of God
News about the Economy / Money will fail - Depression in 2009
A message about the what we can expect in this judgment! Famine and Evil Beasts
Angry Homosexuals / Persecution begins / The Prison of Anti- Depressant Drugs!
Notes - Read



Message 121 - The Antichrist - Part 1
The Antichrist and the Great Falling Away - Is Obama that Man?
A message about the Backslidden Church and the Heresy of the Charismatic Gospel!
The False Teachings about the Antichrist !!
Notes - A Comment about this audio please read! Read



Message 120 - Hiding in God in the Depression - Part 2
Real Repentance - Matthew 5
This is Part 2 of the URGENT message - How to get your house in order!
Closing Music by Keith Green



Message 119 - Hiding in God in the Coming Depression
Being Marked for God
This is an important message that every Christian needs to hear in these times!
Closing Music by Keith Green



Message 118 - Welcome to the GREATER Depression
Has the greater depression started?
The Great Bailout Robbery of America
Politicians will not save You!
What to Expect in a Depression - How to prepare



Message 117 - Did You Pass the Test?
A Lesson from Lakeland Florida - Where's Todd Bentley?
Frauds and Fakes Amoung Us - Bible Study on False Teachers
Prophetic Dreams and Visions of Coming Destruction -
Watch Out Georgia and Houston!



Message 116 - They Will Deliver You Up! - Part 2
A Wake Up Message - Will shock LOVERS of this world!
Details about the Evils in Government
Death of Liberty - Welcome to Government Sponsored Terrorism
Study notes - Read



Message 116 - They Will Deliver You Up! - Part 1
A Wake Up Message - Will shock LOVERS of this world!
Details about the Evils in Government
Death of Liberty - Welcome to Government Sponsored Terrorism
Study notes - Read



Message 115 - The Housing Crash will Continue!
Red Hot Message - Why The Judgment of God ?
Prosperity Preachers / False Prophets are causing Judgment!
Altar Call Music by Keith Green!



Message 114 - The Coming Greater Depression
War with Iran - The Falling Dollar
The Lukewarm Church - The Purging of the Church
It is time to Prepare !



Message 113 - The Collapse of America - Rise of the Beast!
Woe to California!
War with Iran - Coming Economic Collapse!
Study notes - Read



Message 112 - Lakeland, Florida - The False Revival!
Specter of the RED !
The Todd Bentley Commissioning - Rise of False Prophet Beast



Message 111 - Judgment of God - Part 1
Red Hot Message!
WARNING - This Sermon may offend "Fake Christians!"

The Judgment Of God has Begun
Midwest Floods, Poison Water / Repent - California!



Message 109 - Part 3
End Time Prophecy Study - The Time of Sorrows
Some Good Old Preaching - Still They Would Not Repent!
Earthquakes, Fearful Sights and Signs in the Heavens



Message - 110
End Time Delusion - The Rise of the False Prophet
This is an EMERGENCY Show - Warning some WILL be offended!



Message 109 - Part 2
End Time Prophecy Study - The Time of Sorrows
Wars, Rumours of War & The Coming Famine



Message 109 - Part 1
End Time Prophecy Study - The Time of Sorrows
The Great Deception - Study notes - Read



Message 108 - End Time Prophecy Study
The Coming Police State



Message 107 - Global News
End Time Prophecy Study - History is Repeating Itself
Study notes - Read



Message 103 - Financial Meltdown.
The Rise of the Prophets and Watchmen
Rise of the Beast, Mega Church Mayhem


5/07/08 Message 102 - The Judgment on America has Begun.
A Call to Repentance.

5/03/08 Message 101 - Why Prepare?, The fallacy of the Pre-tribulation Rapture, Intro to the Remnant. Listen