Trump Antichrist Series: Episode 1 Introduction The Coming Storm!


Are you weary in the Good Fight?

After almost ten years of observation, Donald Trump fits the credentials of the biblical Little Horn, aka the Antichrist Son of Perdition.

In this series we dissect the antichrist prophecies in the Bible and compare them to Trump. So far, he fits the bill. Time is running out because in the upcoming election, Trump may win. And if he does, he has already told us he will be a dictator, destroy the Constitution, and set the world on fire.

As Christians, it is imperative that we are not deceived. It is also important that God’s people understand who Trump really is. Because if he is the Little Horn, we must be prepared to face the onslaught of madness that will accompany his rise.


1. Why this disclosure?

2. If Trump is the guy, what will it mean for all of us?

3. Why does the Church approve of Trump?

4. What is the real purpose of the tribulation period?

5. Trump is a pawn of the underworld

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