The Time of Sorrows & Birth Pangs Has Arrived! – A Sermon – Now on Youtube!

Update – Audio Message is now on Youtube with captions for your convenience. Link is below.

The Time of Sorrows & Birth Pangs Has Arrived!
A Cry in the Night

A Sermon – By Nathan Leal

Ladies and gentlemen, a new chapter of time has begun. It is 2020, a new decade. This will be the year to remember. It will be recorded as the season when America’s nightmare arrived as she went further into the night and suffered loss.

America’s parade of greatness is going to morph into a procession of grieving widows and fatherless children. And across the land, a scene will be replayed over and over, as her song becomes a lonely trumpet … weeping “Taps,” in the rain.

We have entered a new chapter in the “Time of Sorrows.” It will be challenging but at the same time, we can find hope in Jesus our Messiah.

In this sermon, we will examine what it means to be living in this time period. We will look at the challenges as well as the remedy. Because it is during the night of darkness that the Light of Jesus burns bright.

I pray that this audio sermon encourages and bless you.

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In His service,
Nathan Leal