The Coming Iran War – Part 1 – Update – Uploaded to Youtube

Update – Audio Message is now on Youtube with captions for your convenience. Link is below.

News from the Wall
The Coming Iran War – Part 1

Audio Message by Nathan Leal

Ladies and gentlemen, War is upon us!

… And the eve of destruction is approaching.

The “powers that be,” have decided that it is time for the next phase of their agenda. If they have their way, this will be the war that turns the Earth into a furnace!

It will be against Iran. But this war will not be like the previous campaigns. They are not Iraq. Iran is formidable. Strategically they can harm America and her allies… And they will.

But it gets worse. The upcoming war will potentially pull the entire planet into World War III.

It is ominous.

How will it play out? The worst-case scenario is frightening. And it will be a nightmare for America and planet earth with millions of people perishing.

On this program, we will examine the details of this upcoming war, and look at its ramifications including, both the physical as well as the spiritual.


1. The details of the war. Who was behind it and who are the players?

2. How will the war play out?

3. The upcoming false flag.

4. The worst-case scenario.

5. Is war with Iran found in Bible prophecy?”

6. Will there be a draft?

In this program, we will examine these topics and visit the questions. This is going be part one of the multiple part series.

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In His service,
Nathan Leal