Understanding the Times – A Report on War, Deception, and Fake News


By Nathan Leal

Ladies and Gentlemen, do you find yourself overwhelmed when trying to make sense of geopolitical developments and world affairs? You are not alone. The confusion is by design. It has been engineered to fatigue and throw America off-balance, and it’s working.

A lot of people have become burned out and confused with all the politics and rhetoric that have flooded the news cycle lately.

Have you noticed the “news blackout,” on the situation with Iran? It is not a coincidence. The blackout is intended to keep you from knowing about the coming conflict.

Presently, the propaganda machine is touting that Trump is going to bring peace to North Korea. But is this true? The summit is scheduled for June 12 in Singapore.

There are many things to work out and if the negotiations fail, Admiral Mike Mullen (Ret), Former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman stated on Fox News Sunday 5-13-18, “if the talks fail, that the likelihood of options are dramatically reduced to potential conflict. And that’s a huge worry.”

That would mean WAR!

So what’s going to happen? Is Trump is going to succeed with “Chairman” Kim?

Note – The Trump Administration has changed their policy and begun calling him “Chairman.” Why the change? I guess it is to boost Kim’s ego. But it may be a temporary reference, because if the summit fails, Trump will probably come up with a new name to insult Kim Jong, like maybe “Smoky-Kim,” because Kim smokes nasty, communist, rat-cigs from North Korea.

…or Trump could choose to call him “Kim-Russell”… cause Kim totally looks like the little “Russell” dude from the Animated Pixar movie – “UP.”

Anyway, where were we? Oh yes, if Trump succeeds with the “Chairman,” will we see the end of the North Korea problem? Or will this just kick the can of war down the road?

Questions, Questions, Questions

While some are burned out with the bombardment of misdirected or confusing news, others have questions. Here are a few:

1. Is President Trump really going to foster peace with North Korea? I admit it would be good for all of us, but wanting something and seeing it happen are two different things. We will be able to answer this question in about a month.

2. Three American detainees, (all named Kim) were released by North Korea, but none of them speak English. Why not? Something is fishy.

If they were naturalized Americans, why did two of them choose to move to communist Pyongyang, North Korea and work in North Korean colleges? Most refugees who flee their communist oppressors do not return to the communist country to work in communist colleges.

Am I the only one who is wondering about this?

3. If Trump is able to foster peace with North Korea, will he also do the same with Iran? According to National Security Advisor John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani, and Rex Tillerson, America’s policy with Iran is – regime change.

4. If regime change in Iran is America’s policy, how will that be accomplished? Why isn’t the administration talking about it? Is this what all of the Trump voting evangelical preachers want? Apparently, a  few of them do, like the angry guy posing as a preacher down in Texas … goes by the name Haggee, but does he know what he’s saying.

And why does he always sound angry? I don’t know. But regime change requires boots on the ground. It requires an occupation. Iranian regime change requires the blood of our sons and daughters. How many of you want to sign up your kids for that? I don’t.

5. If America goes to war with Iran, will it require a draft? Many political analysts are already saying that a war with Iran will be a deadly catastrophe and unlike any recent war.

(Note – in 2002, the Pentagon conducted a 250 million dollar war game to simulate war between America and Iran. It was called Millennium challenge 2002. Unfortunately, Iran won the battle on the second day of a three-week simulation and sunk 16 American ships including an aircraft carrier. And get this folks, they were able to do it with low-tech tactics from World War II.)

6. If America goes to war against Iran, how many countries will be involved? What about our European allies? Will they be on the same page with America? Several of them are already saying that they reject Trump’s direction against Iran.

7. How does Israel play into this? What about the embassy in Jerusalem?

Some wonder if this proves that Trump is a man of peace and a friend of Israel? …. uh, answering this question would require a long commentary, but if Trump is able to pull it off, it doesn’t automatically make him a candidate for the Nobel Club….on the contrary, what if folks…?

… What if it means that Trump is the guy… a.k.a. the man of sin?

Is this proposal crazy? Think about it! The end time villain is also prophesied to bring peace and destroy the masses.

“And through his (cunning) policy also he shall cause (deceit) craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many…” Daniel 8:25

I find it amazing that Trump is fulfilling some of the prophecies for the antichrist, and the church is praising him … all the way to Jerusalem.

The Bible prophesies that in the end times, “Jerusalem would become a burdensome stone.” That’s presently happening folks.

(Side note, don’t forget to check the fluid level of your oil lamps brethren.)

8. What about Saudi Arabia? Last year Trump rewarded the Saudis with the tools for a new war machine, including tanks, planes, and spyware. That should have told us back then what they were planning. This year, Trump sold the Saudis over 6,500 missiles.

9. How should I prepare? This is the big question. What should we be doing in the meantime?

Scandals, Distractions, and Mischief

In the midst of these questions, we’re also witnessing a carnival in Washington DC. The White House is in chaos. Trump is being investigated by the Justice Department. Some wonder if the accusations against him are true. Others say, “there’s no way that Trump is guilty of underhanded shenanigans,” because in their eyes, Trump is an anointed man of chastity with impeccable virtue.

So many people have opinions. But like a dying bouquet of flowers, the opinions may sound good at first, but in a few days, they wither and fall apart like blackened roses. Why? Because a lot of opinions are wrong. They are false.

How do we find the truth? Especially when attempting to navigate through America’s labyrinth of lies?

Lies! Lies! And still, more Lies!

Finding the truth takes effort, so what are you gonna believe my friend? The good news is, you have choices. The bad news is some of the choices are not that dependable.

How about Trump’s twitter feed? Are his 5 AM tweets all that America needs? It is a clever scheme, and it works for some folks. I guess Pretend-ville never had a shortage of residents.

This is one of the reasons that a portion of the public will never know the truth about the Apprentice Reality Show that is presently taking place in the White House.

Why not? It’s called cognitive dissonance, which is a mental condition that restricts some from knowing the truth. That’s not an insult. It is a malady that a portion of the American public is experiencing which makes it hard for them to accept that Trump is not Cyrus.

So What is The Truth?

First we must know what we are facing. It’s called end time Bible prophecy. Which tells us that during the time of the end, there would be a great delusion that would captivate the masses.

If we are truly in the end times, this means that we can expect to see today’s Christianity infiltrated with deception.

We have to expect it, and know how to deal with it. It also means that some people will not know how to deal with it. So my friend, please do not be one of those who fall for it.

1. “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

2. Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron,” 1 Timothy 4:1, 2

Do you see the first four words in verse two above; … Speaking lies in hypocrisy? This means that in the last days, Christians would grasp onto falsehoods and trust in deception. It also means that Christians would become hypocritical against things that were true and pure, and defend the things that are impure. We are witnessing this today. Some Christians have re-prioritized God’s list of abominations to accept impropriety, cheating, chicanery, betrayal, doublecrossing, bigotry, hatred, and the Judas kiss.

Why? Because it’s okay for a person to do all of those things, as long as it’s not Hillary!

Operation Deception

Most politicians come from the same den – a brood of liars. This includes our dear President, who has made an art out of lying. He calls his lies, “truthful hyperbole,” which is like calling a Ponzi scheme – “an evangelical fundraiser.”

It is happening folks. American politics and Christianity have fallen into the hands of Operation Deception. If we are truly in the end times, then we can expect this. This means that those who are in power are not friends of the truth, and that’s what we are presently witnessing.

But deception can only win if people forsake their vigilance and refuse to scrutinize what they hear.

Trump does not want his followers to scrutinize him, and he has become a master of this strategy. He has trained his political base to doubt any of the criticism against him. Just a few days ago, he threatened to revoke the press credentials of news agencies who criticized him. If Obama had said something like that, Christians would have been in an uproar.

– When Chairman Mao condemned the press, he was labeled a dictator.

– When Hitler did it, he was also labeled a dictator.

But when Trump condemns the press and threatens to take away their press credentials, some of the folks in his base say silly things like, “well it’s about time.”

I find this sort of ignorance amazing, because history has taught us that unfettered autocrats have a habit of spilling the blood of their fellow citizens. But there you have it, Trump wants to persecute, and punish the Free Press.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sitting president show this level of contempt against America’s press. Have you folks? But here’s the kicker, while Trump has regularly accused his opposition of spreading fake news, many of those reporters are actually exposing his deviltries and making them public. But the president doesn’t like to be exposed, so he resorts to name-calling, belittling, and minimizing those involved, including his staff, his cabinet members, and other politicians. Along with them, Mr. Trump often shreds the reporter or news agency who is practicing their constitutional obligation to bring the news to the American people, and calls them fake news.

Mind Rape – the Pentagon is at Work

Ladies and gentlemen, there is nothing salvageable in Trump’s threats against the press. So why does his base excuse it? That’s a good question, and there are a variety of reasons that he’s getting away with it.

…At its core, it is called trickery.

…Spiritually, it is called deception

…Scientifically, we are watching a psychological operation to alter and modify the behavior of Americans, because that’s what it is. Since Cambridge Analytica was exposed, more information has come to the light about how American citizens are being psychologically reamed right now.

The War Has Begun – Level 0

The Pentagon conducts war in stages. The first level requires altering the human terrain. This is done through fake news, political propaganda, and manipulation of the masses by infiltrating social media with the military’s goal of gaining control of the people. They call it stage managing democracy.

What does that mean? It means they’ve got your number!

One of the Cambridge Analytica whistleblowers admitted that their psyop acquired the personal profiles of 87 million Americans, and each profile contains between 4000 to 5000 personal profile data points.

With that much personal information, they claim that they have the ability to predict everything about you including how you will react when exposed to certain information. That is a tall claim, but apparently, they have the proof to back it up.

Remember Jade Helm? A lot of people falsely thought the Jade Helm operation that took place a few years ago was about rounding people up and throwing them into concentration camps. That’s the eventual goal. But first, the Pentagon had to work out the kinks to their new science of Mastering the Human Domain.

According to the US Army’s White Paper on – Cognitive Joint Force Entry – the Pentagon’s strategy for warfare includes shaping the social environment of Human Domain in advance of the conflict.

The paper states:

Cognitive Joint Force Entry predispose populations to favorably view U.S. activities or operations. It reflects campaigning to win in the shaping phase of an operation, and it is a component to achieve persistent influence within the operating environment to create decisive influence. It achieves strategic depth, builds cognitive security, and it provides scalable options to achieve favorable outcomes.

Did you catch all that? It basically means that the Pentagon utilizes mastery over a people by engineering their behavior with psychological tools. The military calls it – shaping the environment and dominating cognitive depth.

It is the Pentagon’s method to manipulate the thoughts, opinions and behavior of their target population so that the people of the region’s operation will be compliant when the next stage of the engagement arrives – which is conflict.

Are you getting this folks?

The New World Order is conducting this operation against America. They infiltrated a portion of the population with Obama servitude, but it left the other half of America untarnished.

America was Targeted

Enter Donald J Trump, whose candidacy allowed the New World Order to corral the conservatives. The liberals had their turn, but conquering the human domain requires subduing all of the population. The evangelical base of America is about 40 to 50% of America’s population.

Translation – The evangelicals and patriots had to also be conquered, and with Donald J Trump, Christians were served up on a silver platter. It’s sad but true folks. The operation used the services of several mind raping contractors.

I have spoken about the Tavistock Institute in the past. They have been around since before WW2. They began in Britain, but now have satellite locations in America as well as throughout the world. They are an enclave of social scientists who have mastered social manipulation and turned it into a weapon of war.

Donald Trump attended a Tavistock college, but most of the other watchman forgot to mention that in their notes.

He was groomed folks. Billionaire Robert Mercer funded the Psyop on America to get Donald Trump elected. His daughter Rebecca Mercer plays the role of Trump’s puppeteer. And it was through some of Mercer’s money that Cambridge Analytica was able to manipulate the election. The deceitful operation was huge, powerful, and America had never seen anything like it.

Cambridge Analytica used the manipulative tools that were perfected by its parent company, Strategic Communications Laboratories to steer Trump’s evangelical base into believing lies.

Does it sound hard to believe? I’m sure it is. But it’s true. This has all come to the light recently. Unfortunately, most of Trump’s evangelical base has no clue how Cambridge Analytica sought to control their thoughts and behavior during the election. But that’s what the NWO machine does. They have learned that successful warfare involves first conquering the behavior of the people, and that’s exactly what they did in the last election. Some of the social manipulative skills that they used have been in development for years under several black budget programs including those funded by DARPA, the RAND Corporation, Tavistock, Carnegie Mellon University, Wharton school of business, the list is long.

Along with Strategic Communications Laboratories, there are several other military contractors who specialize in conquering a population with psychological manipulation. The thing that these contractors all have in common are the deceptive tactics that are commonly used against the people, which includes control of the press, and a regular barrage of fake news stories to corral the population with lies.

Whistleblower Chris Wiley admitted to this. He said,

“REMEMBER: Cambridge Analytica specialises in disinformation! We need to make sure their shut down is not just some rebranding or a way to hide from investigations. The SAME PEOPLE set up ANOTHER COMPANY and yesterday issued new company resolutions! Smells fishy..”

In his words, Wiley mentioned the shutdown of Cambridge Analytica, but also warned that Cambridge didn’t really go away. Instead, they pretended to shut down the company, but then opened it under a different name with the same owners which include the Mercer family. They changed the name Cambridge Analytica to Emerdata.

The other key point about Wiley’s words are that the company specializes in disinformation! This reveals that everything they do is based on lies. It means that they exist to fabricate deception.

Do you see it folks? There are corporate entities that now exist with the sole purpose to lie to you and manipulate your behavior.

Cambridge director Mark Turnbull admitted that they use different independent groups like charities or activists to spread their propaganda…

“We just put information into the bloodstream of the Internet, and we watched it grow and spread. We would give it a little push every now and again over time, to watch it take shape.”

Psychological manipulation is not new. Hitler used it for his benefit during his reign. And sure, some of us of heard that these tactics have been used in other countries, like third world countries, but now we can add America to the list of the conquered.

…And they were hired by Trump.

So what do we do about it? First, people need to know that is going on. Unfortunately, most of them do not believe it, nor do they care. Another election is coming this year, and I expect to see more of the same type of manipulation. Trump has already begun his strategy for the 2020 campaign. He has hired the same people who were instrumental in his election victory. Trump’s campaign powerhouse data team includes Brad Parscale, Gary Coby, and a few members of the Republican National Committee tech squad. So between now and then, they are going to be practicing to manipulate the masses.

They’re already doing it folks.

When Trump signed the Omnibus bill a few weeks ago, it contained portions that did not sit well with the evangelicals which included funding abortion, excessive military spending, etc. but within minutes of the bill’s signing, the disinformation team was at work to calm Trump’s political base.

BTW, I believe most of you witnessed what I’m about to share. Within minutes of the Omnibus bill being signed, the Internet became saturated with a tall tale that deceived many people. It stated that the Omnibus bill was not a real budget, and Trump could spend the money how he wanted, or he could withhold some of the money and refuse to give it to Planned Parenthood.

Do you remember seeing that? The original statement came from a post from an obscure patriotic blog called “the conservative treehouse.”

It was posted by a person named, “wheatietoo.” who falsely stated several things that were simply not true. But here’s what’s weird, within minutes of the posting, the Internet got blasted everywhere with this misinformation. It was on Facebook, forums, blogs, twitter, YouTube. I even had a few people text me about it, to try to school me about its merits.

Unfortunately, the whole thing was fiction. The claims from “wheatietoo,” were boldface lies.

Trump knew what he was signing, and by doing so, he funded abortion, but this fact would not sit well with his evangelical base, so enter the Trump data team. They went to work. And within minutes they infiltrated the Internet with a lie to misdirect Trump’s evangelicals away from his misstep in signing the Omnibus bill and thereby funding abortion.

And guess what folks? It worked. Most of the people who read the fake report from “wheatietoo,” believed the lie. The majority of them never bothered to check it out to confirm it.

Why didn’t they? One reason is because they didn’t want to know the truth, again cognitive dissonance was at work. So evangelical brethren, if you believed the fake excuse from “wheatietoo,” that means you got taken. It means you were lied to.

It also proves that the president has a team of Internet manipulators to initiate fake propaganda and convince you of things that are not. If you want to research this further, Google the name Brad Parscale. He’s in charge of Trumps data manipulation, and right now, his twitter feed is tempting for war with Iran.

There are Others

Strategic Communications Laboratories, or the SCL group, has received many contracts with the Pentagon and from British UK Ministry of Defense to extend the web of deception for them. Secretary of State John Bolton had a contract with the SCL group. General Mike Flynn also worked with them.

When I began digging into this whole mess, I was surprised how deep the rabbit hole went. It turns out that the Pentagon has been hiring companies like this for years to brainwash people in countries all over the world. This includes Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Egypt, Syria, Libya, and many other countries.

Some of the other companies include: Bell Pottinger, the Lincoln Group, Science Applications International Corporation, SYColeman, Inc., a subsidiary of L-3 Communications, and now Emerdata. They have different names but they operate by the same principle which is manipulation, persuasion, and behavioral modification of the masses.

… It’s going on right now folks. This is why some of you feel like your brain is melting. It is because your mind is under attack. They are trying to convince you to buy into their narrative.

What is the Narrative Saying? It is saying that they want citizens to accept the next phase of destruction as a necessary thing.

Are We Going to War?

Is America going to war? The answer is a resounding, “yes.” But to be more accurate, it will take place after the internal war in America is complete.

The undertaking of war has begun against your mind, and the goal is to brainwash you and all American citizens to accept the coming reality of a Great War against real opponents like Iran, North Korea, Russia, China, or any variety of unlucky saps who crossed America one too many times.


The clock it is ticking folks. In the remaining minutes, we need to do everything we can to get our spiritual lives in order.

Are you away from God? Backslidden? Lukewarm?

Are you not where you want to be?

Has your relationship with God seen better days?

Perhaps you just need to get back to the basics. Is it not how it used to be? If not, do you remember your first love? Remember how close Jesus was way back when?

Is the voice of Jesus coming through loud and clear?

Are you still in love with your Bible?

Does your heart stir for more time with God?

These are all important questions my friend. And while there is still time, I want to encourage you to approach the throne of grace and do business with God.

He is waiting my friend. Tomorrow is a new day. If you are not where you want to be, let that become your past, because today, we must seek the Lord while He may be found.

God bless all of you. Please share this with your friends and family.
In His service,

Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry