Video Proof that “Drain the Swamp” was never the plan. It was all theater.


Video Proof that “Drain the Swamp” was never the plan. It was all theater.
Video is Below

By Nathan Leal

Ladies and gentlemen, it pains me to say this, but the evangelical base was swindled by Donald Trump and the globalists.

We all know that the term, “drain the swamp,” had an impact on the election. The words galvanized voters. They stirred up an emotional response. Why? Because the words offer hope that corruption would be destroyed in Washington, DC.

However, for Donald Trump, “draining the swamp,” was never a part of his plan.

“Nathan you are lying to us.”

No my friend, I am not lying. The proof is here. If you watch the video below, you will see that I’m telling the truth.

Trump’s Puppet Master Invented the Slogan

Trump did not invent the term. The slogan was developed in 2014, one year before Trump decided to run for president. The slogan was the result of Cambridge Analytica’s data mining weapons lab which discovered that the slogan got a strong response from voters.

When Trump hired Cambridge Analytical to manage his campaign, they told him to use certain slogans to win over voters.

As a quick reminder, Cambridge Analytica is owned by billionaire Robert Mercer, and Steve Bannon. Together, these two individuals used social media as a weapon to manipulate the voting public and sell Donald Trump as something that he wasn’t.

Cambridge Analytical instructed Trump to use their slogans in order to win. But sadly, some of the slogans were never going to be a part of his administration.

Some of the slogans that Cambridge Analytica came up with were:

1. Lock Her Up, (this referred to Hillary)
2. Crooked Hillary
3. Build the Wall
4. Drain the Swamp

The Proof is Before Our Eyes

Trump has exposed his true colors and shown us who he really is. He is a globalist and has admitted it on several occasions.

He has signed trillion dollar bills that have exploded America’s debt. What happened to fiscal responsibility? What happened to conservatism? What happened to stopping military campaigns? Obama Care still exists. Abortion has been funded by him. Trump is arming the Saudi terrorists.

And worse, Trump has surrounded himself by swamp creatures. With John Bolton’s recent appointment, there can be no denying it.

Folks, Donald J Trump never intended to exterminate the leeches from DC’s swamp. The only reason he said it was to get your vote.

So here you go. In the video below, Trump admits that he didn’t mean it.

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In His Service,
Nathan Leal
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