Mark Taylor’s Prophecies & His Pawnshop Theology – By Nathan Leal


Mark Taylor’s Prophecies & His Pawnshop Theology

Someone wrote to me the other day and asked, “Nathan why do you spend some of your time talking about Mark Taylor? Don’t you have better things to do.”

My answer – I could be doing all sorts of other things, and most of them would be more pleasant than exposing the lies of Mark Taylor and today’s confused church. So why do I do it? It’s simple, I do it because that’s what the job description requires. It specifies that the watchman should watch. Therefore brethren, I’m watching from the wall.

“So what do you see Nathan?”

I see a lot of stuff. I see danger ahead. I see gloom. I see tears, but aside from those things, I also see an embarrassing reality that a lot of folks don’t want to visit.

In today’s end time church, there is a circus of deception.

“A circus? Nathan, what are you talking about?”

I’m talking about the embarrassing circus that is playing out among today’s evangelicals. And worse, some of the leadership look like a bunch of circus clowns.


It’s a circus folks. It’s a parade of lies that exhibits Hans Christian Anderson’s allegory playing out in real time. Do you remember it? …the one about a naked Emperor? Remember no one wanted to say anything, because they were too afraid to speak up….or too blind to notice?


Denial is a strong thing. It makes people look away and pretend its not there. Peer pressure does the same thing. So does the end time delusion, which brings us to Mark Taylor’s prophecies, which come up short when we compare them to truth.

In my opinion, his prophecies are a bunch of satanic dung. They are worthless words that are beyond preposterous.

“Man Nathan, you should try to be more blunt next time!”

I know this report is blunt, but how do I sum it up otherwise? It is a mess folks! The Mark Taylor prophecies have brainwashed a lot of people, and they continue to do so. Mark Taylor is on record saying some pretty ridiculous things in the short time that he’s been around.

He said,

1. … Satan and the illuminati are changing the DNA of people so that they hate Trump – … Oh boy! Facepalm. How do I comment on this absurdity? Watch the video below and see for yourself.

(Note – the video above was captured and posted by a liberal organization. But I used it, because the subject matter is what is pertinent, which is Mark Taylor’s false prophecy.)

2. … God’s judgment is not true – the people of God who are seeing visions of coming judgment are in actuality tapping into the frequency of Satan, and hearing the plans of demons.

So according to Taylor, this means that those of you who have had insight by the Holy Spirit that hard times are coming to America… Heard from Satan instead!

3. … The Dollar will be strongest it’s ever been in the history of the United States – this is an obvious lie because the Dollar has continually grown weaker since Trump entered office. During the inauguration, the dollar was at 103, now it is scraping 89. This is proof that Taylor missed it big time. Link.




By the way, when we measure Taylor’s prophecy against the truth of history, we can also see the absurdity of his statement, “The Dollar will be strongest it has ever been.”

Why? Because the Dollar was the STRONGEST when the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913. Back then a US Dollar was worth one dollar in purchasing power. Today, it has dwindled to nothing.

dollar-historyThis little factual tidbit cannot be reconciled with Mark Taylor’s prophecy, which proves, his word is not from God.

4. … Donald Trump is called to be a prophet and has a prophetic gifting.He said this on the Jim Bakker show. And everybody clapped.



5. … Trump would be a man of his word. – Do I even need to comment on this one? Trump is the biggest liar ever to sit in the White House. For the Trump supporters out there who take issue with this, I’m sorry to have to be so upfront about it, but it’s true. Many people have documented the hundreds of lies the Trump has tweeted or spoken over the past year. There’s no way to spin it, Trump is like Pinocchio.

6. God is going to kill two ex-president’s for criticizing Trump – What? Really?
Yep, Taylor said it. Here it is:

The Bible says, “Do not touch my anointed, but especially my prophets. He continued. These guys have now touched God’s anointed, Donald Trump. They used it as a platform to go in there and attack.”

Taylor said that God told him, that because of their supposed attack on Trump, the covenant that these five presidents have had with that entity called, “Baal,” because Baal is the strongman over America is going to be broken. And then He said, Two of these ex-presidents will be taken and and three will be shaken.

God is just going to take these guys home, period. He is going to remove them and it will be a sign for certain things,  said Taylor. The others three will be shaken and I believe that two of them will run the risk of going to prison and the third one will also be shaken due to having to testify or legal issues or whatever the case may be. Now, I don’t know if all three of those will go to prison, but I believe there is a very good possibility that two out of the three could face jail time because of what they have done.

According to Taylor, two ex-president’s will die. But let’s put this into context, Pres. Carter and Pres. H. W. Bush are both 93. If Trump wins a second term, he will be in the White House for seven more years, this means that the two presidents I just mentioned would have to live to be 100 years old. And what are the odds of that folks? In the natural, the odds are against them living to 100. So if one of them happens to perish in the next seven years, will that mean God killed them? Or will it simply be a display of our fallen nature which mandates that eventually everybody dies?

The other absurd thing about this prophecy, is that Taylor implies that Trump is God’s anointed. If this is true, what about the other ex-president’s? Were they not also God’s anointed?

To try to prophesy that a few ex-presidents, who are feeble and aging, are going to see death is not prophesying, it’s common sense. In my opinion, this prophecy is just plain dumb.

7. A few Supreme Court justices are going to die and get replaced by Trump. – Again Really? Let me put this in layman’s terms, folks, they’re old.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 84, Stephen Breyer is 79, Anthony Kennedy is 81… Among others.

Remember that old fake psychic lady Jean Dixon? She could have also been accurate prognosticating this one, so could my 11-year-old daughter. I could go on with more Mark Taylor’s false prophecies, but when I sift through his YouTube videos, I start to get indigestion listening to him. So I have to pace myself.

There are many of them

By the way, this mess does not stop with Mark Taylor. Since he entered the scene, he has merged with another false prophetess, Mary Colbert.


She’s also a part of the Kingdom Now entourage of end time warlocks and sorcerers.

And let us not forget Jim Bakker, who has used his television platform to promote these charlatans.

… Then there is Lance Wallnau, the motivational cleric of the same kingdom now, seven mountain heresy.

Lance Wallnau – Seven Mountain Dominionist Cleric

One of the staple beliefs of their false theology is that in the coming days, God is going to raise up an army of apostles who will be able to control the weather and neutralize the law of physics for their benefit. A few months ago, Wallnau tried to demonstrate his apostle power by going after hurricane Irma. It didn’t go so well. See the video below.

One of Wallnau’s colleagues also tried to demonstrate her apostle power. Her name is Kat Kerr. She has pink hair and a wand. And in the video below, she demonstrates her witchcraft.  Check it out…

Some may ask if we as Christians can control the weather with faith filled declarations? That’s a loaded question because Jesus did say we could pray, however, not if it is against His will. In the video above, Kat Kerr does not concern herself with God’s will.

Pawn Shop Theology – What A Mess

What a mess huh folks? If it wasn’t so pathetic, it would be funny. But this is not funny, because the church has been invaded by spiritual masquerading Mountebanks who have dismissed their Bibles, and replaced God’s word with a soup of their own promises.


At first appearance, their brew “may” look appealing, but upon discernment with the spiritual smell test, their soup reveals itself as a mixture of lying leeches, parasites and spider eggs from middle earth.

Ladies and gentlemen, these frauds and charlatans have infiltrated the body of Christ, and every one of them have contributed lies that are infecting the American church. I call it, “Pawnshop Theology.”

What’s that? It’s a retread of Satan’s old-fashioned trickery. It is not new. It’s the same stuff that Satan continually recycles. After thousands of years, it is stale and it reeks, but that’s not a problem for Satan, because all he has to do, is sprinkle gold dust on it and then offer it at a discount to God’s people. It is the same lie that he has used for thousands of years.


Satan recycled it, polished it, and slapped a half-price sticker on it for his hockshop.

…And sadly, people love it.

Remember when the serpent said, “you shall not die,” and Eve ate it anyway?

Why did she do that? Simple. She wanted to experience the pleasure, instead of the consequences. She wanted to have it both ways; with longevity of years and endless fun to do what thy wilt.

You all know the story. Satan lied. Adam and Eve died…along with the whole human race. It wasn’t pretty.

This has been going on since the beginning of time. Satan has continually offering fake theology, mixed with cheap perfume.

And it is up to us to see through his lies. How do we do that? We include the Bible in our discipline to find discernment.

Some of the folks don’t want to do that. Instead, they would rather listen to a false prophet like Mark Taylor. Unfortunately, they do not know that his words contain VOMIT from Satan’s smelter.

“Nathan, whoa, that last statement was a little bold, don’t you think? “

Actually, let me tell you what is bold. It is some of my ex-colleagues having the audacity to invite Mark Taylor, or Mary Colbert to a conference, and call them watchmen. Now that is bold. And it’s also pathetic because in my opinion, neither of them are real watchmen. Nor did they possess a true word from the Lord.

“What do they possess Nathan?”

Simple. They possess a counterfeit.

…An earthly duplicate.

…An echo.

…Words of wind.

…Pebbled syllables that slither along the ground, like an adder.

They possess words not from the Holy Spirit, but from a deceiving spirit. And to the discerning one, it is obvious. Their words do not contain life that can be found in Jesus, nor do they contain the intimate seasoning that only comes from being in the presence of a holy God.

“Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, … they realized that they had been with Jesus.” Acts 4:13

Their words do not reveal a familiarity with the heart of God. Nor do their words inform the body of Christ what time it is.

What Time Is It?

I know I say this often, but it sums up our end time plight.

“My friend, do you know what time it is?”

According to the false charlatans above, we are in a season of peace and safety. Which should be a clue that they are confused. But according to the Bible, the hour is late my friend. And Jesus warned us that in the last days, these false voices would rise up. He also told us not to be deceived by them. So let’s obey the Lord and operate with discernment.

“Nathan what about you? You have prophesied some things that have not come to pass.”

That is true. Some of the things that I have prophesied have not yet happened. And for that. I thank the Lord.

Why? Because when they do arrive, they are going to be HORRIBLE. And make no mistake my friend, the delay of some of the glimpses that I have shared does not mean that they will not happen. It just means we should prepare while we still can.

By the way, I don’t want the things that I saw to come to pass either. And I do not want to see the judgment of the Lord smite this land.

…I do not want to see the dollar crash.
…I don’t want to see America enter into a war with China and Russia.
…Nor do I want to see the tent cities that are coming.
… or the people standing in line for food.
… or some of them living in their cars.

…I do not want to see a missile strike an American city.
…I don’t want to see an America in civil war.

…Nor do I want to see an acting president become a dictator.

My friends, I don’t want to see any of these things happen. But over the years, God has allowed me to see a few glimpses.

“So why haven’t these things happened Nathan? Where are they?”

My answer – these events are gathering offshore as I type this, and eventually they are going to arrive. Delay does not mean postponed.

I know that Mark Taylor will want you to think that that judgment has been canceled, but his voice is an echoing lie from middle earth.

Ladies and gentlemen, judgment is here. The economy is not recovering like we’ve been told. And eventually the Band-Aids that are holding the stock market together are going to melt. When it does, the crash is going to be a lot bigger than the one in 2008.

…And it’s going to include the whole world.

I will be talking about this in the coming days. But for now, my prayer is that the wise ones would see through the lies that are on display.

Again my friends, just because someone has a microphone, a website, or is speaking on TV, does not mean they are telling the truth. This includes Taylor, Colbert, Wallnau, Bakker and all of the other Kingdom Now clerics. Their words reveal that they do not know the Scriptures.

Brethren when you hear a word, test the spirit behind the word. Allow the Lord to bear witness and confirm.

May the people of God show diligence, and rise above the lies.

May the Lord bless you and keep you,

In His Service,
Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry