Donald Trump and America’s Judgment – By Nathan Leal


Donald Trump and America’s Judgment

Note – If you voted for Trump, but you did it with reservation and caution, then this article is not for you. I also understand that some Trump supporting evangelicals may not like this article, but these things need to be shared, because very dark and challenging days are coming. God bless.

A lot of people have opinions about Donald Trump. Some wonder if he will be a one or two term president. Others wonder if he will finish his first term, or be forced to resign? Because after all, he does have enemies.

But he also has a lot of supporters. A third of the country voted for him. His main base consists of the evangelicals. Think about that folks. It is the Christians who put him in office. Is this good or bad?

Some say, “it remains to be seen,” but I have a different observation.

It’s not good.

Why? Because the tide of Trump’s success has exposed a glaring hole in the American church. Trump’s victory has revealed that many of America’s evangelicals have a disconnect with their Bibles, sound doctrine, and personal biblical knowledge of the end times.

The Last Days

Before Trump ran for office, most American evangelicals agreed that we were in the last days. There was a consensus in most churches that Jesus was coming soon. Unfortunately, that’s where the consensus stopped, because when it came to details about the end times, Christians became lost when reading the fine print of Scripture.

Well, perhaps it wasn’t that they were lost, it was more of a lack of interest in their Bibles. As a result, most evangelicals who attended church never really got established in sound biblical doctrine.

While the big box churches filled up with an emergent message that was cool, they failed to prepare the people for the end times.

…They failed to instill evangelicals with the proper tools to navigate the coming darkness.
…They failed to equip the people with the proper training to discern the forbidden fruits of the day.
…They failed to teach evangelicals that this world is not our home.
…They failed to teach the people how to discern false prophets and teachers.
…They failed to warn the body of Christ that the antichrist was coming.

Ladies and gentlemen…

The church leaders failed to tell their people that in the end times politics would turn into a religion.

In summary, the evangelical church was not ready for the end times. But it showed up anyway.

Someone else also showed up as the new president. His name is Donald Trump, and the evangelicals love and adore him. Many consider him as someone sent from Heaven and his arrival was spiritual.

Some say, “he is here to bring blessing to America.” This belief is fueled with prophetic proclamations from dominionist Christians. I could fill up to this page with the false proclamations that have been made about him.

And also among his supporters are some folks who are obsessed with Trump. I do not use the word, “obsessed,” lightly, because I have never observed such a passionate commitment from Christians towards another human. Back in the day, we used to call this level of obsession, “worship.” But that term offends some people.

“Hey Nathan it is just – heroic rockstar status. So get over it. And if you can’t handle it, leave America!”

True story folks. I had a guy say that to me recently on Facebook. So I suppose the new policy for America is – those who desire to be politically vigilant must leave the country. You are no longer welcome!

Hmmm. Isn’t that attitude the same as worship? I think so. By the way, that attitude is dangerous to American freedom.

“Hold on Nathan. That attitude is not worship. It is merely healthy patriotism. Get it right.”

Healthy patriotism huh? Well if this kind of healthy patriotism causes folks to want to dispatch their fellow citizens, it is not healthy folks. It is dangerous. It is scary. It is disturbing and we have past world history to prove it. I do not have any other way to spin this and I’m not going to. The fact of the matter is that a portion of the American church has fashioned president Trump into a golden calf of idolatry.

“We don’t worship Trump Nathan. We just respect him.”

My rebuttal – Really? But some folks don’t allow citizens to evaluate him. By the way, I know this, because when I evaluate him, some of his supporters act like I blasphemed God.

In the past, when a politician performed their duties, citizens evaluated and rendered judgment on the politician.

“But Nathan, were not supposed to judge. Especially Donald Trump don’t you know?”

Actually, I do know. Trump is not a private citizen. He is America’s president. He is a political leader. He is a decider of policies that will affect all of the lives. So as citizens, we’re supposed to evaluate, but for some reason, many Christians want to throw away that responsibility and render it as something disrespectful.

Ladies and gentlemen, ignoring the political activity of leaders has never turned out well in world history. Never.

Why? Simple. This is world history politics 101:
1. Ignoring political activity nullifies checks and balances.
2. It feeds corruption.
3. It gives rise to political regimes.
4. It takes power away from the people.
5. It nourishes duplicity.
6. It takes the bridle away from human nature. Thus, evil instinct takes over.
7. It gives a free pass for politicians to loot the treasury.
8. It allows mandates motivated by corruption.
9. It allows political leaders to forge economic policies that are self-serving.

As American citizens, it is not our job to elect a president and then close the door of transparency. This is unwise and most folks should know this. Christians should know this. Patriots should know it. And the pulpits should know it. So what gives? Why is critical evaluation of the presidency off-limits?

“Nathan, it is because you are just too critical and mean to Donald Trump.”

Uh, I think I just addressed that, and apparently the real problem is that some people do not want to hear the truth. They struggle with the idea that Donald Trump could be corrupt… or flawed.

Evangelicals are comfortably numb to Donald Trump

Why do they struggle with assessing Trump? That’s a great question. If you asked some of them, they would tell you that Donald Trump is anointed by God.

I disagree that Trump is anointed, but let’s go with that logic for a moment. So was King Saul, and we know where that led. The Bible tells us that when king Saul was left to his own devices, he became foolish, rebellious, and regressed toward sorcery.

And to think that Samuel poured oil on him. Did Samuel anoint him and then look the other away when King Saul became foolish? It got so bad with King Saul that the Lord could no longer be around him.

“But the Spirit of the LORD departed from Saul,…” 1 Samuel 16:14

Think about that folks. The king who was anointed by God, grieved God so much, that the Holy Spirit could no longer dwell with him. What does this mean? It means that God is no respecter of persons, and if an anointed king behaves in an evil way, the Lord will not dwell in their corruption.

Conclusion – anointed kings do not get a free pass to misbehave in unrighteousness. This includes presidents.

Confused Pulpits

When it comes to Donald Trump’s exploits of unrighteousness, I have heard preachers try to dismiss, sidestep, misdirect, shift blame, and make excuses for him.

“What unrighteousness Nathan? Besides, Trump was not elected to be a pastor.”

Really? Neither was King Saul. When Saul committed exploits of debauchery what happened? Well the Bible tells us, The Holy Spirit departed from Saul…

But it gets worse. The remainder of that verse tells us that when the Holy Spirit left Saul, a demon filled the vacuum.

“But the Spirit of the LORD departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the LORD troubled him.” 1 Samuel 16:14

In other words, a demon infected King Saul, and Saul’s mind was tormented with crazy!

And get this folks, the evil spirit was sent FROM the Lord. This means that God will allow demonic vexation to infect an anointed king who misbehaves in unrighteousness. This is the Bible my friends. God does not ignore unrighteousness. Nor does He wink at it. Why? Because God hates sin. And God is always evaluating all of us.

“For the ways of man are before the eyes of the LORD, and He pondereth all his goings.” Proverbs 5:21

Does God dismiss the exploits of kings? Or of kingdoms?

“Behold, the eyes of the Lord GOD are upon the sinful kingdom, and I will destroy it from off the face of the earth;… Amos 9:8a

“I see where you’re going with this Nathan. But first of all, Trump is not unrighteous.”

Boy oh boy. I have actually heard people try to claim this. But reality tells us something different. Trump is a habitual liar. There is no truth in him. He tweets one thing, and five minutes later, he will tweet something totally contradictory. And down in Texas where I’m from, this is called – lying.

…It’s called – pants on fire!
…It’s called – Pinocchio syndrome!

It’s not hard to see. But why is it that the world can see Trump’s constant lying better than the church? Why folks? Is this God’s attitude? Does God make excuses? No He doesn’t. And those who insist that God is not bothered by sin do not understand holiness. Nor do they understand the heart of God.


The non-Christian world is watching this hypocrisy. They are observing evangelicals exhibit a double standard towards sin. In times past, evangelicals condemned homosexuality and sexual sin, but now that Trump is in town, many of them are making excuses for his sexual escapades. This includes pastors and spiritual leaders. They have made excuse after excuse for Trump’s adultery, and also his abuse and molestation of women.

I have seen several of my ex-colleagues do the same thing. I have watched them obliterate God’s standard of righteousness and throw Trump’s victims to the curb. I remember hearing one of my ex-colleagues who by the way is a speaker at the, “hear the watchman’s conference,” publicly say that “the only people who should be offended by Trump’s Access Hollywood tape are the Amish.”

Really Mr. watchman? Try to tell that to my wife who was molested when she was young. Try to say that the many victims of molestation who listen to your radio show.

And one by one, I am watching the testimony of, “supposed” watchmen fall to the ground like dominoes.

For the world who is watching this is causing a huge turnoff towards Christianity, and it is giving occasion for the Lord’s enemies to blaspheme God. It has given rise for enemies of the church to mock and scoff the Bible’s holy principles. This double standard has given fuel to the agnostics who say that many Christians are a bunch of hypocrites. Unfortunately, I can’t argue with them.

Brethren, this is embarrassing. There is no excuse for this. The world has watched the evangelical church step on its own tail and they are laughing. This should grieve all of us.

It surely makes me grieve. But worse, it has sealed America’s fate with coming judgment.

Judgment is Coming

It is for these and many other reasons that America is under judgment and will be punished. Part of the reason is because the church has raised their own king Saul and has decided to look the other way when he participates in unrighteousness. There is no way to spin this folks.

People can try to make excuses all day about this. They can write evil blogs about me. They can torment me on Facebook, in emails, and whisper things about me at their “Hear the Watchmen conferences” …. “Uh oh, did I just say that?”

They can exclaim, “look there he is. The man that troubleth America.”

But it does not change reality, and it does not nullify the blind pathetic condition of America’s church leadership and darkened affairs of the church body.

Judgment is coming ladies and gentlemen. America’s fate is sealed, and Donald Trump was not appointed by God to bring rescue. Instead, he was allowed to show up, so that Christians could exhibit their hearts.

“Nathan, I take issue with that. I voted for Trump. Are you saying I am blind? I don’t worship him.”

My friend, I don’t know if you are blind. That is for you to figure out. But if you are ignoring your responsibility to evaluate the president with honesty, then I have to ask, “why?”

I have regularly shared investigative content, that proves that Donald J Trump is not an outsider. I have proven that he mingles with billionaire globalists. I have proven that he has filled his cabinet with Bilderberg and CFR members. I have proven that he has opened the door to Goldman Sachs, Skull and Bones, and the Rothschilds. But for some reason, that doesn’t matter with those who should know better, and instead would rather believe a lie that Trump is draining the swamp.

It’s a lie folks. Trump did not come to drain the swamp. If you don’t believe me, turn off Fox News, stop reading Baghdad Bob’s – Drudge Report and do your own research.

Go to Google and type in – “Trump globalist.” … Guess what you’ll find? You will find article after article were Trump admits that he is a globalist. You will find articles where Trump’s spokesman – Anthony Scaramucci admits that Trump is a globalist and also hints that Trump is a Freemason.

Go to Google and type in – “Stephen Mnuchin”… He is Trump’s Treasury Secretary. He is forming economic policy for the country. And guess what? He is Skull and Bones and an alumni of the Goldman Sachs Cartel. Right now Mnuchin is reformatting America’s economic policies to benefit the globalists. I am pretty sure that Fox News will not tell you this. Neither will the pulpits.

Go to Google and type in – “Stephen Schwarzman of Blackstone”… Who’s he?… Just a person who Trump owes many favors. Why? Because Schwarzman gave Trump loans over the years and now Trump is giving Schwarzman contracts to turn America’s interstates into toll roads. That doesn’t sound like draining the swamp folks.

Go to Google and type in – “Jerome Powell” … Who’s he? …. He is the new chairman of the Federal Reserve who has been chosen to be at the helm when they crash the United States economy.

“What Nathan? Say again?”

That’s right folks. It has been decided that a financial implosion is going to be engineered. I’ll be talking about this in the coming days.

Go to Google and type in – “stock buybacks” … What are those? They are the reason for the Ponzi scheme that has artificially inflated the stock market. We are not in a recovery. Nor is the stock market expanding because of consumer demand. This is all a lie. The Trump bump in the stock market is a façade. Stock buybacks are the reason that the market is inflated. And very soon it’s going to come crashing down.

The narrative about the great stock market is a big fat lie and Trump knows it. This is one of the reasons that the huge crash is coming. I wonder if Fox News will share this. No they won’t. Neither will Rush Limbaugh, or many of the pro-trump alternative voices that some of you are listening to.

I wonder how many of the voices that will be speaking at the, “Hear the Watchmen Conference,” will share these truths with you? I’m pretty sure none of them. And considering that Mark Taylor’s – FemCleric & NAR spokesperson Mary Colbert will be speaking, in my opinion, that thing is anathema!

“Nathan I went to public school and I don’t know what that word means.”

Anathema means disgraceful, which is the condition of the present leadership in America’s evangelical church. In my opinion, it is also the summary of the empty words that many of today’s supposed watchmen are sharing.

Are you still reading this?

Does Nathan hate Donald Trump?

Make note folks, for the record I do not hate Donald Trump. I don’t because the Lord forbids us from hating others. It is interesting that some people interpret my evaluations and critiques of the sitting president as hatred. But this is not true. Evaluating the president is the duty of every vigilant citizen.

Remember when many of you evaluated Obama? I do. I also remember the detesting that some Christians exhibited toward president Obama. But not only him, his wife also. I remember reading a few articles that insisted Michelle Obama was a man. These articles were shared by many evangelicals. They were posted in Facebook, they were emailed. The story was shared far and wide as the truth.

But here’s where the hypocrisy comes in. The Michelle Obama is a man theory was spread by many of the same people who become angry with me when I share my evaluations and critique of Donald Trump. And to support their desire to muzzle me, they tell me that it is not right to talk about the president, because God placed him in office.

I smell a hypocritical double standard. But oh well. This article is not only about exposing that hypocrisy, it is about something more disturbing.

Who is Donald Trump?

Who is he folks? I mean, who is he really? Is he just a lucky guy who succeeded with a grassroots campaign to become president?

Is he God’s anointed president who was sent to accomplish something?


Is he a member of the end time cast of characters? And if so, which character is he?

These are valid questions. But finding the answers is not going to be found in the false doctrine of the dominion theology…. or their prophecies. The answer has to be found in the Bible. It must line up with the Bible. It must be confirmed by the Scriptures.

I have been doing that. I have been seeking to know the truth of the matter. I have been gathering information about the matter and it is leading me to it disturbing concern. When I share it, the wise ones out there may also find themselves concerned.

I have a lot more information coming folks. Please be watching for it, and share this message with your friends and family.

As you can see, this watchman did not turn into a noodle when Trump showed up. Nor did my spine fizzle when I broke my back. Instead, the Lord is healing me and giving me strength to crawl up to the top of the wall and report the truth to you. Because you need to hear it. We all do.

If you appreciate this ministry, please let us know with your encouragement and support. May the Lord bless you.

In His service,
Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry