Was a Machine Gun Used in the Vegas Shootings? – Part 3


The Vegas Shooting Disclosure – Part One

The Vegas Shooting Disclosure – Part Two

Was a Machine Gun Used in the Vegas Shootings? – Part 3
This report will explain my theory that a machine gun was used in the massacre.

By Nathan Leal

As I type this, another school shooting just occurred. This one took place in Parkland, Florida. Seventeen people are dead and the shooter, 19-year-old (Nicholas Cruz) is in custody. So before I begin with this report, I want to offer my condolences to the family members of the fallen victims. I also want to offer prayers for the survivors. News events like this are horrible and reveal that America the Beautiful, has morphed into – America the Dreadful – Home to bedlam and confusion.

The days have become dark my friends, but this was prophesied in the Scriptures. The Bible tells us in Revelation chapter 18, that “Babylon has become the habitation of devils, and the prison of every foul spirit and every unclean and hateful bird.”

What does this mean? It means that instead of being Great, in the last days, Babylon America would experience a migration of demons and evil spirits onto her shores. Is it happening? As I look around, it sure looks like it is…. Active shootings are on the rise and chaos has become common place. Thus, this is not the time to be complacent. Vigilance must be included in our day-to-day life.

The Vegas Shootings

Over the past few months, I have been studying the Vegas shooting. Some may wonder why I am dissecting this shooting event over others? It is because the Vegas shooting is unique and is fraught with suspicious elements. In my opinion, the official story has more holes in it than Chef Boyardee’s pasta strainer and it just doesn’t add up. And being that it is one of the worst shootings in American history, I think it is important to investigate it, especially when we include the ramifications that this event holds for America’s future.

When I say, “ramifications,” I mean, who stands to gain? Who benefits? And how will it affect America in the long term? 

In the big picture, it appears that the larger entities will benefit including – the Fraternal Brotherhood of the Apocalyptic Horseman and their tattooed buddy, the vault keeper of the three sixes.

…other beneficiaries include - Lucifer’s Rising Order and his building project -Babylon America, (also known as Pax Americana, the tri-colored plantation of the Northern Hemisphere.)

– and then there are the terrestrial beneficiaries like the Police State, the Military-Industrial Complex and the Swamp Creatures who masquerade as politicians, preachers and presidents. 

“Wow, Nathan, that’s a lot of entities!”

It sure is and all of them are bad. But that’s what the end time New World Order will be. It is prophesied to be evil, and according to the Bible, it will be powered by Satan. Therefore, we can expect that the powers of darkness will use bloodshed to transform the world.

The Las Vegas massacre had much bloodshed, and in this installment, we are going to visit the possibility of a second shooter. Note – This study will examine the theory that a machine gun was used from Paddock’s hotel room. It will not visit that there were possibly other shooters from other locations. That study is for another disclosure.

I want to say up front that this disclosure will present are my theories, and theories are just that – they are theories. This means that they are not proven or accepted by the main stream. However, I believe that this study will introduce alternative possibilities in how the event was carried out. If you have not read the other installments, you can find them here: part one, part two.

In this installment, we are going to look at the weapons that were, “supposedly,” used and also visit the possibility of a different weapon.

An AR 15 with a Bump Stock

Note – an AR 15 rifle is a semi automatic rifle. This means that a bullet is fired every time the trigger is pulled. So make note, an AR 15 is not a machine gun.


The Vegas Police Department reported that Stephen Paddock used several AR15 rifles with a bump stock to carry out his rampage. A bump stock is an aftermarket accessory that can substitute the regular stock of the AR 15. The darkened area below is how a “bump stock” replaces the factory gun stock.


When attached, it allows the shooter to fire the bullets quicker when the end of the gun stock is pressed into the shoulder while holding down the trigger.


Note, a bump stock does not work well with a bipod because the increased recoil causes the gun to rock forward and backward. Using a bipod with a bump stock, restricts the forward and backward movement. Now while there are recoil bipod’s that are designed specifically for bump stocks, none of Paddocks AR 15’s had a recoil bipod.


Therefore, it is for this reason, as well as many others, why I have trouble believing the official story. Some of the other reasons include:

1. The lack of 1,100 bullet casings in the photographic evidence.

2. The lack of muzzle flash from the window. Granted, flash suppressors do exist for AR 15’s, but according to the police inventory, Stephen Paddocks rifles did not have them. So if his rifles did not have them, then there should have been muzzle flash from the broken window. However, during the shooting, Paddock’s window remained darkened in the video evidence. Why is that?

3. The frequency of the bullets from the recorded audio supports the theory that the weapon used could have been an automatic machine gun. Therefore, in this installment, we are going to visit that possibility.

An Automatic Machine Gun

If a machine gun was used, the first questions to answer are, “Where is it … and … What happened to it?”

Those are good questions, but let’s take it further, if a machine gun / automatic weapon was used:

1. Who shot it?
2. What kind of automatic weapon was it?
3. Was it military issue?
4. Was it converted from an AR15?
5. Was it shot from Paddocks hotel window, or someplace else?
6. If an automatic weapon was used, where are the brass casings?
7. What about muzzle flash?

These are valid questions and in this study, I want to address them, but before I continue, I want to say up front, just like I did in the last installment, that this investigation is a work in progress. Therefore, I understand that some of the theories that I present may be wrong. But I will try my best to use intellectual honesty.

The Photographs

The Las Vegas Police Department has released some of the photographs of Stephen Paddock’s hotel room. Most of you have probably seen them. When they were released, I took it upon myself to study them. When I saw Paddock’s corpse, I immediately had a lot of questions. Things did not look right and I talked about a few of them in previous installments.

The photos also included something else that was very odd. They were the two sofas that were pressed together.

Below are the sofas before the shooting.


After the shooting, they looked like this:


Why did Paddock maneuver the sofas together? It did not make sense. Some of the news reports stated that Paddock placed the sofas together to make a gun rack. But is this true? Are they correct?

I didn’t believe it. Why? Because the photos include an elephant in the room. I’m surprised that not many people noticed it, but there is an item in the pictures that makes me ask, “why is it there?”

What is it? It is the blue hose. Take a look at the photos. There is a blue hose laying on the ground by the two sofas that are pressed together. When I first saw it, I did not know what it was. Was it a hose for water? Was it for air? Was it for a vacuum? I zoomed in on it to try to figure it out, but it just got blurry.


What is it? I wasn’t sure. But when the Las Vegas Police Department released more photos, it became more clear. Here are several new photos that include the blue hose.


The photo above shows the hose laying next to the sofa. But it was still not clear. Then I saw the next photos…

The photo below shows one end of the hose by the sofas with the other end going into the adjoining room. What did this mean?


Below – Here is the hose from a different angle. As I studied the picture. I wondered what its purpose was.


Then I saw the missing picture that explained it.

The Mysterious Blue Hose

It is mysterious, but according to the Vegas Police Department, the blue hose went from the two sofas into an adjoining room, where a fan was attached to the end of it. The end of the hose, by the sofas had a snorkel mouthpiece attached to it with tape. But why?


Why did the shooter have a blue hose in the room? One of the newly released photos answered the question. Apparently the shooter fashioned the hose to help with ventilation from the smoke that was anticipated from the gunfire.

Say What?

It looks like whoever the shooter was, anticipated that there would be a lot of gunpowder smoke in the room, so they rigged up a ventilation system in order to get fresh air from the adjoining room.

“Oh. Well that makes sense, Nathan “

Yes it does, but it also creates a new problem. I call it proximity.

“What you mean Sleuth Nathan?”

Well, I do not really consider myself a sleuth. In fact, I don’t usually win when I am playing Clue.


My wife Donna usually beats me and sometimes my children win, but I am digressing, so where was I? Oh yes. Proximity.

According to the official story and the photographs which include brass casings by the broken window, we have been led to believe that Stephen Paddock acted alone and shot from the window.


However, we do not have video evidence of muzzle flash from the broken window. And because we don’t have muzzle flash from the window, I wondered if the casings were planted by the window. I also wondered if the actual shots came from another part of the room.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I suspect that they did.


I suspect that the real bullets came from the location of the two sofas that are pressed together.

“What do you mean Nathan?”

Take a look at the photo below, and make note of the blue hose that is laying next to the sofas.


If the shooter fashioned this hose to help with ventilation, why does the hose not reach the window? Take a look again folks. The hose only reaches to the sofas. If it was meant to help the shooter breathe fresh air from the adjoining room, why is the end of the hose located at the sofas?


This tells us something very important. It tells us that the shooter possibly stood by the sofas with the hose in his mouth when he fired the weapon.

And if this is true, this supports my theory that Paddock or the shooter did not fire from the window.

They Shot from the Sofas?

Ladies and gentlemen, I submit to you that the shooter shot from the area of the sofas.

Why? First of all, professional snipers never shoot from an open window. Snipers are trained to always shoot from deep inside a room, lest their location is discovered.


This is professional sniper policy-101.


Make note of their fire from deep inside the room.


Some of them also utilize draperies and netting, to hide the muzzle flash.

Why the Sofas?

The other reason that I theorize that the shooter utilized the sofas was to have a stable gun mount.

“A gun mount Nathan?”

Yes. A gun mount.


I say this because of how the two sofas are pressed together, and the location of the blue hose.

This tells me that the shooter could have stood by the sofas. He placed the gun case across the two sofas and used it as a gun mount for his automatic weapon.


The location of the sofas are in perfect proximity to the broken window, the blue hose also gives evidence that this is where the shooter stood.


Therefore, I suspect that the shooter could have stood by the sofas, which are deeper inside the room, and fired through the broken window.


What About Muzzle Flash and Casings?

The automatic weapon that was used could have easily had a flash suppressor. Snipers use them all the time. Below is a gun firing without a flash suppressor.


Below is the same gun with a Flash Suppressor. What a difference it makes.

And casings?

The automatic weapon that was used could have had a brass catcher attached to it.


Brass catchers are accessories that are placed on an automatic weapon to catch the spent brass.


The US military has used these for years.


Is this theory sound?

Am I absolutely certain that it automatic machine was used? It is a theory folks. But based on what I presented, it makes more sense than the official story.

So what kind of automatic machine gun could it have been? I wondered about this. Fortunately, we have video evidence from the shooting. If we were to take the audio of the gunfire, and run it through a sound editor, we can determine the frequency of fire. We can also compare the gunfire to existing automatic weapons.

I did this. I also looked on YouTube to see if someone else did it. It looks like someone did. So I want to share their findings in the video below.

Warning – the taxi driver in the video says the “sh-t” word.


Based on the video above, the bullet signature seems to match a belt fed M240 automatic weapon. What is a M240 Machine Gun? Well it can’t be purchased at Walmart. It is an automatic weapon that is made for the US Military.


It comes is several variants and derivatives made by other companies.


Ladies and gentlemen, the M240 machine gun is a military weapon. If my theory is correct, and an automatic weapon like this one was used, this leads us to more questions. It could have been carried in a pelican case or something similar.


This is why I proposed that the case could have been placed over the two sofas and used as a gun mount.

1. Who shot it?
2. Was it a civilian?
3. Was the person a friend of Stephen Paddock?
4. Was the shooter a lone Wolf rogue agent?
5. Where they a mercenary?
6. Special ops?

You see folks? The plot thickens and I do not have the answers to the questions above.

Nevertheless, while I don’t know who the mystery shooter was, I do not believe that Stephen Paddock acted alone. In my opinion, I think that Paddock might have been blindsided by the real shooter. If this is the case, then Paddock did not know that he was going to be the patsy.


The official story of the Vegas shooting is fraught with inconsistencies. And I think it was a much bigger operation than what the general public has been told.

So who carried it out? And why did they do this?

I have my suspicions and theories. I also believe that there is a much larger picture with an nefarious End Game.

Part of the end game is gun control, and possibly an attempt to ban semi automatic weapons. As I wrote at the beginning of this article, another school shooting just took place in Florida. Seventeen people are dead, and the alleged weapon was an AR15. The liberal media is already pushing for gun control. So this is happening in real time.

But aside from gun control, I believe that the shooting represents and even bigger picture. The shooting contains Free Masonic Esoteric symbolism. As I stated in previous installments, the symbolism can be found in several things including; the venue, the location, the hotel, the surrounding landscape, and the parties involved. And I will be talking about that in the final installment.

In closing, I want to admonish everyone who is reading this to maintain their vigilance. This especially applies to Christians. Because my friends the days are going to get darker, and it is up to God’s people to be wise, and vigilant. Why? Because more attacks are coming. The forming of the New World Order requires sacrificial bloodshed. It requires a body count. It requires body bags, and grieving people.

I pray that it is no one who is reading this has to experience this firsthand. Please share this with your friends and family.

In His service,

Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry