EMERGENCY prayer request – Nathan Leal broke his back!!


EMERGENCY prayer request – Nathan broke his back!!
He was cleaning our chimney and fell off the roof on November 1st.

He hit a patch of ice and gravity took over. We were not expecting ice because we had a warm October. Anyway, he started sliding down did a flip and landed flat on his back on our deck. He laid their for 45 minutes while we prayed and tried to figure out how to move him. We placed him on a flat lawn chair and put him and the lawn chair inside our mini-van. It was like a gurney. We drove to the hospital in Newport Washington and the ER staff were waiting, as I had called ahead.

They did a full body Cat Scan and an x-ray to his left wrist. The wrist is broken in three places.


And he has a broken and compacted  L-1 Vertebrae. Essentially his back is broken. They sent us home at 4:30 am yesterday, he will have a more permanent cast put on his wrist in a week. They need the swelling to go down.

Nathan tells me the pain is intense.


In the image above, Nathan was in so much pain right here, his whole body was sweating and shaking violently. I leaned in and held him and prayed for his pain to ease.

So please pray for GOD to have mercy and help with the pain.

If you feel led, any gift to help us through this time would be greatly appreciated. We do not have Obama care so this is a huge setback for us and we really need the help from all of our Watchman’s Cry family.

Nathan was almost finished with a new program and he really wants to get it out. He will be working on it from his sick bed in a few days.


In HIS service,

Donna A. Leal