The Vegas Massacre – Woe Unto America – Evil has arrived.


The Vegas Massacre - Woe Unto America – Evil has arrived.

Over 50 dead so far in the Vegas massacre. Over 200 people shot. What sort of person does this? What sort of person fires a machine gun into a helpless crowd? I will tell you. It is the work of underworld evil. It is the work of devils. It is the work of rotted souls; of seared ones infected by the cockatrice. It is spiritual wickedness in real time.

To those who wonder why? It is because evil has been released into the USA. America has turned a corner and her future harvest will be tears that are plentiful.

Brethren of the faith, I report this to you with heartache. America’s lamentation began as a shadow. A whisper. It was birthed while empty voices promised you that greatness was coming. It was birthed in the midst of lies, and sadly tears are going to follow.

I am sad folks.

I am sad because many in the church will not hearken to the warning message. Instead, they have raised a token image and plastered MAGA over it. But let every man, and every devil be a liar, and let God’s Word be true. Because God’s Word is true, and His Word reveals that we are in the end times. It also proclaims that in the end times, great evil would be unleashed.

This is the true message – MAGA has not arrived. Nor has American greatness. Instead, Babylon is rising with a capstone that blinds, and a blade that is going to shed much blood.

The testimony of this watchman was published long ago. It stated that God’s people must be vigilant because liars and false prophets deceived the church into believing that America’s best days are ahead. The massacre in Vegas proves that those claims are lies. Evil has been released over America and tragedy is now following.

Ladies and gentlemen, America’s best days are not ahead. Instead, judgment is here. It is the four fold judgment. And one of the judgments is the release of evil. Evil my friends! It is the beast judgment. And it will be ruthless.

It will not care if a child gets straight A’s. It will not care if a person served in the military. It will not care if its victim stands for the pledge, or the national anthem. It will not care how one voted. It will only care about one thing… shedding blood! Lamentations is here and is going to spread throughout the land.

This is the beginning folks. Big changes are coming. Oppression is coming. But sadly, many Americans are sealing their fate. What goes around will come around and God will not be mocked. It is a spiritual law. As the judgment transpires, the severity of its impact will be based on the past mercy of its participants.

Mercy versus Judgment

Over the past several days, I witnessed America’s lack of mercy on Puerto Rico. And worse, much of the frozen apathy has come from Christians on Facebook. Many of them have published horrible words that can only come from a cold heart. They have accused Puerto Rico’s hurricane victims of crying too loud while in their pain.

I read the words, “Puerto Ricans are lazy.” The words were uttered against victims who are thirsty, destitute, and dying.

As I read them, I was greatly saddened for America. Because the level of mercy that America showed to the helpless will be the same mercy that is shown to her. And thus, America has sealed her fate.

Folks, the reckoning is arriving. It will not be stopped. It is in motion. Evil has breached America’s gates and it will not have mercy.

Are my words too negative? Do they defy the padded lies that are misleading God’s people?

On the contrary, these are words of truth. America’s best days are not ahead. They are behind us. They are gone. And now, America’s future contains a whirlwind and a tempest.

…And it is our job to prepare for it.
…It is our charge to repent.
…It is our assignment to cover our families with prayer.
…It is our duty to discover Psalms 91.
…It is time folks!

MAGA is a lie. The morgue in Las Vegas proves it. Evil has made an entrance. And its trickle will soon become a stampede.

Woe onto America. The October surprise is here. Great evil arrived October 2, 2017. The massacre in Vegas will likely result in huge changes. Prepare to see a new chapter in America.

My friends, darkness and sorrow is here. I want to offer condolences for all of the families and friends of the victims of today’s Vegas massacre. Please pray for them. And pray for yourself while you are at it. How many victims of the massacre were ready to meet the Lord? How many of them were procrastinating with repentance? How many of them were aware that last night was going to be their last night on earth? Most likely, not many.

The adder always strikes fast. This arriving judgment will carry the strike of the serpent. And God is going to allow it. It is the beast judgment my friends. The beast is evil. And its rise will laugh at MAGA’s vanity.

The Bible does not tell us that in the end America would be great. But it does tell us that Babylon will think she is great while she is possessed by devils. Hells arrival has commenced and it is our job is to find God’s protection.

Please do not ignore this plea. Get covered my friends. Our Lord is waiting.
It is time to rent our hearts.

In His Service,
Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry