Election 2016 – Propaganda, Lies & Media Deception


A Watchman’s Cry Investigative Report

Election 2016 – Propaganda, Lies & Media Deception

By Nathan Leal

Operation deception is happening before our eyes, and unfortunately, a lot of good-hearted Americans are falling for it.

My friends, I don’t like it. So in this report, I’m going to expose it.

Before I begin, I want to be clear that this disclosure is not for everyone. Who is it for?

– If you are awake, and value the truth, please read on…

– If you do not like being deceived, please read on…

– If you believe the Bible and the Ten Commandments, please read on…


– If you don’t mind being swindled, you can stop reading now.

– If you don’t mind when Christians are made to look stupid, stop reading now.

– If you don’t mind when good-hearted Americans are taken-advantage-of, stop reading now.

Are you still with me?

Good. And I hope that what I’m about to share will be digested with integrity. I also hope that this information will help you to become more vigilant and discerning. Because right now, a lot of readers in the alternative truth movement are being swindled, deceived, and steered into believing lies.

How’s that for an introduction?

Sorry but I don’t know any other way to put it.

Why? Because it is frustrating to see deception in action. It’s happening before our eyes. Truth is being to the ground.

This is no small matter. Think about it folks… a deceptive lie influenced a crowd 2000 years ago, and convinced most of them to shout, “Crucify Him.”

The Ninth Commandment

God gave us the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20. The ninth commandment forbids telling lies.

“Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”
Exodus 20:16

To bear, “false witness” means to lie about someone. The commandments forbids us to originate a lie, or spread a lie secondhand. The Hebrew word for “neighbor” in the verse above means “person” or “another.”

By the way, for those looking for a loophole and wonder if the ninth commandment only applies to friendly neighbors, nope. Sorry. It is also forbidden to lie about our enemies;

“Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness.” Exodus 23:1

Translation -lying is forbidden…PERIOD!

And spreading lies or false reports is also wrong.

God’s People Are Spreading Lies

If you’re a Christian, the passages above should establish the issue. It is non-negotiable and forsaking the statue is not okay.

Again, to be clear, we should ABSTAIN from telling falsehoods and lies. Also, we should not partake in the practice of spreading lies.

Unfortunately, this is taking place in the present election.

And worse…some people have been spreading falsehoods unknowingly. This includes well meaning people.

And get this, some of you may have taken part in what I’m about to reveal.

For the record – if you have taken part in these things, let this serve as an example of how easy it is to be deceived.

Also, let it be known that I’m exposing this because God forbids it, and Christians need to be more responsible. This applies to all of us.

Hear Ye – Hear Ye

Over the weekend, I was perusing a few news sites and saw a story that was going viral. By now, hundreds of thousands have read it. The report stated:

BREAKING: Tens of thousands of fraudulent Clinton votes found in Ohio warehouse

Have you seen it? The report alleges that an electrician in Ohio was checking the wiring in a warehouse when he stumbled across several black ballot boxes that were filled with thousands of Franklin County votes for Hillary Clinton. Read article.

The report included a photograph of the “electrician” with the ballot boxes that he “supposedly” found. See image below…


Over the past few days, this story has been forwarded all over the world by Trump supporters, Christians, red-blooded Americans, patriots, and others who were offended and angered about this travesty. By now, the story has probably been seen by millions. However, the story has a slight issue.

It is fake!

Yep, that’s right.

The story is as fake as Hillary’s good health report, and the counterfeit writer used a doctored photograph that was stolen from a legitimate article. (By the way, their Photoshop efforts were amateur and poor, at best.)

This event never happened. An electrician did not find a bunch of ballot boxes in Ohio.

The stolen photograph was taken from the British newspaper report from 2015. The real photo is below:


Sheldon, Birmingham, UK. Election ballot boxes being delivered to Sheldon Community Centre

Do you see it? The doctored image was mirrored from the original picture above. The fraudulent writer from Christian Times Newspaper flipped the image to try to prevent Internet sleuths from finding its origin. The original story from Great Britain is found here:

What in the World?

Do you find yourself saying those words?

The website that put out this fake report is: Christian Times Newspaper and it was not an accident. The writers of that website are frauds and they know it.

Another Fake Story

Their website is full of fake stories, here is another one that went viral.

BREAKING: Black Trump supporter shot and killed by Chicago protesters

A portion of the report…

Christian Times Newspaper has learned that an African-American supporter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has died after allegedly sustaining gunshot wounds in the aftermath of Friday night’s chaos in Chicago….

The story was posted on March 12, 2016 and reported that a black Trump supporter was shot during Trump protests in Chicago.


The image above is supposedly the black Trump supporter and Chicago resident who was shot by protesters. The report also used an image of police sweeping the neighborhood. See below.

“The following picture allegedly was taken as police walked the crime scene north of the UIC Pavillion, where the Trump rally was held.”trump-supporter-dead

Guess what? This event also never happened. A black Trump supporter was not shot, and the image above was not from the episode as they claimed. The image above was stolen from the Chicago Tribune from a story that the Tribune published in the year 2015. The original story was titled – South Menard Avenue Shooting.

The original image from the Tribune is below:


Image above from original report – Police investigate the scene where a 34-year-old man was found shot to death in an alley in the 5200 block of South Menard Avenue on the Southwest Side around 4:53 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 22, 2015 in Chicago. (E. Jason Wambsgans//Chicago Tribune/TNS)…click for link.

As you can see, the frauds at Christian Times Newspaper, removed the color from the original, flipped the original image and mirrored it so that it could not be found online.

They also used Photoshop to remove the word “POLICE” from the bulletproof vests in the photo above. See the close-up below…

Original image


The doctored image below has been mirrored and turned black and white. The word “POLICE” has also been removed.


It is shoddy work and makes a mockery of true journalism. Their doctored photo shows the police cars with the words “Chicago Police” displayed backwards. And the driver side flood light on the passenger side of the police car…REALLY??

Take another look…


This is messed up!

By the way, the photo of the supposed black man who didn’t die was not a real photo of a Chicago resident who was killed.


In truth, the photo was taken in New York City on June 2015, when Trump announced that he was running for President. And get this, the black man in the photo is an actor who was paid by Trump to populate that rally.


Yep, that’s right ladies and gentlemen. The guy is a paid actor.

Story – Trump Used paid actors at campaign announcement rally.

Check out the image of the guy below who was paid to hold a sign at Trump’s coming out rally. He’s a hired actor.

(Note – No one said actors needed to be smart, considering the zeal that he is using to hold the Trump sign.)


And then look at the image below that Christian Times Newspaper used in the fake story of the dead black Trump supporter…


My friend, does this info perhaps cause you to…

…do the high pitched falsetto – “WHAT” – Yet?

It happened to me when I discovered all of this info during my research..

Some of the others actors that Trump hired to populate his coming out Rally come from the agency,  New York based Extra Mile Casting.

Below is an image of two other actors that were also hired to witness the Trump announcement…


The Girl’s name is Courtney Kloz.
The guys�name is Domenico Del Giacco.�They are both actors.

Domenico Del Giacco’s – IMDB Page


So�what does this all mean?

Do you really want to know my friend, and could you handle it if I told you?

More Questions

But getting back to the fake story. The evidence is sound.

Christian Times Newspaper is blatantly putting out fake new stories, and they are using the Christian cloak to do it. When you look at their “religion” category, it only contains three generic stories about: Jimmy Carter, the Pope, and the Queen. These are hardly Christian topics.

But this discovery leads me to more questions – Who? Why?

1. Who owns the website?

2. Who is behind it?

3. Who is funding it?

4. Why are they doing this?

Do these questions disturb you, ladies and gentlemen? They should. Because this thing is taking place right under our nose, and hundreds of thousands of people are falling for it. And get this, every person who forwarded this story was involved in forwarding deception.

Am I the only one who finds this embarrassing?

I know that some would say that there was no way one could have known. And maybe that’s true, I know that not everyone is familiar with Photoshop and graphic design. But the results are still the same, Christians are being deceived and bamboozled by fake stories like this one.

So who’s behind it?

When I ran a domain search for christiantimesnewspaper.com on WHOis.net…the results came back that the website began on December 14, 2015, but it was registered under the GoDaddy proxy which makes it difficult to know the owner.

A Clue

My detective work sought to find out about the Christian Times Newspaper  website. A clue surfaced when I clicked one of the links. You can also do this yourself. No matter where one clicks on the page, a pop up appears. It is about Hillary Clinton stealing the election. And it asks people to join their efforts to Stop the Steal. See the image below…


This is a clue – because Stop the Steal is a non profit 527 political organization that is owned by Roger Stone.


Who’s He?

Roger Stone is a political operative for hire. He has called himself the prince of darkness, and is a proponent for homosexual advocacy.


He takes pride in deception, political manipulation. He is also a self-described provocateur who is an expert at using new stories and social media as a weapon to influence and steer political campaigns. Roger Stone is gifted in deception, He is a master at creating fake new stories and press releases about things that never happened.

Does Roger Stone run the Christian Times Newspaper website? At this point, I do not know. But whoever they are, they are liars who are PURPOSELY deceiving a lot of people.

Does this bother you?

This fake website is using the Christian moniker to deceive Christians. And Christians have willingly done their bidding. Does it bother you that Christians have been deceived into forwarding these fake stories in emails, in Facebook, twitter, social media and other methods?

It bothers me. Because it makes us look silly and foolish. And it reveals that some of the brethren are not using discernment.

“Nathan it was an accident. How could I have known?”

How could a person have known? Before I answer that, I must shine a light on the cause.

The reason that it is able to happen is because politics has a way of blinding people.

Political zeal is very powerful, and is able to turn a room of dignified folks…

…into a screaming mob overflowing with passion. I know that passion can be good. But sometimes passion can be blinding.

Are you mad at me for saying this folks?

If so, perhaps you’re mad at the wrong person. I am not the one that’s lying to you. I’m exposing the lie. And I’m telling you the truth.

Right now, the Internet is saturated with propaganda that has been created to steer your opinion…

…either toward Hillary,

…or toward Trump

The Liberal Media – Biased and Unbalanced

Remember when Rush Limbaugh got famous in the 1990s? His primary staple featured his effort to expose the liberal media. And back then, a lot of conservatives became aware of the propaganda machine of the Left.

But now we are in an election. And a strange creature has risen on the World Wide Web. It is a propaganda beast – and it is vomiting deception.

There are Others

I started digging folks. And guess what?

There are others. Christian Times Newspaper is not the only one doing this.There are more of them. And they are pumping out fake stories 24 hours a day. And evangelical Christians are reading the stories and then placing them on Facebook because they believe that they are true.

The stories are varied. But they seem like they are designed to upset the apple cart of society and the voting public. Their themes are:

Racial tension,

White versus Black,

Hillary is good, bad, the devil, and murderer, a thief, a cheater,

Trump is good, bad, the devil, and murderer, a thief, a cheater,

Ladies and gentlemen, the propaganda machine is alive and in motion. As Christians, we must be vigilant and not allow ourselves to be deceived by these things. This means that when we see a news report, a disciplined approach must be applied which includes asking the question – is this true?

Because what if it’s not true? But it is shared? As Christians, is this okay? I don’t think so.

The Bible tells us that because the people had no love for the truth, God would send a strong delusion, so that they will believe a lie.

This is no small matter. God hates an unjust scale. God is not a liar.

Knowing “What Time it is” includes being wise to the deceptive schemes that are out there.

WARNING – I’m about to say something, Some of you will not receive it, but it is still true. It is about exposing deception.

I’m just the messenger folks.

IN this election cycle, it is not just Hillary that is throwing out deception.

There is a MASSIVE underground campaign that is using websites and social media to sway the vote. And some of the fake sites favor Trump.

Is Trump behind it? I don’t know. Without proof, I cannot say. I hope not. And some of the sites may be the creation of opportunists who are trying to capitalize on the election by click-baiting for ad revenue.

Here are a few:

Outright fakery – Christian Times Newspaper

Outright fakery – baltimoregazette.com

Outright fakery – unitedmediapublishing.com

Questionable – prntly.com


Aside from these, there are a few other fake websites that originate from Macedonia.


That’s Right. Several of the fake websites are from Macedonia.

And for those of who may not know, Macedonia is located right above Greece.


Why Macedonia? Why would people over there go through all of the trouble to produce fake websites with stories?

Again, I do not have all of the answers. But I know that it is happening.

Below are some of them. Note – The Examiner newspaper discovered some of this information before they went bankrupt.


365usanews.com – owner – Marijancho Markov
Country Origin – Veles, Macedonia

Country Origin – Veles Macedonia

worldpoliticus.com – Nikola Karev
Country Origin – Veles Macedonia

Usanewsflash.com – Miron Brezev
Country Origin – Veles Macedonia

usadailypolitics.com – Teador Indov
Country Origin – Veles Macedonia


So that is a list of some of them. What is the lesson in all of this? Deception is out there. And we must navigate with better vigilance.

Do you care my friend?

Does the thought of well meaning Americans getting caught up in lies bother you? Then become vigilant. Be more careful. Ask more questions when you see a report. Examine it thoroughly before you send it out.

If you are a Christian, these things need to matter. Because this thing is only going to get worse.

In His service,

Nathan Leal