The Great Surrender is Coming – It is Time to Seek the Lord


A Cry from the Wall

The Great Surrender is Coming …It is Time to Seek the Lord

By Nathan Leal

Night time is coming, my friends, and with it, The Great Surrender, which will be the outcome of The Clash of Surrenders. (I will be talking about this in the days ahead.)

The banner of Hinterland USA that once waved tall is now sighing with agitation, because the storm of storms is approaching.

…And the Great Surrender is in its wake.


It will darken the day, and astonish the proud.

It will batter men’s hearts, and capture their souls.

It will silence their songs, and set their cities ablaze.


It will be a night that opens the hidden gate, and releases the Destroyer.


…the destroyer, my friends!

He will bring ravenous affliction from the Land of Ra, because he is the Escort of death and was summoned by the blind ones.

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… the gates have been opened.

And though the hearts of men celebrate their pride,


and boast in mockery…


Their songs will be remembered. And the cost will be levied.

Be warned ladies and gentlemen,

Be warned people far and wide…

 …night time is coming.

It will turn the whispers of denial into howls of regret.


It will be a night where some discover the faith they sought,
…and others lose the faith that they never had.

It will quicken some to cry out to heaven,

…and make pillars out of those who refused to hear.


It will be the night that the voice of God warned us about, and the season, that so many denied was coming.


It is arriving my friends. It is upon us. For those who are ready, it will pass over, as a cloud.


But for those who delayed His shelter,

…it has a mandate to capsize and trample.

Ladies and gentlemen, this warning is not new. Because for years, I’ve been pleading with America that the four-fold judgment was coming.


We’ve talked about it. We have examined it. We have studied it. I have shared that it will arrive in four reckonings;

…Four seasons.

…Four parcels.

…Four segments.

And each of these seasons would bring their determined agonies, because America is ripe, and has been ripe for judgment. God’s compassion brought restraint and offered a divine delay. But the delay is expiring. And another season is approaching, and will soon arrive.

It is coming folks.

It will be a season that brings the next portion; the next woe, the next sorrow. It will be another determination that will carve the land from coast-to-coast, and bring a visitation from city to city.


So today, ladies and gentlemen. Prepare yourselves for the next phase of the judgment.

For those that are unaware, the biblical judgment of God must be understood. When it visits a land, it plays out as a season of great mourning, lamentation and woe.

During this time, the people of the land are humbled and experience a spiritual purging;

…The population is purged.
…The excess of men’s heart is purged.
…And the sins of the land are purged.

This divine season is approaching America.


Those who are wise will strengthen their relationship with God. Please do not wait.

Those who are away from God, should seek to return to their first love. This is the heart cry of our Lord Jesus. He wants the backslider to return.


He wants the one who has strayed to find direction.

…for He is not willing that any should perish. And during judgment He reaches out to those who call out to Him.

In Hosea 5:15, God Speaks about those He judged….

“I will return again to My place
Till they acknowledge their offense.
Then they will seek My face;
In their affliction they will earnestly seek Me.”

Then the people in judgment awaken, Hosea 6:1…

“Come, and let us return to the Lord;
For He has torn, but He will heal us;
He has stricken, but He will bind us up.”

During judgment there is mercy to be found. It is to refine men’s hearts and break the shackles of the ways of Babylon.

Judgment is God’s effort to return a nation of backsliders to Him.

“…for when Thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness. ” Isaiah 26:9a

The judgment has been taking place over America over the past seven years. Some may say that it has been taking place longer, but the commencement of the four-fold judgment began in September 2008.


It began with the economic crash which instituted the category of the famine judgment. The judgment of evil erupted in the year 2012.


The sword judgment is next and those days are drawing ever closer.


This needs to be clear to everyone. The sword judgment is coming because America’s cup of iniquity is full.

What is this?

The cup of iniquity is a chalice that every kingdom on earth possesses. This vessel is located in a heavenly chamber in the kingdom of God.


From Jeremiah 25: 15,16, 27, 28

15 For thus says the Lord God of Israel to me: “Take this wine cup of fury from My hand, and cause all the nations, to whom I send you, to drink it.

16 And they will drink and stagger and go mad because of the sword that I will send among them.”

27 “Therefore you shall say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel: “Drink, be drunk, and vomit! Fall and rise no more, because of the sword which I will send among you.”’

28 And it shall be, if they refuse to take the cup from your hand to drink, then you shall say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord of hosts: “You shall certainly drink!

…And for the nation of America, the land scattered and peeled; soon it will be her turn, and she shall certainly drink.

…Because the Great Surrender is coming and it is time to seek the Lord.

Ladies and gentlemen, God keeps the records, and He keeps track of the works of men; both good and bad. Nothing is hidden from His site. He knows the secrets. And He sees the trail that follows all of us.

The hurts that were caused…


…the words that were spoken…


…the deeds that would rather be forgotten.


But they do not just go away.
…especially the abominable…


…the indiscretions…


…the deeds done in the night.


When a person commits a sin, but tries to call it good, they leave a wake of pain, betrayal, and heartache behind them. These acts are recorded in the Chronicles of God. When these sinful acts of men are combined as a nation, the cup of iniquity for that nation becomes full.

And unfortunately, America’s cup is boiling over. The nation of America has a trail of blood behind her, because from within her borders can be heard the whimper of the little ones, whose blood cries out from the ground.


And now here we are – on the eve of destruction.

Surprisingly, in spite of the nation’s indictment, there are voices of the American church claiming that rescue is coming. They have fashioned a message that a human will stave the fall, and bring reprieve.

In truth, nation USA is going to inherit the whirlwind, because she traded His truth for a counterfeit, and mortgaged her soul to a strange god with the debt of lust, greed, apathy, and pride.

Sadly, the debts of America will be settled by a divine visitation that wields a sharp sword; with a blade that will chastise with justice.

Brethren of the faith, the sword judgment is coming. And with it, the destroyer, with his captains who are perched along the brim, awaiting their call to pounce.


“The lion is come up from his thicket, and the destroyer of the Gentiles is on his way; he is gone forth from his place to make thy land desolate; and thy cities shall be laid waste, without an inhabitant.” Jeremiah 4:7


They will show NO MERCY, for they laugh at mortals.

In the undertaking, they will be allowed victories that will not seem fair.

They will be allowed to rob and steal, and people will ask, “why?”

… And the destroyers will answer, “why not?”

Ladies and gentlemen! They are coming! I cannot say this enough. The sword judgment is a pointed blade. And it only has one purpose.

… A heavenly reckoning!

It is a heavenly weapon; a battle-axe, wielded to rid the land of apathy, and heal it of rebellious children.


Are these words harsh? Are the astonishing?

Here’s what’s astonishing…

…A land full of shepherds who heal the people just a little bit.
…A land full of shepherds who fashioned for themselves cisterns that cannot hold God’s water.
…A land full of shepherds, who deceive the people with promises that fall to the ground.
…And a land full of people, who place their trust in men, and forge trophies out of those who cannot save them.

The sword judgment is coming. It will trample the treasures of men, and the only thing that it will respect is the blood of Jesus and God’s covering of protection. This is found in repentance, and sheltering in the secret place of the most High.


It is found in living Psalms 91.

Find it my friends. Because after the next judgment arrives, it will be followed by oppression and tyranny. And eventually, occupation. The occupation will be by people who speak a different language, and are driven without compassion. Their motives will not be to liberate, but instead to fashion American citizens with a yoke of bondage.


Freedom will be replaced with aggressive persecution. And many will be left wondering, “what happened?”

Please make note ladies and gentlemen, the method of hope where Christians placed their trust, will determine the method of safety that they experience when the sword judgment arrives. In other words, wherever you place your trust now, will determine the outcome, “then.”

And for those who don’t get it, let me explain it in layman’s terms, those who place their trust in a man will be rewarded by the limitations of man.

…And those who place their trust in Jesus, will be hidden in the shelter of God.

Psalms 91 will only be discovered by those who know that there’s no other way besides God.

So please consider these words and also consider this admonition to get your house in order. Because the events that are coming are going to bring chaos and confusion. And it is imperative to position yourself in the correct place with God.This means, it’s time that we all make sure to get our heart’s right with Jesus. It’s time to stop playing games. For some of you, this means that it’s time to return to your first love, because your love for God has grown cold.

And its been cold for too long, my friend.

– It is time to repent of the secret things that should not be there.

– It’s time to say, “no” to the temptation that has been besetting your faith.

– It’s time to close the door on the unhealthy relationships that are destroying your soul.

– It’s time to come to the foot of the cross and give everything.


– It’s time to forsake those things that are destroying your spiritual life, hurting your marriage, or hurting your family.

– It’s time to walk away for the things that are wrong, and back to the things that are right.

– It’s time to apologize to your spouse and your children, for doing those things that cause so much pain.


– It’s time to sigh and cry over the sins that are taking place in your town, your city, and this country.

– It’s time to make sure that you have done everything you can to seek and discover God’s mercy. And my friends, this only happens one way, on our knees in the prayer closet, in the secret place.


It’s time.

It’s time for the great surrender that you’ve been putting off, because the nation is approaching a great surrender to the powers of darkness.


The enemy is at the gate. And it is imperative that by the time he walks through the threshold, you and your family have been marked by God’s mercy.

If you are a father or mother, this means that you are responsible to pray a covering over yourself and your family.


Dearly beloved, please do not gamble with your destiny.

This appeal is from my heart, and I acquired it in the throne room. Do not delay. The time to repent is now. The time to be washed by the blood of Jesus is now.


– The time to fix the wrongs is now.

– The time to look up to Heaven is now.

– The time to return to the narrow road is now.

– The time to return your heart to the Father is now.

– The time to answer His call is now.


– The time to break up the hardened heart is now.

– The time to forsake the darkness is now.

– The time to flee spiritual captivity is now.

– The time to be set free is now.

– The time to surrender to Him in a great surrender is now.


So be set free, my friend. Repent to Jesus. Mourn the things that should be mourned. And forsake the things, that belong in the past.

Heavenly father, we ask You to have mercy on us. Look into our hearts. Convict us of the sins that are in there. Soften our hearts that are hard, and let us find You. Show us what it means to repent, because we do repent. Hear our cry and forgive us. Have mercy on our families, our children, our spouses. Cover us with Your wings of protection. Show us how to discover the Secret Place. Wash us in Your blood. Teaches us your way oh Lord, that we may walk in Your truth. In Jesus name Amen.

In His Service,

Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry