The Coming Civil War – A Warning from the Wall


The Coming Civil War

A Warning from the Wall

By Nathan Leal

Brethren,  please take these matters to the Lord in prayer. Ask Him to bear witness with the contents of this warning. If He does, please prepare accordingly. Do not delay. Act now. Because the coming unrest may cause portions of the country to enter a lock down where the public is unable to leave their homes to gather food and supplies.

Ladies and gentlemen, Civil War is coming to America. The embers have already been lit. The fires have started. But we are only at the beginning stages. There is much more on its way. There are elements of evil in the United States who are stoking the fires of rage and violence, and they are not going to stop until they reach their desired goal of burning cities and martial law.

This coming calamity will begin as a race war, but it also involve a terrorist attack that will be gargantuan. which will fracture into other categories of war and violence.

When will this happen?

It will not all happen at once. But it’s going to play out in incremental stages of cultivation before reaching its apex of terrorism, war and revolution. This means the events will play out over time. But the embers have already been lit.

Whoever ends up in the Oval office, whether it is “he,” “she,” or a combination of “several,” they will be doing things that average citizens never thought was possible, including suspension of portions of the Constitution. This happens during martial law, which is the endgame of the coming events.

Again ladies and gentlemen, I do not have an exact date and I wanted this to be clear. But it appears that the groundwork for civil war and revolution is now before us.

Revolution and Civil War – Several Visions

Over the past few years, I have had several prophetic glimpses of the coming revolution and civil war. I have not published all of them. But I have talked about several of them in my audio messages. I want to use this warning to share several of these prophetic glimpses.

May 2016 – The Burning Reichstag Building

In this vision, I was in Washington, DC. It was very late at night. A large government building was engulfed in a violent fire. The structure was going to be a total loss.

As the flames danced over the building, the word – Reichstag appeared above the smoke. When the word appeared, I heard a voice from the sky say – “Reichstag.”


The dream was over – I awakened, sought God and contemplated.

What does it mean? I believe this one speaks for itself. During Hitler’s reign, history tells us that his party set fire to the German Parliament building called the Reichstag. Hitler blamed it on the opposing party and used the event as an excuse to change the structure of the German government which allowed him to obtain dictatorial powers.

This prophetic warning represents that a false flag event of epic proportions is coming to America. It will have a huge political impact. When it happens, like Hitler, the event will result in restructuring the constitutional protocol of America which will sacrifice freedoms for security.

Liberty Will Be Decapitated

Years ago in 2009, I had a prophetic glimpse about the Statue of Liberty being decapitated. In that vision I saw the Statue of Liberty’s head get chopped off.


But the sword of destruction was a giant sword from Heaven. In other words, God allowed it to happen. Why? Because America was under judgment.

This has not changed. America’s condition is even worse now, than when I had this vision. Today she is much worse.

Back then, God had me warn as many as I could that Liberty would be decapitated, because an event was coming that would result in changes to American Freedom. God also said that the attack would involve children, so the warning included an admonition to pray for the safety of your children.

Ladies and gentlemen, this warning is still valid. And that event is still coming.

Just like the Reichstag event is coming, but they will take place as several terrorists attacks! And the outcome will be Liberty decapitated.

When these events happen, most Americans are going to believe the official story of the attack. For the wise ones, it will require discernment to see through the deception. Unfortunately, most people are going to believe a fabricated lie. Those who don’t believe it will be mistreated, mocked, and persecuted.
Here’s something to also think about. If a false flag event like this occurred under Hillary, most conservatives and Christians would not believe it. But if a false flag were to occur during the administration of President Trump, most evangelicals and Christians will believe his rendition, and will also cooperate with the outcome.



Which unfortunately, will tighten the noose on freedom in America. A false flag event under Trump will get much more mileage for tyranny, than under Hillary. To all Trump supporters out there, I know that this is not what you want to hear, but we have history to look back on. After 911, the general public swallowed the official story of 911, and Bush’s poll numbers went through the roof. If Trump becomes President, the same thing will happen under him. The country will rally behind him and support his call to arms.

And they will also support his new security measures which will include an Orwellian expansion of Homeland Security…


 …and the introduction of mercenary soldiers to help out with the cleanup.



How can I be so sure? I will be talking about this in the future.


And don’t forget folks, the rescuers can take on several forms..



It is coming ladies and gentlemen. So please maintain your vigilance and discernment when you hear the official story.

Next Warning – June 2016. Inner turmoil and Revolution in the American Military

On a night in June 2016, I had three prophetic glimpses in a row. They occurred back to back, one after the other. This is very rare, but it does give significance to the validity of the warning message.
Dream one – I was standing in a field in Idaho looking toward the edge of the forest that was about a mile away. Along the edge of the forest were American tanks lined up side-by-side. They were all hiding behind a row of trees. There were about ten of them. They all began to fire into the air one after the other. Their shells went over my head and were aimed beyond me. I am not sure of the distance to their targets. It could have been a few miles away.
I looked over my head I saw that return fire from the other side of me was responding. It was coming from a line of battle tanks of unknown origin. I looked up and saw the shells pass each other in the sky. I heard the words, “the war has begun.”
The dream immediately changed into the next glimpse.
Dream two – I immediately found myself in Houston, Texas. I saw missiles fired from the ground from the western side of Houston. The missiles flew towards the eastern side of Houston where refineries are located. Several missiles landed and detonated on one of the refineries. The explosions were incredible. I did not understand why domestic missiles were attacking the refinery. I then saw a battery of missiles near the refinery shoot into the sky in the direction of the attacking missiles.
Once again I heard the words, “the war has begun.”
I found myself disturbed, because this did not make sense. It appeared that war was taking place, but the opposition forces were local. The dream changed into the next glimpse.
Dream three – I found myself in a downtown city in Texas. I am not sure which city it was. It may have been Houston, but it also could have been Austin or Dallas. I was hiding inside of a large high-rise office building. I was in the lobby of the first floor. There were many people huddled around me. The scene was chaotic. The power was out in the building. And also perhaps throughout the whole town. I was looking out the window watching a battle take place.
Several missiles that were colored red, white, and blue fired from the ground and flew into the sky towards unknown local targets. They were not going very far. I also saw enemy missiles approach from the horizon and explode several blocks away. Other buildings were getting hit. I saw one missile land in a park several blocks away and explode.
I remember saying to myself, “Wow, those missiles are getting closer. Not good”
I wondered who the enemy was. The people around me did not know. I said to them, “The war has begun.”
Suddenly, I was able to see outside the building and saw a US Army soldier carrying an RPG shoulder mounted type weapon. The infantry soldier was a black woman. She was about 28 years old. She was wearing Army fatigues and an Army cap. Her curly hair stuck out the sides of her cap and was very fluffy. She placed the launcher on her shoulder and aimed it towards the building where I was hiding. She fired it. The rocket launched and went through the exterior glass and flew across the bottom floor of the building. It flew through the lobby and exited the other side through glass windows. It continued through the air about 100 feet and reached its target, which to me was very confusing.
The target was a supply delivery consisting of several pallets of military ammunition. The ammo belonged to the Marines. When the missile reached the ammo, it landed in one piece. At first it did not explode, but then it ignited and began to illuminate with a white hot glow that was very bright and hard to look at. I heard the word, “incendiary.” As it burned, it ignited all of the ammunition that was stored on the pallets. Within seconds, it erupted into a huge explosion which burned all of the supplies.
After it burned, I walked up to the female soldier who destroyed it, and I asked her if she was glad the war had begun and was she happy to be using her military toys. She smiled and said, “We are excited because we get to try out new things that we have not had a chance to use.”
I then asked her, “So who is the enemy in this war?”
She answered me, but unfortunately while she was talking, a helicopter flew over us which drowned out her voice. I did not get to hear her answer. …………. The dream was over.
What do they mean?
All three of these dreams were connected. They occurred in a sequence.
Dream one comment
In the first dream, I saw Abrams tanks from the US military firing toward other tanks. I was not able to see the affiliation of the other tanks. But there are several possibilities.
1. Invading tanks from another country like China or Russia – I do believe that at some point in America’s future, invasion will occur from both China and Russia. But I am not sure that the other tanks were foreign.
2. Rogue elements or terrorists within the country – this would occur if rogue agents or other terrorist groups like ISIS are able to obtain U.S.A. military equipment and use the weapons to attack us domestically. Is this possible? Could a team of terrorists commandeer tanks and other weapons stateside and use them to terrorize?
I believe that it is possible. Because the sword judgment is coming and when it happens, God often allows invasion to occur. If such an event or to play out, I pray that God would have mercy on his people. But I am still not sure if this was the enemy in my dream.
3. Outright civil war where the US military is fighting with itself – God forbid ladies and gentlemen! But if certain areas of the country found themselves unhappy with the policies of Washington, DC, we could see a time in the future where secession is visited or attempted by portions of the country.
The state of Texas has a grassroots movement that is considering this very thing. The TEXIT movement started small. But lately, it is been getting traction. Especially since the success of the BREXIT referendum. I will talk about this in a future installment.
Nevertheless, at some point in the future, inner turmoil and conflict is going to take place. And it is not going to be pretty when it does.
4. UN peacekeepers/ invaders – Could America ever see a time where UN troops are invited stateside to squelch, rescue, or intervene in a domestic dispute that is taking place in the USA? If this were to happen, that would mean that portions of the United States are not in agreement with general policies of Washington, DC. The reasons could be many and varied, but when Serbia and Bosnia erupted into Civil War in the 1990’s, UN peacekeepers went there and intervened, and they did not always side with the locals.
What sort of domestic eruption would cause peacekeepers to come here? And what would be their purpose? Would it be to support martial law? Could UN peacekeepers be called to help to squelch a racial war in America? And then once they were invited, would their role change into something Orwellian, like a gun grab?
If this were ever to occur, I could see portions of the US military brass refusing to cooperate. Which would erupt into regional skirmishes. I could also see local citizens forming pockets of resistance which would also engage UN peacekeepers.
5. Racial War – The meaning is symbolic. I will comment on this possibility below.
I am still seeking God about this, but any of the possibilities that I have mentioned above would forever change this nation and bring much heartache, pain, and woe.
Dream two comment
I found myself in Houston, Texas. I saw missiles hitting refineries.
The attacking missiles appeared to be from a domestic source. And like the first dream, I do not understand why US missiles would attack domestic targets. The same reasons could be from what I shared above; the missiles were from foreign invaders, rogue elements, terrorists, peacekeepers, or God forbid… The actual US military!
Any one of these scenarios would be a disaster, especially if a refinery in Texas were destroyed. The Gulf Coast has the highest concentration of refineries in the northern hemisphere. A strike to the infrastructure in that region would be a death blow to the economy. It would also result in all-out war… whoever the attackers were…
..which is what I heard, “the war has begun.”

One thing to make note of is the location of this dream. It happened in Houston Texas. Refineries were involved. Is this symbolic for the oil markets? Are they going to burn?

I believe that Texas is going to play a VERY pivotal role in the days ahead in the coming revolution.

Remember this folks. Texas will be involved!

Dream three comment
In the third dream, I was hiding in the first floor of a high-rise building in a large Texas city. The power was out; and an exchange of missiles was taking place.

Once again it was Texas. A city in Texas was involved in warfare. Missiles were flying and exploding buildings and infrastructure. WHY???

Another oddity about this dream was the final thing that occurred. A US soldier fired upon the property of the US military.
To understand why, I must dissect it. – She was a black soldier in the Army.
Which raises another possibility in these dreams – are they symbolic of a coming race war.


Is it possible that these dreams were symbolic of the coming race war? And not literal? I think that it is possible.
Looking at the players of the New World Order elite, we can observe that they have many psychological weapons of manipulation at their disposal. And they are eager to use them against the general population to implement their chaotic race war.
George Soros wants to see America destroyed. And we already know that he is a master at using ethnic violence as a catalyst for civil war. This is presently going on in Ukraine. But Soros is not the only one, this is what the elite want. Not only as a goal, but also as the means to an end. Because through chaos they will get their New Order.

But first they need bloodshed. And racial violence can be very contagious.

So back to my vision. I have to wonder if the female black soldier represented a militant racial group.

At this point, I don’t know. But I do know this. It is coming.

The Coming Revolution
My friends, I must warn that at this point in time, and barring a miracle from God, a revolution is coming, and a racial war is coming. This means that unfortunately, in the future, Americans will be fighting each other;


…Brother against brother.
…Race against race.
…Citizens of the red, white, and blue killing one another and destroying the infrastructure of one another, burning down houses and real estate of one another with weapons and methods that are horrible.

I wish it wasn’t so, but the nation of America is ripe for a civil war. It is been developing over the past few years, and it is being stoked by radical extremist groups and liberal interests who desire to see America in chaos. Including Obama!


It would take several hours to dissect the motives and the different groups that make up the agenda to bring revolution and civil war to America, and I will be talking about that in another installment, but for now, I need to stress that there are entities, groups, gangsters and special interests who want to get this thing going. They want the revolution to start now.


There are radical elements in groups like the Black Panthers and also Black Lives Matter Movement who want to see America in flames.
They have received funding from several progressive foundations, NGOs and George Soros affiliated sources and foundations whose sole purpose is to destroy America and douse her with the flames of chaos.

When we look at the recent shooting massacres of Dallas, Orlando and other places, there is a common theme of the crazed maniacal shooter, the crazy sniper, the affiliation with radical Muslims and ISIS… And a dead assailant, because dead men tell no lies.,

…In all these attacks, we see a common pattern.

When we look at history, we also find that revolution requires terrorism and chaos. And usually, it also requires a skilled sniper. Snipers have been involved in the toppling of nations for decades; Romania, Russia, Venezuela, Thailand, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Ukraine…
In past history, the snipers do not stop with one shooting, and if this is any indicator, this means that we can expect more sniper massacres in America.
– Enter Dallas, Texas, where they opened the book on how the the dark order instigates a coup and a revolution. The sniper subplot has commenced, and sadly, I expect more to occur. In order to bring revolution, the minions of darkness, are going to use all of the methods at their disposal. Therefore, I expect to see terrorism increase in America as well as throughout the world. As I write this, it was just yesterday that I watched the report of the recent horror in Nice, France.
The satanic massacres are going to increase, until “they” reach their stated goal of outright chaos and terror.
Who is,” they?”
“They” are the ones who walk among us. Some of them are even public figures. And amazingly, some of them are even held in high esteem by others who cannot see their lies. “They” are out there, and “they” are working feverishly to get this thing going.
At the same time, I am trying to warn people that it’s coming. So please take this warning to heart and pray about it.
If God bears witness, I want to encourage you, and even admonish you to try to prepare your household for the possibility of sheltering in place. If it was suddenly required, are you ready for it? If you could not go to the store to get food, how long would you survive? Do you have enough bottled water? What about staple items? Bread, flour, and essentials? I don’t want to sidetrack this warning and turn it into an installment about prepping. We could do that some other time. But for now I want this warning to be noted and I ask you to pray about it, and seek God for guidance.
This is going to take several installments, so I have a lot more coming. But before I leave I want to conclude with the following.
A Warning from Naval Brass

I have many reasons for my present concerns. But recently, I was contacted by a friend who is a female, who reported that they came across vital information that was unexpected and also disturbing.

This person was at a family gathering and was speaking to her brother in law. After introductory pleasantries, they asked one other how the other one was doing. And the brother-in-law, who is an officer in the Navy, with 30 plus years of service, reported to her that he is preparing to bug out. This statement was odd because he was not asked about it. The conversation was benign when he volunteered it.

When asked by his sister-in-law, “what do you mean,” he stated that he had been told by the upper brass in the Navy to prepare for a coming revolution in America.

He was told that the US government KNOWS that it is coming and is expecting an outright revolution to come very soon.

And because of this information, he was very concerned for his family, and was planning to prepare to bug out if necessary.

His sister-in-law asked him if he knew when this was going to take place.

He stated that he was not given an exact time frame, but he suspects that it will be toward the end of the summer and possibly around the time of the election.

So because of that he was very concerned, and was not sure if he would report for duty when it happens, or leave the Navy to be with his family.

This meant he was wrestling with not being at his post for duty. That is how bad he is expecting the revolution to be. On paper, not showing up for duty is considered AWOL. So this shows how serious the threat is to this naval officer.

Again, my friend reported that his demeanor was one of anxiety and showed that he might have known even more information than his clearance allowed him to share. At minimum, it was something that needed to be noted.

What Do We Do?
So what do we do folks? I am still trying to filter through all of this information. I find that the Navy warning above gives a tangible tone to the legitimacy of this warning. Now to be clear, I do not believe that crying wolf is a healthy practice. It is not good for God’s people. And it creates unmerited fear.
This warning is not attempted to do that. With that said, I also need to do my job, and share with you what God has shown me. And my friends, I do believe that there are evil powers at play who have an evil intention to destroy America and bring chaos.
At the same time, I also know what time it is. We are under judgment here in America. Therefore, according to the biblical model, when a nation gets judged, everyone goes through it; the righteous and the unrighteous, the just and the unjust, the small and great, rich and poor. The only difference in the participants is the outcome.
…Some make it, and some don’t.
Some of them are protected. And some of them are on their own.
I want to see that all of you reading this will find God’s mercy and His protection for you and your loved ones. His mercy is available, my friends.
So my prayer is that you find it.
This is going to be the end of part one, part two is coming soon.
In his service,
Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry