Why America Needs Revival. Why We Need Revival.

By Nathan Leal

The SS America is not doing too well in the waters of the world.
The economy is horrible. The unemployment numbers are a joke. And many of you are trying to keep from sinking. But treading the waters can be challenging today in Midtown USA where you may dwell.
On top of that, you may have noticed that is has become dark outside. It is dark out there folks. Can you sense it? Some of you can, but what is it?
Well, it is what I have been warning about for years; that a spiritual darkness was going to invade the land. And now it is here. For those of you who wonder what I am talking about, it has to do with the spiritual invasion of evil that has entered the United States.
I know that in the natural, this sounds like “Twilight Zone” stuff. But as Christians, our reality is not limited to the natural realm.
The facts don’t lie folks. America has turned a corner. Racial tension is a powder keg. Society is a powder keg. And a lot of people have forgotten how to behave. On top of that, progressive society is reformatting the culture of America into Sodom and Gomorrah.
Confusion has become the main entrée in the buffet of lies. Across the country, city councils are debating whether confused ones like transgender Bruce / Caitlyn Jenner should be allowed to use women’s restrooms for the sake of their perverted identity. Can it get any crazier than this?
Uh, I believe that it will.
The American military which was once feared and respected across the world has now become a joke because American recruits now parade around in high heeled shoes.


On the surface, these cultural changes could be argued as progress for the new millennium. But under the surface, they are the same things that Satan has always used to destroy a nation. He has been at it for a long time and he has been very successful in destroying kingdoms in the past; which is to turn the moral fiber of a said kingdom or nation into a cesspool. To accomplish this, Satan uses his invisible minions to invade the targeted nation and saturate their society with evil.
This is happening right now in America. Have you noticed it? If you haven’t, you should. And if you have children, you should be concerned. Because the darkness is just getting started. It’s going to get a lot darker folks.
Can it be stopped? Of course. It usually stops when the nation gets destroyed, which is the present course for America.
In spite of well-meaning patriotism, or loyalty that an American citizen may have, the fix for America will not occur through politics or a charismatic politician like the rockstar who is filling up stadiums, Mr. Donald Trump.
I’m sorry that I have to say this my friends, but Donald Trump cannot make America great again without America experiencing spiritual renewal, plain and simple.
So what do we do?
I know what I am going to do. I am going to make sure that my spiritual house is in order. I am also going to encourage everyone to do the same thing. This is why we need revival. A revived nation begins with a revived people.
A revived people begins with individuals who are getting revived with God.
One by one folks. It starts with us.
I want to encourage everyone reading this to consider it. If you are a parent or a husband or wife, getting revived will benefit your whole family. It can heal.
It’s time to get healed my friends.
So how does it start? It starts with a decision; a decision to repent of the train wreck that many people have made of their lives, which means getting fed up of the silly nonsense that is tolerated in our lives.
What am I talking about? What train wreck? If these words apply, you know what it is. You know what you are doing. You know the secrets. Everyone has them. And don’t pretend you don’t my friend, it’s that secret closet where the whispered things are stored.
Because God sees it. He knows about it. He has His eye on it. And He’s wondering when you’re going to get rid of it.
But before that happens, you gotta get sick of it. Unfortunately, most people are not really sick of the secrets that they are hiding. Most people like their secrets. Most people enjoy the realm of their secrets and fantasy.
This is what Satan loves. He loves it when folks hold on to a stick of dynamite. Because eventually, he knows that a spark will make its way to the fuse. This plays out in broken marriages, shattered families, and a Thanksgiving dinner table with an empty chair.
Many times an empty chair at Thanksgiving means, “I wish I would have done it differently.”
The empty chair at Thanksgiving often has a lot of regret. So ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to fix the mess and address the regret; not to fuel self condemnation, but to deal with responsibility.
Does this sound negative?
Here’s the good news, Jesus can help us fix the mess.
He can help you fix your mess. He brought us the ministry of reconciliation. He’s the Prince of peace. This begins with finding peace within ourselves. But we will never find peace without first making peace with Him.
Of course, it’s easy to ignore these suggestions. It’s easy to read this and then say, “Hmm, maybe next time.” And do nothing.
But everything has a price. And the price for tolerating a personal train wreck is very expensive. It will age your soul, dry the bones, and leave your heart empty. And that my friends, is too expensive.
I know these words are blunt. And I know that these words probably exceed the mild feel-goods that a mainstream pulpit would sprinkle on their snoozing crowd. But ladies and gentlemen, we are beyond the days of pampering the masses. Its time for the Church to take an honest look in the mirror and admit that there are too many wandering ones who need to return to their first Love.
But it is possible, my friend. Tomorrow is a new day. And my prayer is that God’s people will make it the Lord’s day and the day of spiritual renewal.
In his service,
Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry