America’s New Pearl Harbor – A Prophetic Warning

Nathan Leal – August 16, 2011

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Please Note – I do not have a date for this prophetic dream!  It could be months ahead or years ahead!

I had this prophetic dream on the night of August 4, 2011.

As it began, I was standing in front of a bookshelf filled with many books. I reached for a book on one of the shelves and I pulled it out. I do not know why I chose this particular book but the title of the book began with the word, “Nuclear.”

It had more words in the title but I do not remember them.

I randomly opened the book to thumb through it. As soon as the book it was opened, I was immediately transported to a different location.

I was suddenly high in the air, looking down on all of the Hawaiian Islands. I could see the Northwest Island of Kauai as well as the Southeast Big Island of Hawaii.

Within seconds, I saw a missile flying towards Hawaii. It was coming from my left or from the west which would be from the direction of Asia. It approached from very high in the sky and left a vapor trail behind it.

As it got nearer to Hawaii, it began to arch down and aim straight towards Honolulu.  Honolulu is on the Island of Oahu. As it approached Honolulu, the word “Honolulu” appeared over the city of Honolulu in black letters.

The missile then exploded over Oahu, into a circular flash of white heat.  The fireball totally covered the Island of Oahu and reached as far as Maui, to the south east.

Of the four largest Hawaiian Islands, the explosion flash covered Oahu and Maui.

Within a few seconds of the explosion, the number “1,100,000” appeared over the flash of light. The numerals were glowing yellow / orange in color.

I immediately knew that this number represented people.

While I was still viewing this vision, I argued with the number, because I thought that Hawaii did not have this many people. I began to say to myself, “Hawaii only has 600,000 to 800,000 people! This number cannot be correct! “

Suddenly, I was transported to a new location, where I was again in the air. This time I was looking down on the State of Washington. Again, I saw another missile coming from the West. It crossed most of Washington, and then headed straight towards Spokane.

As I saw it approach Spokane, I found myself arguing with the vision. I said, “I do not like this!” I said this because I live near Spokane in the state of Idaho.

I worried that there was going to be another flash of light from a nuclear explosion. But it never came.

In this vision, I was so bothered about the missile dropping on Spokane that I wanted to see the extent of the damage.

Suddenly, I was on a hilltop along the border of Idaho and Washington about 20 miles away from Spokane; my direction faced west towards Spokane.

As I looked, I searched for a mushroom cloud. I was not able to see one because my view was obscured by a different thick cloud that was hovering over the city.

This cloud was not a normal cloud; it almost resembled the dust storm clouds that we have seen in desert sand storms, where you see a wall of dust trapped inside of a moving wind.

But this was not a dust storm and the cloud was not moving at all. It just hovered.

The cloud resembled the texture that you would see in a thunder storm. The odd thing about this cloud was it was almost touching the ground and it rose to about 30,000 to 50,000 feet, the height that I have seen thunderstorms rise to.

The other odd thing about this cloud was that it was orange / gray in color. There were flashes of ball lightening within the cloud.  The lightening continued to sporadically flash.

I kept wishing that this cloud would dissipate or move out of the way so that I could look into the city for damage but the cloud blocked my view.

But I did not quit looking, I continued searching for a mushroom cloud and as I continued to examine the city from afar, the bottom of the cloud began to rise a few hundred feet from the ground.  This allowed me to see some of the buildings and the city seemed to be intact.

There did not appear to be structural damage from my vantage point. But I was limited in what I could see.

I was left wondering if the missile was a “dud” that failed to explode or if the missile payload was something other than a nuclear bomb.  I wondered if it was an EMP. I did not know what it was.

The dream was over. ———————————-

Nathan Leal – August 16, 2011