Audio Message – News from the Wall – Donald Trump and World War 3

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The world has entered the next phase of history. War is on the horizon. Russia and China are mobilizing in the Middle East. NATO is preparing its troops in Turkey.

America is sailing in uncharted waters. The economic markets are erratic.

…And Donald Trump is gathering momentum. But can he save America?

Ladies and gentlemen, as the world heads for destruction, what is the remnant supposed to do? Do you have a plan to survive?

What about the spiritual aspect? Many of God’s people are not ready for what’s coming. In this audio message, we will visit these topics, and also talk about what people can do to find spiritual strength.

  • Is Donald Trump the answer?
  • What is going on in Syria?
  • If you have not left the country by now, it looks like you may have to ride out the storm within the borders of America. So what do you do?
  • The remnant in America will need to find strength. This program will offer ideas for a spiritual remedy.
  • Also, Nathan Leal is going to be doing revival meetings. Hear the details.
  • It is time for the remnant to get spiritually revived.

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In His service,
Nathan Leal

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“Donald Trump and World War 3”