Transcript - The Watchman’s Cry
News from the Wall Program #14 - Part A


The Road to Martial Law - America in Crisis
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Transcript Release - May 13, 2013 - from Audio Program Released - April 26, 2013
( Note some portions of this transcript have been edited for clarity. It has also been updated)

By Nathan Leal

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Hello, my friends and fellow inmates. I’m Nathan Leal coming to you from somewhere in the courtyard of Iron Curtain America.

You’re listening to the Watchman’s Cry - News from the Wall, the program where we examine reality through the lens of truth. If you are taking notes, the website is

Ladies and gentlemen, another phase of the takedown has begun for America. Right now, America is experiencing a great and mighty change. She is experiencing her demise. The good old US of A is entering her final moments in history where old America will cease to exist and a new America will arise. It is going to be a new America that will no longer have a heart for good, but will exchange it for a heart of stone; a stony heart that is cold and pitted with the scars of a different drumbeat.

Over the past few years, the LORD God Almighty has been warning America that these things were coming to the land. He raised up voices to sound the alarm. This ministry is one of them.

Please pay attention to the things that I am going to share because I have a word for the Lord today. It has to do with America and the residents that abide within her shores. So please share this program. Because that’s the bottom line, the foundation of this message has to do with the human soul. It has to do with finding Jesus and getting stronger with Him, because He is coming soon.

But first, He is going to shake this earth. He is going to shake the church. A great and mighty shaking is approaching.

It's real folks! God is judging America. He is also judging the nations. He is judging Europe; Spain, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and all of those who dwell abroad. This thing is worldwide. His divine hand has an appointment with the residents of earth and His judgment is going to play out in many categories.

Famine is coming to the land. An economic collapse will also arrive. America is going to experience a dollar crisis, and eventually for many people, a trip to the grocer is going to bring sorrow for some and panic for others.

My friends, I cannot sugar coat what time it is. If you are awake, you know this. Your spirit knows it. There are harpoons of chaos approaching and they are barreling down the prophetic highway.

So please consider today’s topic and take it seriously. Today, I am going to talk about several things including the coming civil war, martial law and also the pivotal incident that recently occurred; the Boston Marathon Bombing.

The Boston Bombing

The bombing is an indicator of things that are coming to America. When they arrive, they are going to strike hard and without warning. They are going to catch many people off guard.

boston bombing

As most of you have probably heard, two bombs exploded at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon. Three individuals died, including an eight-year-old child, over 100 people were injured.

As I have been examining this incident, I have been doing so through the lens of discernment. Why? Because biblical prophecy is happening before our eyes. Prophecy is in motion. It is in very quick motion and the momentum is gathering speed.

As these things unfold before us, we are going to see deception, we are going to see delusion, we are going to see and hear lies that have been crafted by the powers that be and by the minions of Satan.

Right now, Operation Attack America is in motion. It is in play. It is going to continue to rattle and shake the very foundation of this country.

Lest we forget, folks, we had the Aurora Colorado Massacre. Then we had the Sandy Hook Massacre. Now we have the Boston Marathon Bombing.

As I have examined this story, unfold, so far…

…and I want to be careful on how I say this because I understand that there is a tendency to label anyone that questions an official report or an official story as a kook or as a conspiracy theorist or someone who that is paranoid or crazy.

Lessons of History

However only an individual who does not study and learn from history would say such a thing because history has shown us that human nature is evil. Human nature is fallen and the pride of man can cause humans to do some crazy and bizarre things. We have seen human beings act maniacal and demonic in times past.


Nazi Germany has answered the question about how far a population would allow itself to be brainwashed into accepting wickedness and mayhem; Soviet Russia had the Gulag and the Siberian prison camps.

We have seen the examples of Communist China & North Korea. Those regimes reveal that human rights are not always a priority in their populations.

According to the Scriptures, eventually the book of Revelation will begin taking place before our eyes. As it does, the Tribulation Period will unfold.

Ultimately, there will be a one-world government. It will be a dictatorship. It will be tyrannical. It will not honor human life. Unfortunately, the prophecies tell us that many saints of God are going to be defeated to the point of death.

What does this mean? It means that in the end, it will be difficult. It will be a hard season. Many will be overwrought with anguish of soul!

Ladies and Gentlemen, this planet is going to shake. It will be the worst period of time since man came to be upon this earth. The leadership of the world will experience a change of heart. They will become cruel and vicious, driven from reason and influenced by devils.

As we examine the condition of the world at the end of time, logic reveals that between now and then, the political climate will undergo great change.

The Changing World

Thus, we can expect that in the visible future, the governments of the world are going to experience readjustments. Respect for human life will evaporate. The rule of law will change.

The personal rights of citizens are going to fade. We are going to see a transition where governmental leadership will morph into a creature that operates by a new set of rules. As that change occurs, we are going to notice it.

Based on what I am observing, it is happening now. The tide is turning.

This brings us back to the Boston bombing. In my opinion, that event was laced with contradictions, suspicion and convenient omission. The official story does not add up in several areas.

Already, I can see many holes in the official story. It appears that, in the eyes of the authorities, the two brothers who started out as suspects have been tried and found guilty by the court of the media and public opinion.

For those that may say, “Nathan, the media wouldn’t lie. The witnesses are coming forth and revealing what they saw, they’re legitimate. Why shouldn’t we believe them?”

Here is why folks. Because the modus operandi of the regimes of the past has showed us that we have to be careful what we believe regarding any official story.

While the Boston bombing was one event, it was not the only one that has occurred in recent months. Let us not forget that the Second Amendment has been under attack in America. There are states, one by one, that are caving-in to new laws, which are defacing the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Already, some states have decided that Americans cannot be trusted to own firearms.
Constitutional Crisis?

This is happening now. So we need to ask the question, ‘Why is the Second Amendment under attack?’

Then we need to ask another question, ‘Why is the Dept. of Homeland Security purchasing so many bullets?’ 

Over a billion bullets have been ordered or are in the process of being delivered. Over a billion! This is enough ammo to support the Iraq War for twenty years! Why?

Then we have heard that Homeland Security is also investing in their own fleet of Tactical bomb proof ATVs, the MRAP vehicles.

Have you seen them? Those mine resistant vehicles weighing fifteen tons, built to withstand IEDs, i.e. - improvised explosive devices.

Why is gold under attack? Why is the precious metals market being manipulated right now? Why do the numbers not add up when we observe the official statistics of America regarding the economy, ie - the unemployment rate? The jobs market? Why are banks being bailed out? Why is the real estate market being manipulated?

Folks, I could go on and on. I have a lot of questions. Why are these things happening?

Then we have Obamacare that is soon to arrive, it is a program that is sure to destroy the careers of thousands of doctors. Already, doctors are moving abroad or quitting their practices because ObamaCare destroys incentive. This will result in a health care crisis of nightmarish proportions for America.

These things are those that can be seen. But when we look beyond our physical realm and peer into the spiritual realm, there are also many things occurring.

On these programs, I have been speaking about the spiritual perspective of America’s downfall for years. We have discussed how the Illuminati, the New World Order, and the powers that be made an announcement to the world during the 2013 Olympic opening ceremony. The announcement revealed that change was coming; that the Phoenix was going to rise from the ashes; that the New World Order was here.
During the recent 2013 Inauguration, very pivotal events occurred because America turned a corner; gateways and portals to the underworld were opened.

As I am examining what occurred in the Boston Bombing, I am having many problems with how this story has evolved.

The Ink of History

Because lest we forget, the stories that are reported and the ones that make it to the official propaganda machine of the press are usually the same reports that make it into the history books.

This means history is written by those with the quill, by those in possession of the ink press. History is written by the voices behind the state-controlled microphone. Today we are watching history being written by the Ministry of Propaganda – The scribes of the new age!

I know that to some, my words may sound radical. To some, my words may sound cynical.

But, folks, today the history of Oz is the meal that has been accepted by the Citizen Munchkins  as long as they stay hypnotized by the opium-tainted news reports from the Emerald City!

Today, as I speak, we are witnessing the arrival of the great scheme of Satan to deceive nation USA into becoming the U.S.S.A.

How does this happen? How does a country morph into a new creature? Because a country consists of humans, it consists of people…of citizens. So, how does a country change? How do they do it? How does a nation morph into land that accepts tyranny and martial law?

Well, first of all, the people need to have their thoughts occupied with chaos, madness, apathy and indifference. The powers that be need to change their thinking. They need to change their meals. They must change their influence.

Change occurs by washing away old traditions and advancing in new ones. But this does not happen in a vacuum. It requires chaos, confusion, and fear. It requires a population that cannot think rationally.

It requires citizens that are too medicated to notice and too pre-occupied to care. It requires citizens who are blind to the truth and to the light. It requires citizens who are blind because they are accustomed to darkness.

False Flag?

Folks, based on what I am observing up to this point – and if I am wrong, I will repent. But, based on what I am observing right now, the Boston Marathon bombing appears to be a false flag event that has gone awry. It appears that the official story is fiction and full of lies. It appears that it is laced with red herrings and orchestrated synthetic news.

Perhaps, we may never know the true role of the two brothers. The older brother, Tamerlan is dead. He was executed!

By the way, there are conflicting reports. Some which claim that he was caught alive and made to strip down, was then run over by a police vehicle, and then was shot and killed.

But then, there is another report that says little brother ran over him while the cops were handcuffing him. But witnesses are now coming forth and saying that the cops ran over him.


But how many notice that the lying media is telling the Munchkins of Oz a packaged story; a fable written by the clerics of a dark coven? Not many…not many at all!

Then we heard about how the little brother hid in a boat from Thursday night to Friday evening.

The official story says that there was a shootout between the cops and the two brothers. The older brother was killed and was run over the little brother. Apparently, that occurred on Thursday night. The story then says that little brother drove through the police barricade in his stolen SUV and got away.

Is this the truth? Boston was in lock down. There were helicopters everywhere. So, are we led to believe that little brother busted through the roadblock and got away? That he was able to evade thousands of police, jump out of his car, wander through a neighborhood, and eventually find a boat to hide in?

This reportedly happened on Thursday night. The official story also says that little brother had been wounded. So, Thursday night he was dripping blood. He wandered through the neighborhoods of Boston and found a boat. He lifted the tarp and crawled under it. He hid there until the next night, Friday night.

This Houdini act happened while 9,000 SWAT officers had Boston in lockdown.

Did the cops find him with their door-to-door stasi searches? No!

He was discovered by an observant citizen, i.e., the owner of the boat who noticed that his boat tarp was askew. So he went to fix it.

According to the “report,” when the homeowner walked up to the boat, he saw the blood. So he left his property, went to the neighbors, and called the cops.

The cops came and they riddled the boat with bullets. I have read up to 200! But little brother was not hit with one, surrendered and climbed out. But at some point he was wounded in the neck, because the report says he shot himself in the mouth with his own gun.

That’s the official story.

However, there is an image that is all over the Internet that shows him climbing out of the boat and he is not wounded at all. He’s not shot. There’s no blood on him. In the image we can see that when he got out of the boat, he was surrounded. The spotlight is on him in the image. It looks to be a spotlight from a police car or from a helicopter. They had him surrounded. They took him peacefully without a fight.

But somehow, between the time he climbed out of the boat and then minutes later, he got shot in the throat.

They say that he put a gun into his mouth and shot himself. However, there are others that say the police shot him. One SWAT person let it leak out that little brother had his throat sliced with a knife!

How did that happen? Easy, they were trying to kill him because they had to silence him. He was not supposed to talk.

Folks, there are so many portions of this story that make no sense. They don’t add up. And because they do not add up, I have to conclude one thing, that we are being fed lies.

I have an audio sound bite of a witness who called into a radio station who says that they watched the police take Tamerlan into custody, and the police ran over him.

Again, the official story says that little brother ran over Tamerlan with the stolen SUV. But there is testimony from an eyewitness who says that Tamerlan was killed by the cops!

On Friday April 19, 2013, a woman named Linda called into a live radio broadcast on 93.7 FM in Boston, she explained how the shooting happened in front of her house in Watertown. She said that she saw the first suspect, Tamerlan, run over by police, and then shot dead. This was not a part of the official story. Why would police tell a different one?

Hear the call from "Linda" in the Youtube below:

The aunt of the two brothers also believes that this whole thing was staged. Does she have proof? No!

But the official rendition of the crime is a bucket with enough holes in it to water the plants!


So, who do we believe? For some of you, you may find it difficult to hear what I’m saying because in your mind, nation America could never do something as hideous as inventing an entire plot and garnishing it with fiction.

If that is you, you are entitled to that opinion. However, ladies and gentlemen, please know that the Boston event does not exist alone. America has experienced repeated massacres; Sandy Hook and Aurora, CO, among others. We have watched these events pile up and the stories continue to be perforated. They do not add up.

The Coming Invasion

Several months ago, we talked about this. We talked about how demonic spirits were going to play their role in causing America to evolve into a police state. We also discussed that in order for this to happen, demonic spirits from another realm have to be involved in our world.
Folks, do you remember this? During the Inauguration, we talked about the invasion of the spirit of Babylon. An event that can be found in Jeremiah Chapter 39:2.

In that passage, we can read that when Babylon invaded Jerusalem in 587 B.C., the princes of Babylon came in and they did things. In the same way, America is going to be invaded by similar principalities and bring with them the spirit of Babylon.

These underworld creatures are demonic creatures. We even have their names, one of them is Nergal who will enter America and conduct a deceiving operation. We did a whole series on this. Read

Nergal is the demon in charge of the secret police of hell. Nergal is an expert in Nazi tactics. The demon Nergal who serves Satan has been at this for a long, long time and has accomplished his wicked mission in other countries, in other nations.

This is why I am sharing this information. It has begun. Demon spirits, and principalities are arriving in an invasion of America. Right now they are writing a script to carry out their with a wicked plans.

Folks, the game is afoot. It is in play. Unfortunately, it is not a game. It is real life. It is reality and it is going to emerge before our very eyes.

Many people are looking at the present narrative of America and are limiting the viewpoint to the lens of the physical. If we are the remnant of God, we cannot do this. If we desire to be wise and if we have discernment, we must see the big picture; The complete picture.

As I speak, there are demonic principalities involved in a campaign take over America; to take America down; to change America into a tyrant and change the way that America conducts its laws. To succeed, they must orchestrate more terrorist-type events.

Events of this type are necessary to alter the public’s thinking into a population of fear. They also serve to deceive the people into accepting the propaganda of the machine!

The Stage

A change into an oppressive society requires a stage, a theatrical production of fairytales that frightens the people into accepting a lockdown.

Ladies and gentlemen, what is it about that word, ‘terrorism?’

It seems that people stop thinking when they hear it. Especially when applied to an alleged suspect.

It appears that the majority of people accept the accusation when the term is applied to a person that is portrayed as a criminal

‘Oh, the two brothers are terrorists? Well, then, string them up. They’re guilty.

If Bill O’Reilly says that the brothers need to burn in hell, then I guess that’s true. I’ll turn off my brain and accept what Bill O’Reilly says, or what Mayor Bloomberg says, or what Obama says, or Biden, or Big Sister.’

Is this the way that we are supposed to conduct ourselves in our vigilance? This leads me to another point about something that I am very disturbed about. I am dismayed about how this thing has taken place; how it has unfolded. 

Do you remember the impassioned responses that freedom loving Americans gave a few weeks ago when their gun rights were under threat?

Gun Control

Do you remember how many NRA people came out of the woodwork at that time?

The supporters of gun rights heard from their spokespersons, their representatives and their famous entertainers. People like Chuck Norris and Ted Nugent came forth. They presented very good arguments about how you cannot take away the Second Amendment because if it was removed, then what else would be taken away?

The community of freedom lovers came together including; patriots, Christians, Libertarians and others who understand the importance of the Constitution. They stood shoulder-to-shoulder in solidarity.

They said, “No, we’re not going to take it. You cannot have our Second Amendment!” 
You remember that, folks? This was several weeks ago, but then the Boston Bombing occurred.

Since then, I have noticed that many of these same individuals have succumbed to a case of dementia and memory loss. Because shortly thereafter, I began to hear rhetoric – and this is the same kind of rhetoric that I remember hearing when George W. was the President.

Do you folks remember that after 911, President Bush passed the Patriot Act and Fox News justified it? Rush Limbaugh had no problem with it. And seemingly, many Christians also justified it because George Bush was after all, a Republican and a “fellow Christian!”

He was also a right-winger and he would never do anything wrong…would he?  After all, many of those rules were for our good!...Right?

Because as Bush would say, “The news laws were goin’ to purtek Amurca!”

So, Patriot Act / Part One was passed. Then we saw a Part 2 passed. Then we started seeing a lot of other freedom killing laws come forth, and most American Christians said nothing. 

And for seven years, from 2001 until the end of 2008 when Bush left office, for the most part these people that I mention had no problem with it.

Again, these are the “freedom-loving” individuals that listen to Fox News and who frequent World Net Daily.

During that period that seems like so long ago, I watched how "freedom-loving" citizens allowed the country to slither away into oblivion because they believed that their leader would not hurt them.

Then the 2008 election arrived. Obama was summoned.

And he has not made it a secret that he has different ideas, ideologies and philosophies. He believes in the re-distribution of wealth. He is a socialist. In my opinion. He has communistic beliefs. He was groomed by communistic handlers. He is also a Muslim sympathizer.

And here is the quandary that I can plainly observe.

The same citizens who supported President Bush and rah-rahed the Patriot Act, seem to be the same people who now say, “Obama is bad. He is the devil. He wants to take away our guns, etc.”

So far, this may not sound like a conflict but watch this folks…after Obama’s recent push for gun control, Ted Nugent went on news programs and talked about how bad it was for the regime to take away our Second Amendment.

And here is the part that makes absolutely no sense, because after the Boston bombing, when the news stated that the two brothers were Islamic Jihadists and were Muslims, I witnessed that before there was proof that the accusations against them were true, the news media had tried them and found them guilty.

And because the media did that, the public wanted blood. The public wanted them killed! The public wanted to see the cops mow them down!

The public’s mantra became, “Kill them! Kill those Muslims!”

Within days of the announcement of the younger brother’s arrest, Mr. Ted Nugent wrote an article that was published on World Net Daily. Read

Step Aside Constitution ...the Jihadist are here!

When I saw it, and I have it right here, I’m not going to read the whole thing but basically Mr. Nugent who believes in the Constitution’s Second Amendment said , “The jihadist punk in custody is obviously guilty of committing murder, terrorist acts, and a whole book of other crimes.”

He went on to complain that, “Unfortunately, justice won’t be served quickly. He’s going to sit in prison for a while, and he’s going to be fed and taken care of. That is wrong because his neck needs to be stretched in public, in front of everybody. We need to just execute him.”

So according to Ted Nugent, who believes in the Second Amendment, the Fifth Amendment does not matter. The Fifth Amendment has to do with due process. It has to do with, “You are innocent until proven guilty.”
It has to do with habeas corpus. What’s that? It is the way that we are supposed to treat the accused. When I read his article on World Net Daily -- you can go read it, folks. Look at the comments. Because comment after comment would say things like, “Yeah Ted…right on. Let’s string ‘em up…Let’s kill ‘em…He’s guilty, etc.”

As I read the comments, I thought to myself, “Are you serious? The same guy that promotes the Second Amendment is spitting on the Fifth Amendment?” 

One person posting a comment rebuttal actually said that. He said, “You guys, we need to let him have his day in court before we condemn him.”  But then pretty quickly, he started getting attacked! People accused him of being a liberal, and said things like – “If you don’t like America, you need to leave. We don’t need your kind here! Get out of here, etc.”

Based on the pattern of comments, it appears that all Satan needs to convince Americans to throw away the Constitution is to merely conduct a few terrorist acts.

Whether they are carried out by real jihadists or whether they are false flags, it doesn’t matter. It appears that when a terrorist attack happens, the people seem to be okay with throwing away their rights.

Ladies and gentlemen, I saw the images of Boston in lock down.

I heard the news report. I saw the video of how the city allowed itself to be placed in under martial law.


Boston shut down because they were after one person. All of their transportation stopped. The subways stopped. They enacted a no fly zone. The people were not allowed to go to work. All of their residents were involuntarily placed was under house arrest. They could not leave. If they did, they found themselves in trouble. Martial law arrived in their city to find one guy!

Did Boston complain about it? Quite the opposite happened! Because when they finally located the little brother in the boat and apprehended him, there was a parade for the SWAT team!

“Yay! Thank you for making us prisoners! Thank you for making us live in this courtyard of the Iron Country USA!

Yay! Thank you for bringing the police state to Boston!

Yay! I didn’t get to go to work and I didn’t get to go buy food for my family, but thank you!” 

In the image above, where did the little flags come from? Can you say..."Staged" ?

They cheered. They shouted and hoorayed!
“Yay! You sequestered us with no rights, and then you went up and down our streets. 

Yay! Then you went inside of our houses without warrants and you searched them and you also dragged people out of their houses. Yay!”

Folks, Boston allowed itself to get raped by Homeland Security!

It allowed itself to be ravaged and threw away the requirement for warrants. They allowed the SWAT teams to illegally enter their private homes.

“Well, Nathan, they had guns. They had heavy weaponry.”  Yes, they did …and guess what that is called, ladies and gentlemen? That’s called a police state! The militarization of the police forces is now here!

By the way, they didn’t look like cops. They looked like soldiers and they were dressed like soldiers. They had the same gear as soldiers.

So, it appears that Posse Comitatus has now been thrown out the window because if it looks like a duck and quacks like one…well folks, you know…!

And as I was watching this whole event, I was asking myself. If God was looking down from Heaven, and if God was thinking, “Okay, America. Let’s see how you react to this. Are you going to allow yourself to listen to slander and freely judge a person without following the rules that you know you are supposed to follow?  Let’s find out what you’re going to do.” 

Well, now we know, don’t we?  We know that if the news says that someone is guilty…then the people will believe that they are!

Is this a non-issue? Most people don’t care!

It is easy to be unconcerned about this. That is …UNTIL it happens to you!

What If?

And what if, folks? What if they said you were guilty?  What if they said your wife or your spouse was guilty? …Your children?... Your nephews?...Your parents?

What if they said, “That they were guilty? We know they’re guilty. They’re a part of that belief system. Therefore, they are guilty. They’re terrorists.” 

What if in the future, Christians become the accused and labeled as terrorists, of being evil insurgents, of being against the State, or enemies of the State? Enemy combatants?  Insurgents?  etc.

What if future Christians start getting arrested without due process? How are the citizens going to feel then? How would Ted Nugent feel?
If you happen to be listening to this program and you read the article on World Net Daily by Ted Nugent, and you posted things like,  “Well, I believe that the guy is guilty. I have no problem with it because he is a Muslim. He deserves to die!” 

We Reap What We Sow

Ladies and gentlemen, the Bible is very clear. The way that we treat others is the same way that will be treated and judged.

Based on what I have observed, it is very apparent that this thing was a psychological litmus test to find out what the people would do. You throw in a little bit of chaos and you garnish it with fear. Then you marinate it with a little bit of unknown…and viola…due process is thrown out the window.

I am not trying to be rude as I say these words, but I am very concerned.

Folks, if you are a freedom-loving patriot, please do not fall for this. Because the manner in which you condemn others may be the same manner, in which you will be condemned.

What if the two brothers did not act alone? I know that they said that the little brother has confessed that it was just him and his big brother, Tamerlan…that they did it alone, that they had no funding and no one else helped them. The media reported this.

But then, we have to include this, The United States knows how to get a confession!

So, where are we in the timeline?  Here’s where we are.

We are in a dangerous location right now.  I can see that the next phase of this judgment is going to come to a city near you.

Now they know that when terrorism is introduced, martial law is easy: and the people do not care. They will clap for their chains. They will clap for their slavery.

“Man, Nathan, those are harsh words!” 

Folks, the reason that I am being so candid right now is because I have a warning of an event that I saw happen. God gave me several prophetic dreams recently. I am going to share them later on in this program.

But, as I have watched this thing unfold, it has given me an uncomfortable confirmation that the prophetic dreams that I recently had are going to happen.
And because of approaching events, we are going to see America on the fast track to her demise; the fast track to the last days.

America has rounded a corner. The winds of great change are now blowing against her. As more of these terrorist type of events arrive, we are going to see a separation occur among the citizens of America.

A Late Hour!

Again folks, we have already gone around the turning point. It is too late to go back. It is also too late to slow it down.

So now, what we need to do is figure out a way to steer ourselves and navigate our own lives through the coming mess because the SS America is now moving into new waters.

These new waters are for most people, uncharted waters. Most people are going to see America turn into something they do not recognize.

We are watching it happen in several sectors including the economy. It has been a slow change, but as the journey continues, the United States is going to become an unrecognizable creature that is going to be a marvel to the world!

Eventually, the rest of the world is going to look at America and say, “How could this have happened to her? America used to be the bastion of liberty. America used to be the home of the free and the brave, but now she’s the home of the slaves, of the inmates, and the fearful.”

Folks, America has entered these new waters and, as I said, they are uncharted for most people. But, for the minions of the underworld, this is common territory. It is chartered territory.

“Nathan, what do you mean?  The minions from the underworld?” 

This is what I mean, folks.

There was a sleeping giant; a sleeping monster creature who was locked up in isolation. He was confined to the bottomless pit under the earth. In times past, he was allowed to awaken and come out of hibernation and roam the planet. He left his footprints when he made his rounds.

His footprints were the beastly empires that rose up for a season in man’s history. They were the empires that have impacted man’s history. They were powerful, tyrannical, and bloodthirsty empires.

In their time, they plowed the earth and they oppressed men. They ravaged women and they killed little babies. They were the beast empires of the past; Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece. They have come and gone.

In the natural mind of man, they were merely kingdoms with clever leaders. But in the spiritual realm, they had a beastly evil influence from fallen angels, evil spirits and the dragon, Satan. 

Once again, ladies and gentlemen, the bottomless pit is now opening! And the creature from the bog of hell has been awakened. He is going to make an appearance.

Now, please hear what I’m saying right here. In these end times, this creature is going to once again, rise up.

When I say, “this creature,” I mean a demonic creature from hell. He is going to be similar to one of those giant underworld reptiles from a Hollywood movie, but he is going to be a spirit, and it is not going to be a movie. It is going to be real life.

Folks, It has now begun! In fact, it has been occurring over the last few years. I have talked about it. The Inauguration was a part of it.

Behind the scenes, the infiltration has begun, it is coming through the doorways, the gateways, and the portals of hell’s underworld that have started to open. The invasion of spirits is underway. It is in play!

As it occurs, events are going to happen on the news. Events, folks!

Weird events! Confusing events!

Diabolic and unbelievable events are going to happen!  As they do, for the people of America, for the citizens, we are going to watch and see and witness a huge potion of deception. It is going to be released into the air. A Great deception, folks!

Deception makes it hard for people to know and believe the truth. Deception causes people to believe a lie. This brings me back to my original point. As we have watched the Boston bombing, we are watching deception happen right now!

Ladies and gentlemen! This is playing out in the real world, while at the same time, demonic entities are pulling many strings. Most people don’t get this.

They will not get it...Most people are too blind to get it!

These are not the only things that are going to happen. It is not just beginning right now.

The Arrival

This is the culmination of years of warning that I have been doing on this program. This is what Watchman’s Cry is. This is what we do.

We challenge people to seek God, to seek discernment, to seek His wisdom, to seek His understanding. I apply effort to seek His word and share it with you.
The Scriptures tell us that because He has compassion on His people, God always tries to warn them first, so that they can prepare and get ready. Then after the warning is given, the people have a choice of whether to believe it or to deny it, to reject it, to mock it, to scoff it. Most of the time, the sad reality is that the majority of people reject the prophetic warning.

It is amazing that even in this day, in this late hour, when we can read in the Scriptures in the book of Joel chapter two that, “In the last days God will pour out His Spirit on all flesh and sons and daughters will prophesy, young men would see visions, old men dream dreams.” 

This verse tell us that the Holy Spirit would be poured out on God’s people to warn them what time it is. This is happening right now.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am not the only one getting prophetic dreams. This is happening in a very awesome Holy Spirit-inspired phenomenon, right now in this late hour! There are young people, old people, young teenagers; and people from all walks of life who are having prophetic dreams where they are seeing glimpses of events that are coming to America and to this world.

Is all of this a coincidence? No! The reason that this is happening is because God loves you. God wants you to know that the hour is very late. So, He is showing many people these supernatural glimpses. And there is a good chance, if you are a regular listener, you know what I am talking about. A portion of you have had glimpses.

Folks, this is happening because great and mighty events are coming to this planet. God wants every one of us to be ready. He wants our hearts to be prepared. He wants our hearts to be renewed, restored, and refreshed.

But, at the same time while God is doing this, while He is trying to awaken His children, there are some that reject this. They reject this spiritual gift. They say God does not do this in the last days.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me just say this. If you happen to believe that theology, let me encourage you to read the book of Revelation.


The final book that tells us and reveals to us the events that are going to visit this planet at the very end of time, before Jesus returns. During the tribulation period, we see that God is going to raise up two witnesses that are going to be anointed by the Holy Spirit. Their message will be repentance. Their message will be to challenge the people to get their hearts right. They are going to be warning about the glimpses that God revealed to them. They are going to plead with the people to get their hearts right with God.

But even then, most of society will reject their warning message. Why? Because man’s heart would rather be in the darkness than in the light.

Friends, this world is about to be shaken mightily. Several years ago, the Holy Spirit gave me a prophecy that judgment had begun, and that a great economic upheaval would come to America. I published this prophecy on April 18, 2008. God warned of things that would arrive.
Some of those things have started. Some of those things are still approaching, but they are going to happen. The poisoning of the waters has started. The drought…it came. The abandonment of the United States dollar has begun. The robbing of the pensions is about to happen. Famine is arriving.

Destitute people are becoming more and more common place. Great heartache and lamentations and sorrow is arriving upon this land. Suicide is becoming a sad killer in America. The invasion of darkness is beginning to overshadow many portions of the land.

We have also begun to see the invasion of demonic entities that will change the people’s hearts  into something unrecognizable. These wicked entities will influence the governmental leadership into making legislative choices that will forever darken America.

The dismantling has begun. The demise has been activated. The evaporation of this country is intensifying. Unfortunately, we are just getting started because so much more is coming.

I do not like to say this, but the lamp of the past is going to become overshadowed by a tsunami of darkness over America.

Today, I have to share a new parcel of warnings. So, again, folks, please take notes and please consider the things that you are about to hear.

For the person that may be asking, “Nathan, why do you do this?  Why are you sharing these gloomy things?” 


Here is why, folks; because it is the truth; because God is judging this land; because God has stated over and over and pleaded and cried out through His voices that America needed to turn back to Him and repent.  But, it did not happen!

God pleaded and tried to awaken many of the spiritual leaders from those huge corporate big box churches, to awaken their people that judgment was coming, but they resisted. They did not want to talk about it. Thus, the people were not challenged to repent.

As a result, the condition of spiritual status quo remains in too many lives. Spiritual darkness remains unchallenged in too many souls. Biblical illiteracy has been tolerated in too many lives.

My friend’s, God has to do something about it and He is going to shake His church! He is going to shake His people!

This shaking is going to happen by God judging the land. This is what time it is! This is reality! This is the spiritual weather report!

God is going to allow the forces of darkness, the forces of evil, and the minions of Satan to take over America, because America has forgotten her heritage.

So, God has taken a step back and said, “Okay, if you do not want to place your trust in Me, then have at it!  Let’s see if you can rescue yourself from a whirlwind!” 

Thus, the tornados and twisters of darkness are going to plow the land under, folks.

It is going to play out with the involvement of the puppets from hell. It will also transpire with humans that have allowed themselves to become the marionettes for the powers of darkness. These minions are going to steer America down the river Styx.

This is the sad and inconvenient truth. God is going to let this happen.

The future of America is going to find itself cast into a cauldron of confusion, with an end game to bring about the one world government, the New World Order.

So, as America morphs into this new creature, in the future the world is going to change. To achieve the change, the New World Order cannot tolerate the America of old. The America of old will not function in the New World Order, so it must be dismantled.

In their eyes, the Constitution must also be changed. Having America in possession of the world’s reserve currency does not fit their plan. So, the US Dollar must lose its reserve status. As this plays out, it is going to affect everyone. It will be called loss of purchasing power or inflation. Prices are going to climb.

Over the past few weeks, I have watched very chaotic weather hit the world markets. Those of you that are paying attention, you have seen this happen. Gold and silver have been under attack.

The New World Order

Why did the precious metals market tank? Was it a coincidence? Was it the result of a free market economy? No! What we witnessed was market manipulation.

Week by week, we are watching the dollar get abandoned. We are watching different nations make arrangements with one another to purchase products without using the American Dollar. We are seeing China make these arrangements with many other nations.

We are watching the BRICS alliance rise up. The BRICS Alliance is the alliance of nations that totally omits the dollar. It is an acronym.  B-R-I-C-S. That stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa.

Just a few weeks ago, Australia also signed an agreement to abandon the dollar. China is leading the way and making these agreements with nations in the Middle East. It is starting to snowball and gather momentum.

Eventually, folks, much of the world will no longer use the dollar. When that happens, it is going to be wake up time.

Most Americans have no idea that this is coming. It is going to be a very hard wake up. We are going to see the pain in the prices of food at the store but how many people are ready?

Whether or not we pay attention, the true statistics are accumulating the real numbers. The numbers do not lie. Week by week, the statistics for America reveal her decline. They reveal that the middle class is being butchered; that unemployment is still growing; that the labor force is shrinking.

The stats also reveal that the Eurozone is in chaos. Their unemployment is running rampant.

Let us not forget the recent news about Cyprus, the tiny island nation. At the end of March, they shut down their banks. They almost defaulted on their debt. The citizens panicked and tried to withdraw their money! The banks closed down for several days. Then the unexpected happened, the banks stole from the private accounts. The robbing has now begun.
That event was a litmus test. They chose a small little country for their trial balloon, where they robbed the innocent of their life savings. It happened! And the robbing of citizens by banksters has become legalized.

Most Americans may say, “So what? That happened to them. I’m not worried about it.”

Well, here is the deal, folks.

In Cyprus, it was a test, because eventually, that thing is going to come over here. These things are happening and while it is going on, the media has their orders to spin the information and dismiss reality.

Meanwhile, while the stock market is climbing to the moon, (at last report it has reached 15,000) which they say is a good sign, but they are dismissing that the reason that the stock market is climbing is because the US Dollar is losing value.

Zimbabwe’s stock market climbed in value also. During their season of hyperinflation, Zimbabwe had an Inflation level of 231 million percent! Some experts said it was even higher towards the area of 20 trillion percent! Read

Their stock market also reached 5,000,000! And everyone in Zimbabwe was a billionaire!

500 million dollar bill, printed in May 2008, was just enough to buy breakfast or lunch. It was equal to about two US Dollars!



High numbers in a stock market simply mean that the dollar has no value. And while all of this is happening, most people are snoozing. They are still going through their routines; walking with no concern. Is it a good thing to stay asleep?

I thank God for those of you that are awake, the remnant.

Regarding the remnant, let me say this. The remnant has become a buzzword in these end times to mean those who are awake and those who know what is going on.

Based on this definition, we could divide the huge pool of remnant individuals into sub-groups. Because not all of them have the same way of thinking. Not all of them prioritize in the same manner. 

  • Some of them regard their spiritual condition in the highest priority.
  • Others hold patriotism as the highest priority.
  • Then there are those who hold the knowledge and discipline of prepping at the highest priority.
  • Some hold knowledge of the New World Order at the highest priority. 
  • Then there are those that hold self-defense and guns at the highest priority.

When we consider all of the priorities that I just mentioned, here is a question. Are all of them correct in their focus? Because if all of them are right, that means that there are no wrong priorities.
Can this be true? Here is the answer, some priorities can be wrong and misplaced. In the next few minutes, I am going to share several prophetic glimpses that I recently had. Before I do, I need to speak about these priorities, because the priorities that a remnant believer possesses will determine their outcome.

I want to say for the record that I serve Jesus. I serve my Savior. He is God and I trust in His blood sacrifice of the cross. I trust in His resurrection.

I also know this, folks. Without Him, without God, we are lost. I am saying this because a priority that neglects Him will not succeed.

I am also saying this because today I have a warning that I need to share. God allowed me to see a new glimpse of what was coming here to America.

According to what I saw, there are going to be some people that consider themselves a part of the remnant who are going to make some bad decisions in the coming future, possibly in the near future. They are going to make these bad decisions because right now, they have the wrong priority.

So, let me just begin by sharing the prophetic dreams that God gave me… 


End of transcript Part A ------------To be continued in Part B -----------

Coming Soon Part B: Topics - Prophetic Warning of the coming American Civil War, Martial Law and a prophetic warning about an approaching event on America.


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