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Coming Flood to Florida? - Florida in the Bucket
Update August 28, 2008 - Fulfilled

Nathan Leal - June 23, 2008

This dream was very short but vivid.

In my dream I saw the state of Florida appear suddenly in front of me.

I saw a cut out of the state. It was hovering in the air but in glowed a little, like the shape was made out of Plexiglass and lit from behind. It was yellow - orange in color.


Suddenly, the shape of Florida dropped straight down into a bucket of water that was below it. The bucket was full of water so the bottom of Florida was under water.


Immediately a giant wet sponge started to wipe the whole state from side to side with water. The sponge started at the top and wiped east to west.

But then the sponge was dropped and a piece of steel wool started wiping starting from East to West at the top of the state.

Suddenly, I heard a voice say, "Stop! Only wipe with the wet sponge but do not use steel to cleanse because it will scratch everything."

So the wet sponge appeared back and started to wipe Florida again with water.
The dream was over.

Conclusion: An obvious part of this dream was the mercy of God. God only allows things to chastise but not destroy. That is why He said, "Do not use steel to cleanse."

Now, if this dream means that Florida will suffer a storm. It looks like the flooding will be in the southern part of the state. So Southern Florida, be warned.

The Northern parts will receive an amount of water also, but not as bad as the south.

Now it is possible that this dream may mean something else. In the event that God reveals a different truth to this situation, I will update this page.

Date of this dream - June 23, 2008

Date that this dream will happen - Unknown


UPDATE August 20, 2008 - This dream has happened in Florida

This dream now makes sense. Tropical Storm Fay is dropping record rain amounts 30 inches in some areas.

Fay is also doing a very "weird" maneuver. She is going back and forth across Florida. This storm is dropping a lot of rain but has "LOW" wind, which explains the dream having the "Steel Wool" (the wind) not to be used.

The sponge = much rain
Sponge going back and forth = Fay is going back and forth across Florida
Steel Wool = high winds are not happening

News Links: - Soggy storm Fay moves over Florida for 3rd time

News Links: - Fay Moving Across State, More Flooding Expected


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