The Ministry of Propaganda - Part 1
Nathan Leal - September 10, 2008

WARNING – If you worship George Bush Don’t Read this article!!!

During the cold war in the 1970’s, I remember hearing how the former Soviet Union was going to take over the world. I remember the fear that I had when I thought about the nuclear war that was right around the corner.

I remember hearing how the Communists kept their people under lock and key with no freedoms or rights.

I remember my high school teacher lecturing our class and telling us about the evil Soviet Union.

But still, it did not make sense that so many people would allow themselves to live under tyranny.

“But how can this be,” I would ask in class?

“The Soviet population is brainwashed”, my teacher would tell me. “They believe what they are told to believe”  (Yes, that’s right folks, there were good teachers in the old days!)

“But how,” I would ask again.

My teacher would then explain it to us, “The leadership in the USSR has an elaborate system of thought control over their citizens. The main tool that they use to control their masses of people is propaganda.”


Most of you can remember similar stories. Remember how we all knew that the Soviet government made up stories in their newspapers and lied to their citizens.

The people only knew what they were told. With the weapon of the printed page, the Soviet leaders had the people believing lies. With newspapers, the Soviet people lived under a made up world that did not really exist.

They were told to love their leaders and to hate the evil greedy capitalists of the U.S.A.

And the scheme worked. For eighty plus years it worked. Then the Soviet Union fell in 1991. Did Communism go away? That is another article.

But my topic today is – Propaganda.

How many nations and governments in today’s world still use this tool to influence their citizens?

Most Americans would immediately say, “It happens in those other countries like Cuba and China.” I will not argue with that statement. But is that all?

And why am I writing about this subject anyway? Simple, because I am a watchman and today’s events demand it.

The God of this World

As Christians, we should all know that Satan is the god of this world. The Bible tells us that Satan is a liar and is the father of lies. Based on this formula, it stands to reason that the god of this world uses lies to advance his evil plans.

There can be no argument that Satan was behind the lies of propaganda in the former Soviet Union.

History shows us over and over that political leaders throughout time used lies to gain power and position. Adolph Hitler used lies to hypnotize his country.

Imagine that folks, one man convinced millions that it was okay to exterminate a race of people! How could this be? And most importantly, could it happen again?

The Bible is very clear, that one day; the end time world will be living under a lie.

“And they worshiped the beast…”

Someday, maybe soon, this world will swallow up the idea that the “beast system” will be worthy of total allegiance.

The Ministry of Propaganda will be alive and well throughout the world, educating the masses. It will be a ministry of lies under the power the vilest entity in the universe: Satan.

Alive and Well

Well guess what folks; this lying mechanism is already at work; in your country, in your state and on your T.V. 

Unfortunately, most of the people out there have no clue that they are being lied to. Since I live in America, I am talking about Americans.

The average U.S. citizen; “Joe Six Pack”, really believes everything that he hears on T.V. and reads in the paper. But I must qualify the last sentence because some of today’s population is too stupid to read!   

The average Christian believes most of the things; that they hear from their pastor, the T.V. news anchorman or that he reads in the newspaper.

The Bible warns us over and over that we should be wise and discerning. The days are evil. There are ravenous wolves out there. We must be vigilant.


And for some reason, during election times it seems that most Christians put aside their cross and Bible and put on a stupid hat with a donkey or an elephant on it!

I believe in Obama!

I believe in McCain!

Do you approve this message yet?

I watched both conventions. And I watched the candidates from both sides tell lies. Do you really believe them? I mean…really…do you?

The Ministry of Propaganda is at work in this election trying to hypnotize the masses. Has the spell worked on you yet? Deception never announces itself. It does quite the opposite. Deception in propaganda uses key “trigger” words that the people want to hear. Perhaps words that you want to hear.

Words like: Change, Christian, Family Values, Conservative, Pro-life!

I Remember...

I remember hearing someone making a lot of great promises eight years ago. Now look at us! We are about to enter the “Greater Depression!”

I remember hearing George Bush say that he was a Christian and a man of faith. And now look at our country! The U.S. Constitution has been butchered. When “W” was told that his Patriot Act violated the U.S. Constitution. He said, “The Constitution is just a G—D--- piece of paper…!

Is this article my diatribe to judge whether or not George Bush is a Christian? No, I have better things to do. But I will say this; I will not be “suckered” again by a candidate claiming to be!

And I have noticed that the candidates are doing this very thing.

Obama says that he is a Christian not a Muslim. Unfortunately, he did an “oops” and let it slip that he is a Muslim in the past few days.

McCain tries to claim that he has faith.

And then we have the late entry into the race, Sarah Palin. What do you think folks, are you sold?

Christians seem to have a short memory. We went through this charade almost eight years ago.  The promises are being handed out like lollipops. And the Christians are sucking them down.

Why? The Ministry of Propaganda is at work.

Are you mad at me yet?

Wake Up!

Come on folks, Todd Bentley was a preacher and I could tell that he was a fraud.

Sarah Palin is not even a minister or preacher and some Christians are acting like she is a prophetess from God.

So she attended an Assembly of God Church, big deal, so did, Jim Jones and Benny Hinn!

So she gave a speech at a church to the teens? That is nice but I would not allow my teenage son to hang around her daughter or her daughter’s boyfriend!

So she is a Christian? Perhaps, but I still heard her tell lies to 40 million Americans on National television.

So she believes in family values? At what expense?  Sorry kids, quit crying, mommy’s gone for a few months!

Sorry folks, but it needs to be said.  The package is not what you think!

None of them are!

So who do I support in this election? Well I could not, with a clear conscience, vote for any of the candidates: Democrat or Republican.  Are there any other choices? Sure, there is the Constitution Party or the Libertarians or…. Mickey Mouse!

Will I vote for any of them? I don’t know. Will it really matter? The coming depression is all but assured!

I had a reader write to me and told me that he does not vote because he does not want to entangle himself with the affairs of this world.

Perhaps he is right.

Does the ministry of propaganda have a hold of you? Are you entangled?

( to be continued )

Nathan Leal – a Watchman

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