The Money Shall Fail!
Nathan Leal - November 26, 2008

“And when money failed in the land of Egypt, and in the land of Canaan, all the Egyptians came unto Joseph, and said, Give us bread: for why should we die in thy presence? For the money faileth.”
Genesis 47:15

Throughout human history, empires have come and gone. Nations that were at one time, the epicenter of the earth became wilted flowers.

Humanity has written in her Chronicles that great earthly kingdoms have a lifespan.

God allows the rise and fall of nations. He allows them to be birthed, He allows them to achieve their glory, and then He allows them to walk into the horizon of history.

The Bible says; “for everything there is a time and there is a season.”

Nations are no exception.

A German woman feeding a stove with worthless Papiermarks, which burned longer than the amount of firewood people could buy with them. Is this an image of what's coming to America!

As I read the daily news, I have to wonder if the days of American glory are behind us. How many of us would have thought ten years ago, that right now we would be witnessing the downfall of America?

Ten years ago, how many of you thought that today we would be witnessing America become a tumbleweed in the wind. A tumbleweed with no direction and very little purpose.

Some might argue, “America still has purpose!”

To which I respond, “Oh yeah. What purpose is that? Do you mean the Purpose Driven Life, where Christians lie to each other and convince themselves that God wants to reward them with high self-esteem?”

Of course you do not need to answer!

At this moment in history, the only Purpose that America has left is to fall to her knees and ask God for mercy!

But of course, I already know what God's answer is going to be, because He has already said it. God has been saying it for years to the voices of his messengers. God has said that judgment was coming. So here we are. We are now witnessing the answer from heaven.

So how is this thing going to play out? What tools will God used to judge America? Well, God never changes. The same way that he judged Israel in the Old Testament, is the same way that he is going to judge America.

When God judges a nation, He sends famine, war, pestilence, and wild beasts to the land.

What we are witnessing right now is the famine part of the judgment. (I will be talking about the other parts in a future article.)

Famine has not arrived in full force yet, but it will. Famine is tied to food. Food is a commodity. Commodities are purchased with money.

So the root of this equation is money. Money is the lifeline of America. And at this very moment, the threads of this lifeline are becoming unraveled.

The foolish leaders in charge of America's money system are pouring acid over the dollar that is in your wallet. The dollar is dissolving in its value before our very eyes.

I often wonder if God is influencing our leaders to do the stupid things that they are doing right now with our economy …

Or does God just take a step back and allow them to make their foolish decisions on their own?

I have read on the news, how treasury secretary Henry Paulson has hijacked America's money supply and is running it through a grinder. Through my earthly eyes, I am so amazed at how Henry Paulson has lied to Congress and to the American people with his $700 billion bailout. After his plan was approved by Congress, Paulson altered it and he changed the rules. I have read in some news reports that half of the $700 billion is going to go to foreign companies.

Have angry Americans gone to Washington with pitchforks and torches to protest? No they have not. They are too busy watching TV!

And while Americans stay asleep, the dollar grows weaker.

And just when I thought it could not get any worse, our leaders in Washington have revealed that they are prepared to provide almost $8 trillion to rescue failing banks and financial companies!

That's $8 trillion folks!

What will this do to the dollar? The answer is simple; it turns the dollar into toxic waste!

What do you think? How does that make you feel knowing that our leaders are destroying the dollar before our very eyes?

In the natural, the choices of these leaders do not make any sense. It is obvious that they are wrecking the dollar. So, I keep asking myself is Henry Paulson really that stupid?

Or is he a leader under the influence of God to bring America to her knees!

What do you think folks? Can it be stopped? I don't think so!

This coming year in 2009, we will begin to see the melting of the dollar in full force. By the year 2010, I will be very surprised if we are not witnessing the official beginnings of a Greater Depression!

As the American economy unravels and hits bottom, the only logical conclusion that I can see in this matter is that eventually the dollar is going to be replaced by a new kind of currency. What will it be? Will it be the new Amero? Or will it be another form of money that has not been revealed yet?

Brethren because of these things that we are facing in the near future, it is very important that we continue to get strong in our faith and in our relationship with God. Also, it is important that you seek God's wisdom on how to prepare for the days ahead.

Some people may be led to store extra food, some people may not. I really believe that right now God is leading some people to store extra because when the day comes, they may be the pantry for others.

Keep seeking brethren, stay vigilant!

God bless you,

Nathan - A watchman











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