Father’s Day – A Different Perspective
Nathan Leal - June 19, 2011

Over the last few days I have been reminded by the calendar on the wall…and my wife, that once again Father’s Day has arrived.

“Father’s Day!” …Two words that most people do not think about when they say them.

Two words that can have various potential meanings.

“Father’s Day!”

The day when the people of GOD gather for an assembly could be called “Father’s Day.”  But most people do not think of our Heavenly Father when they read those words on a calendar.

So aside from that spiritual concept, “Father’s Day” is an earthly holiday idea invented to commemorate fathers. Hallmark loves it because they get to sell, “Father’s Day” cards.

Family members love it because it rallies motivation for the family to do something different.

“What difference,” You ask?

It is the scene that is replayed over and over, millions of times across the country, on Father’s Day. Traditionally, the wife and children will wake up the father of the house; give him a card and say, “Happy Father’s Day!”

He’ll yawn as he awakens and will say, “Thanks.”

Then they will say, “Now take us to _____! (Fill in the blank) on a picnic, on an outing, for a drive, shopping, out to eat etc…

Most of the time it is something fun. Why? Because it is - Father’s Day…and Father’s Day is supposed to be fun.

On paper, this day of commemoration sounds like a good thing. It is good policy to acknowledging the father, because after all, he earned it…right?

Fatherhood Erosion!

But this is where the story becomes interesting. In the Judeo-Christian culture of yesteryear, a God fearing father was a staple of society and he maintained his role at fatherhood.

In today’s progressive culture of the new millennium, the role of the father has eroded. For the first time in this nation’s history, less than half of all US households are dwelling in holy matrimony!

The role of the father has been replaced with the temporary uncommitted partnership of a “baby’s daddy.” Isn’t that something? A child’s mother now refers to the father as the “baby’s daddy!” Or in the third person, “their father.”

In the old days, a child out of wedlock was the fuel for “scorn.” But today, it has become acceptable, trendy and even progressive.

And it is from this point of view that I would like to visit the commemorative meaning of this holiday. Does it still have a meaning to the progressives of society? Society seems to have nullified the role of the father.

In my humble opinion, Father’s Day has lost its special meaning. Why?

Based on my observation, out there in the world, “Father’s Day” is now a commemoration for what almost half of the adult male population did ….they made babies!

Lost Virtue!

I am not trying to be unkind, but the stats are now telling the tale. Society has lost the moral virtue of marriage. So I must ask, “Are men who spread their seed without responsibility deserving of a Father’s Day card?”

My friends, I propose that if this day is observed from the standpoint of only procreation and picnics, this day it is not that special.

To the world, fatherhood has become the role with a missing pilot. It is a role that no longer has expectations. It has lost its nobility. Fatherhood has surrendered its biblical foundations to excessive lifestyles of irresponsibility and pleasure.

But we are not of the world, so I would like to talk about this day from a different point of view. Because when it comes to fathers, the world has a different point of view of fatherhood than what we read in scripture.

Based on my observation, they can be polar opposites. According to scripture, the father is supposed to be the priest over his house, the spiritual authority, the (here it comes folks) the “head of the house!”

Unfortunately this view is contrary to the world, i.e.,-  Hollywood…remember that TV Show: “Everybody Loves Raymond?” In that program, the dad is a bumbling idiot who also happens to be whipped by his wife.

In the old days of "I Love Lucy," it was Lucy messing up…Ricky was the authority…not anymore!  Society’s view of men has evaporated.

It takes a real man to be a father. What is a real man?  A young boy who grew up and learned to put away childish things.

A real man is one who learned the importance of the statutes of God and who maintained these statutes for the full duration of his life. A real man understands his biblical role to be the head of the house.

Fatherhood vs Feminism

This Godly role cannot be accomplished by man who tolerates being whipped by a feminist wife with a Jezebel Spirit!  (Ouch! Did I just say that?)

Today’s anti-God culture parades itself as trendy.  But society’s record reveals another story. A sad story that proves that the gender wars are an utter and colossal failure. A failure that has capsized manhood into little mumbling mice.

Society has capsized and inverted the genders.

Males acting like females, females acting like Butch Cassidy. This trend has been fueled by Hollywood entertainment. Today, TV metro-sexual men preen themselves.

Preen?  What is that?

From the dictionary:

  1. Preen- to clean their fur with their tongue- like a cat.
  2. Preen- to dress or groom with elaborate care.

I am not saying that men should be hobos….but come on! In today’s new millennium, we now have confused fellows preening and primping with their oils and lotions. The only thing missing is mascara and painted toenails!  


In America, the statutes of God have been rejected to the point of blindness, confusion and absurdity!

Absurd you ask? How?

The pop culture of confusion indoctrinates our young boys with a gender backup plan! If fatherhood is not to their liking, no problem, go under the knife and try motherhood. No worries!!!

These trends are convenient for a society that has no rules and when there are no moral absolutes, social creativity has no boundaries.

We can now see the result!

Today’s anti-God social experiment has proven to be a failure! The end game of this failure is the present judgment that is presently shaking this planet! God has had enough of this mess!

Homosexuality, abortion, the destruction of the family unit, wimpy men who dropped their spiritual baton to lead their families!

As Christians, it is easy to see the world’s choices as a mess of dark confusion. And this is exactly what we are seeing over the land: Rampant confusion.


Shall I continue? We now have a society where feminism has taken over households and marriages.

To a feminist, a man is a second class human, even to the point of being inconvenient, the result? Who needs men when woman can have each other? And now we are witnessing a society where it is acceptable for a woman to be bi-sexual! Carousing as butches, harlots and jezebels.  Again amen or ouch?

Meanwhile, how many men have their identities mired in confusion?

Society is shoving its lying doctrine down their throats. It’s okay to be different! There are no rules! Result: Confused young men battling temptation to be a sissy or a prom queen.

“Father’s Day” is a holiday on a calendar. But a man with a child does not make him a FATHER!

A father is a Godly man who is the priest over his house and leads his family to GOD.

Bambi can make babies!
Bugs bunny can make babies!
A philandering fornicator can make babies, but that does not make him a biblical father.

So what is a biblical father?

A man that fears God and is training his children in the way that they should go.

Why? Because someday he will give an account before GOD and because being a father is the greatest responsibility that a man with a child can have.

By the way, men….Happy Father’s Day!

Nathan Leal - Watchman’s Cry
June 19, 2011


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