The Sound of the Fallen
Nathan Leal - October 8, 2008

Remember the old philosophical question; If a tree falls in the forest with no people around, will it make a sound?

Here is a similar question;
If America were to fall in front of people, would it make a sound?

To the philosophers reading this, you do not have to waste your time wondering because I will tell you the answer.

America has fallen and it made a loud sound. But nobody heard it.

Actually, a few heard it. And they tried to talk about it. But no one will listen to them, at least not yet.

But indeed, America did make a sound when she fell.

It was a melody, composed by the tears of Lady Liberty in her final swan song.

It was a beautiful symphony, and if you listened, you heard her last words:
“Bye, Bye America, the journey has been great”

The “Bell of Freedom” joined her in the ending chorus, and tolled a “ring” one final time.

It was sad, it was majestic.

But the people did not hear it.

“How could they not hear it,” you ask?

Simple, because another band played on, and this one was louder. It had the sounds of lying politicians, lying preachers, and lying kings.

The politicians sang their song while the people emptied their pockets.
The preachers sang their song with promises that fell to the ground.
The Kings sang their song to their banks and their buildings.

So the people listened to this other band.

And in spite of the band’s lies, the people still celebrated.

They celebrated their debt, their stuff, and their things.

“These days will never end!” So they partied. They played.

They also watched and worshiped the Hollywood royalty on their televisions.

Their television that hypnotizes them and teaches them a different song; “We will never see sorrow!”

The sound of the fallen. The fallen nation.

It was taken by the bankers and the kings while the people were asleep.

But they did not care.

The people became slaves, but they did not care.

The money is failing, but they do not care.

So the prophets are crying out.

Will the people care?


Nathan – A Watchman



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