Oil Spill in the Gulf The Waters are Poison
An excerpt from message #152 "Oil Spill in the Gulf The Waters are Poison"
Nathan Leal
June 8, 2010

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Hello Friends

Over the past several weeks, America has been visited by an event that will be one of the most destructive ecological catastrophes in modern history. It is going to shatter records! Unfortunately, most Americans are not grasping its magnitude. 

This oil eruption is going to have very grave consequences for millions of people. It is going to affect the livelihoods and employment for many people. It is going to contribute to the health failure of many people. And here is the very grievous part of the story; it is going to end the lives of many people.

Over the last few weeks as I have researched and prepared for the message, I have found myself trembling. As I sought God in prayer, I asked Him for insight about this oil catastrophe. I have cried out to Him and asked Him to have mercy on the participants of this disaster.

His answer to me has been very clear. “People need to find mercy on an individual basis!”

I asked Him to explain, He said that people that want to find mercy need to be seeking Him with repentance and with all of their hearts for protection of themselves and their families!

Again, please do not take these words lightly. As a result of this event, some people are going to become gravely ill. Some people are going to be poisoned and unfortunately, some people are going to die!

To the person who would seek to dismiss this BP oil eruption as a casual episode, an unfortunate accident or a failure of technology, please know this, the chain of events that led to this catastrophe go much further into a different realm; A spiritual realm where a Holy God exists and is now unhappy with the works of men.

The Judgment of God

What we are now witnessing is the judgment of God upon America and upon the earth. When I say, "The Judgment of God" I am not referring to an afternoon thunderstorm that is over in a few hours.

This judgment will include the very foundations of the earth quaking and trembling. It is going to play out through a sequence of events. These events are going to strike a death blow to the economy and food supply of America. We are going to witness famine, bread lines and soup kitchens!

We are also going to witness a breakdown in society! Think Katrina times 100!!

The peaceful towns of America are going to erupt into chaos as these things play out.

God always warns

Before God judges a land and a people, He always sends His servants and His messengers to warn that judgment is coming. He does this to give them a chance to repent and to prepare.

Over two years ago, the Holy Spirit gave me a prophecy that judgment was coming to America. This prophecy was very detailed on the things that were going to happen. A portion of that prophecy spoke about poisoned water coming to America.

Here is the prophecy published April 18, 2008

WARNING - Judgment has Begun!
April 18, 2008

To those that would have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, it has become so!

The judgment that was at the door has walked through the threshold.

The patience of the Lord God Almighty has diminished and grown weary.

The sins of the land have poisoned the waters of America and are overflowing the banks. The waters and the rivers of America are full of the blood of the murdered unborn. They are full of iniquity, adultery and fornication. They are full of the abomination of Sodom.

The waters are polluted! The waters are polluted! The waters are polluted! They are foul!

Therefore, this watchman declares and cries out over the land that the judgment of the Lord Jehovah has begun!

Because people of apostasy did not desire the truth nor the Living Water of the Word of God prepare to see the poisoning of the water of the land!

Because the ears of the sleeping have been closed to the cries of the prophets, prepare to hear the cries of the people as God allows them to be stripped of their earthly idols and possessions.

Because the people of apostasy did not desire the True Bread of Life, prepare to see the bread of man become more precious than gold. Famine will reach the shores of America. Idle hands will be replaced with hands searching for food.

Because the people of apostasy placed material goods, cars and wealth over holiness, prepare to see these people living in their cars.

The land weary and full of iniquity will soon answer the cry from Heaven with:
and the tempest of deadly storms!

Therefore, let the people of God seek shelter in the heart of God with repentance, tears and reverence.

Let the people of God seek the wisdom of God for instruction to weather the days ahead.

This Watchman has declared it.
Let it be so, Amen!

Nathan Leal
April 18, 2008



The Prophecy becomes a reality - Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

On April 20, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, located about 42 miles southeast of Louisianna in the Gulf of Mexico, exploded; eleven workers were killed and the oil rig sank to the bottom of the Gulf. When it sank, its riser (drill) pipe, became dislodged from the Deepwater Horizon rig and began to leak oil on the ocean floor.

It was able to leak because the other end of the riser pipe stayed connected to the wellhead on the ocean floor, which allowed the oil to flow freely from its underground reservoir.

When the leak first occurred, BP told the United States Government that the leak could be as high as 60,000 to 100,000 barrels per day of oil. A barrel of oil contains 42 gallons. So 100,000 barrels translates into 4.2 million gallons per day.

Within days of the leak, BP began to backpedal from this number and tried to downplay the amount of oil that was leaking. They actually said that it was only 1,000 barrels a day. Then they raised it to 5,000 barrels per day. And now, 48 days later, they are saying it is only 15,000 to 19,000 barrels of oil leaking per day.

Those that have watched this story unfold, have witnessed the continual lying and falsehoods of BP. Their CEO, Tony Hayward, has minimized this catastrophe. And at the time of this writing, BP has lost all credibility. They have proven themselves unable to tell the truth. Unfortunately, the United States Government has enabled them and is also hiding the truth over the magnitude of this catastrophe.

So how bad is it?

The prophecy that the Holy Spirit gave me (written above) says that the waters of the land are going to be poisoned. It also says that famine will reach the shores of America. This means that famine is going to come from offshore. Meaning, that events are in motion for the Gulf of Mexico to be poisoned and this poison is going to arrive onshore and affect the food supply.

The Gulf of Mexico will no longer be able to provide seafood for America. America obtains approximately 40 to 50% of its seafood from the Gulf.

This poison is also going to make it to shore and contaminate the freshwater supplies of people along the Gulf. This will happen through a combination of arriving oil and the fumes from the oil's VOC’s (volatile organic compounds); i.e.- benzene, methylene chloride, sulfates and other solvents found in the fumes.

The poison will also be from the mix of the dispersants that BP is using to break up the oil. BP’s dispersant of choice at the moment is called CoreExit. This dispersant is very volatile to marine life and to humans. Oil is toxic in water at 11ppm ( parts per million).  CoreExit is toxic at 2.4 ppm (parts per million). This means that CoreExit is approximately 4-5 times more toxic than the oil itself.

Amazingly, the US government is still allowing BP to spread this poison dispersant into the Gulf. At the time of this writing, their use of CoreExit is approaching 1,000,000 gallons!

The poison will also arrive onshore when the hurricane season begins. Future hurricanes may very well send this poison water onto shore through; storm surge, flooding, high winds, tornadoes, and chemical rain!

When will it stop?

As I was seeking God over this matter, I asked Him how long it would last? I also asked Him if BP would be able to stop the leak.

The Holy Spirit said, "The nobles will be confused!” I asked Him, “Which nobles?”

He said, "political nobles, business nobles, oil nobles! They will not know what to do!”

We are seeing this very thing play out! It seems that all of BP efforts continue to result in huge failure!

My friends, I do not see a remedy for this oil leak occuring for a while!  BP has now said that the best hope that they have to stop this leak will be a relief well. This will not be accomplished until mid August.

Waiting two more months, is going to be catastrophic to the Gulf of Mexico. What we see in the news images already, will be magnified by three! And that is if BP can stop the leak by August!

The True Oil Spill Amount

Aside from the lies that BP and the Coast Guard have been releasing to the news media, the real number of the spill is incredible!  According to Steven Wereley a professor from Purdue University, the real spill amount is approximately 100,000 barrels a day! This translates to 4.2 million gallons of oil per day.

The oil spill began 48 days ago.  This means that we just went over the 200,000,000 gallon mark!

My friends that is 200 million gallons of raw oil in the Gulf of Mexico…so far!

By August there will be another 400 million gallons that will leak for a total of 600 million gallons of oil!!

Does the story end there? Unfortunately, no!

If the Gulf of Mexico suffers a hurricane, the relief well efforts could be postponed. A recent report said that it could actually be Christmas before the relief well is finished. This would result in a delay of four more months!

If that were to occur, there would be another 500 million gallons released bringing the total by Christmas to over 1 Billion gallons of oil!

Evacuations Coming?

As this spill continues to flow closer and closer to land, the air quality of coastal towns is going to be effected. The chemicals that I mentioned earlier are deadly to humans in high amounts. If high amounts of these VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) make it to shore, there will have to be MASS evacuations of coastal cities and towns. This is a story that is just now developing!

Again, my friends we are now witnessing the judging hand of God. It is in motion. It is not going to be stopped!

Our job is to seek Him with every fiber of our being and allow Him to cleanse us as we repent.

Note – A sermon about this whole matter can be heard here. Message #152 : Listen

Please listen to it and share it with all of your loved ones and friends

Find His mercy now my friend! Time is running out!

Nathan Leal
June 8, 2010
















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