News from the Wall #19 - Notes & Images - Part 4 & 5

UPDATED NOTES - March 27, 2014 - 5:30 Pacific

The Illuminati Unmasked: The "Prepare" message from the Superbowl decoded.

Notes and Images for Parts 4 & 5

The notes & images below accompany the information shared in Parts 4, & 5 of this series.

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The prepare message was ominous and mysterious during the Super Bowl. What did it mean?

As of this time 3-27-14, I have found twenty-two (22) occurances of the word prepare


The children sang the beginning of the Bruno Mars song "Billionaire."

It consisted of four lines.

"Oh every time I close my eyes.

I see my name in shining lights.

A different city every night, oh why.

I swear, the world better prepare!"


Here's a Youtube of the half time show.



At the beginning of their singing they stood as a dark silhouette in front of a blank screen.

The sang the first lines...

"Oh every time I close my eyes. I see my name in shining lights."


Then the song shifted...

"A different city every night, oh why?"

The flag changed five times.


Then they sang:

"I swear, the world better prepare...prepare...prepare"

Between each "prepare" there was a flash of static on the screen.

The static sent a message. It represented this...


The "prepare" message included new technology by Pixmob.


The Super Bowl half time show consisted of the use of special hats that were given away. This portion of the show included a mind control exercise that used the Super Bowl fans as test subjects. The purpose of the test was to see how obedient people will be in a crowd and a gathering.

The test was a success.

Most of the people put the hats on their heads and did not question anything. This allowed the Illuminati to use them as little people "pixels" to announced their own coming destruction!!!

Folks think about that! People will now be reduced to being counted as "pixels" in future gatherings. Individualism will be a thing of the past!

Several reports about the new technology:

How 80,000 People Became a Human Video Screen at the Super Bowl

How 82,529 Hats Became a Video Screen For Super Bowl XLVIII

Montreal firm PixMob turns Super Bowl crowd into human pixels


The PixMob hats looked like this. Make note of the three LED lights on the front.


Here is a youtube of the fans getting excited about wearing their mind control hats.

At 42 seconds in, you can see the "Prepare" message rising over the fans head.

It appears from the timespan of 42 seconds to 50 seconds.


The Super Bowl hats came in the plastic bags in the image below. Make note of the directions that were printed on the bag. A form of the word "instructions" was displayed five times. This exercise was a slam dunk for the Illuminati.

The hats were meant to be worn with the LED lights facing out. The lights illuminated as the people wore them.

It caused illumination on the forehead... Uh...hmmm??? I consider that "a clue."

This was not an accident! Illumination to the third eye chakra is key to the NWO minions.

The third eye is the top chakra to the esoterics of mysticism.


The Illuminati message used Pixmob technology to send several "Prepare" messages.

This part of the show had a very important symbolic meaning.

Can you see the letters? The word "PREPARE" is illuminated on the fan's Pixmob hats.


Here it is from a different angle.



I made a few animated "gifs" to show the "PREPARE" message crawling over the fans.


Here is another angle. Notice that the word "PREPARE" is also rising along the fans in the end zone.

The people attending the game had no clue that they were being used by the Illuminati to send out an ominous message about themselves!

Ladies and Gentlemen, one of the most disturbing parts of this hidden message was that the Illuminati used the people to announce their own coming demise!

By the time the "Prepare" message made it to the top of the stands, the field exploded!

This is very telling about how the timing of the coming false flag attack will play out. It reveals that while the people are being told to prepare...the explosions will quickly arrive.

Unfortunately, for many, it will be too late!

Don't delay folks. The clock is ticking...The big event is approaching!!

It will occur in several American cities....probably five...or more!

To all of my regular listeners, please take the time to hear the audio messages. I wil explain the hidden meaning of these messages. All of God's people must equip themselves with the proper strategies now! There is a huge deception campaign going on right now. Please become vigilant to their tactics.

To be continued - I have more images coming in the next few days. Check back for updates.



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