Maserati Illuminati Commercial - Notes & Images

Maserati Commercial - "We Have Prepared, Now We Strike" - Decoded


From The Illuminati Unmasked Series: "News from the Wall 19 - Parts 6 & 7"

Maserati, the Rothschild's, and the planned demolition of America.

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By Nathan Leal - May 14, 2014

In this study, we will examine the ominous Maserati Commercial that was broadcast during the Super Bowl. For those that saw it, it spoke volumes. But it was also cryptic and mysterious. What did it mean? I believe that I have discovered some of its hidden clues and in these two sessions, parts 6 & 7, I share my findings.


The Maserati Commercial was broadcast during the Super Bowl.

What did it mean? Was it a harmless commercial or something more?

Here are the words:


The world is full of giants. 
They have always been here, lumbering in the schoolyards, limping through the alleys.
We had to learn how to deal with them, how to overcome them.
We were small but fast, remember?
We were like a wind appearing out of nowhere.
We knew that being clever was more important than being the biggest kid in the neighborhood.

As long as we keep our heads down, as long as we work hard, 
trust what we feel in our guts, our hearts,
Then we're ready.
We wait until they get sleepy,
wait until they get so big they can barely move,
and then walk out of the shadows,
quietly walk out of the dark—and strike.


The commercial began with an image of a tsunami ...

The girl said, "The world... is full of giants..." I have spoken many times on my programs about tsunamis that are coming. The audio message goes into this.


Then we saw a tornado... In addition, over the years, we have talked about the tornadoes of judgment and darkness that God has warned were coming...


In the commercial, the dark clouds gathered...


...and overshadowed the rocks... there's a message here folks!


The girl spoke from her bedroom...


As the camera panned...we saw interesting things hanging in the window.

They are called "ojo de dios" or "the eye of god." They are craft ornaments / talismans from native American / Spanish culture. Innocent to some, but in reality, they are a pagan object tied to superstition.

I find it interesting that since we know that the Illuminati places significance in the "eye of providence / ra / lucifer," they placed this symbolic object in the commercial. It was no accident. The camera pans the room and shows the objects as the girl says, "They have always been here..."



She then stares at herself in the mirror. This is free masonic symbolism of "dualism." The Ying and Yang concept of opposites and twins. It is the core of Freemasonism and includes the Hegelian Dialectic and the goal of "order out of chaos" I will be talking about this in the next program.


There is a lot of history behind this belief system. It goes all the way back to Babylon. It has influenced many cultures throughout the ages.

The Romans worshiped Janus the two headed deity.

Here he is on an ancient coin.


It is even immersed in Russia. The two headed Phoenix is one of their symbols.

Note the two headed phoenix on a Russian coin.


The early Roman Church placed it in their Bible.

This creepy symbol has always been around because Satan loves chaos. Below is the 33rd degree logo for Freemasonry.

When the girl looked in the mirror, the commercial spoke volumes of everything that you see in these images. The Hegelian Dialectic believes in the twin realities of ordered conflict to move forward in life. They believe that light and dark / black and white / male and female / life and death / God and Satan are all the same and reliant on one another.

And not only reliant, but co-dependent on one another.

Thus to them, God is not above Satan, but merely his equal and polar opposite. Which means they need one another to exist!

They also believe that this dialectic results in a three stage circle of life/death & rebirth.

So to achieve new life, the earth must first experience fire and death. Which is where "Order Out of Chaos" comes from.

This is confirmed in the next scene of the commercial... where we then see a "fire" and a fireman fighting the blaze...


The fireman has the number 36 on his helmet. It is a little hard to make out, but if you watch the video above, you will see it.


Number 36 is profound to the occult. It is their magic number that adds up to "666," when all of the integers between one and thirty-six are added together.

The Babylonians revered the number 36 for this reason and made amulets with the sequence.

The amulets were called magic squares.

Make note that there are six rows with six numbers in each row. Below is another magic square pagan amulet.

The idea behind this is that each row of numbers adds up to 111 and the 6 rows then add up to 666.

Creepy huh folks!!! But this is all possible because today's math lesson is sponsored by the number...36!


As the commercial progressed, we saw their view from above...

Their drone flying over the city....always watching...


Then we saw the ravenous birds...over the power grid. Was this a subtle hint?

I believe that the grid will eventually fail, folks!

Are you ready for this to happen?


They then showed us an architect...

He was working on blueprints. This image seems familiar. Where have I seen this?

Hmm.... oh I remember now!...This!


Then we saw a ballerina getting ready to perform...but who is the ballerina?


Then a blacksmith pounded on what looked like a knife or a sword. this another subtle clue? The making of a sword?


The ballerina peeked from behind a curtain...

...Key word folks...peeked!

They have a curtain...

...And they are always performing from behind it. But be sure to refrain from peeking behind the curtain....

You may not like what you find...


As the production ended, we again saw their ariel view of the city.

...Their drones are becoming fully operational.


The girl then finished by saying..."And strike!"



They are ready to strike folks! In this audio session, I will break all of these images down in further discussion.


But who sponsored this creepy commercial? It was this gentleman, John Elkann.

He inherited Fiat from his billionaire grampa! He is a part of the Agnelli Dynasty.

...and he is only 37 years old!


But he is playing his role well...Mr. Elkann faithfully attends the Bilderderg Meetings.


And he hangs out with the Count Kissinger...


John Elkann is also bosom buddies with the pauper Alexandre Rothschild.

You should feel sorry for him because he has to live in houses like this one..

...amazing...huh folks!


Recently John Elkann invested in the Rothschild Group. The deal is expected to link two of Europe’s most powerful business dynasties. 

Elkann is also a member of other New World Order private clubs including the Committee of 300 and the Club of Rome.

The Club of Rome has a website where they are announcing that the world will soon be converted into a giant plantation of poverty, slavery and death!


I went to the website and read some of their agenda. It is diabolical and if successful, will turn the United States of America into a giant toilet bowl of misery. The plan also includes a controlled demolition of Europe and most of the West. those of you living in the U.K., Europe and "Down-Under," this forecast also includes you.


An excerpt from the report:

Humanity has a forty-year window to avoid the most serious negative consequences of its decades-long overconsumption splurge

    • The process of adapting humanity to the planet’s limitations may be too slow to stop planetary decline. Currently the human demand on the biosphere exceeds the global bio-capacity by some 40%.
    • Global population will grow, peaking at 8.1 billion people in 2042 because of rapid decline in urban fertility. Nathan's comment - I question this prediction. The world reached 6 billion in 2000, (edited the typo) ...And then 7 billion in 2014. This means that the population grew by 1 billion in 14 years...But this report says that it will take 28 years to reach another billion?? What is wrong with this picture? This reveals that the NWO plans to reduce the population in the coming 30 years. How will this happen? Will it be through war, pestilence, worldwide infertility? This prediction is the smoking gun folks!
    • Global GDP will grow, but much slower than generally expected because of slow productivity growth in mature economies, and lack of take-off in the 186 poorer countries.
    • Global GDP will peak after 2052, and investment share of the GDP will grow as society is gradually forced to handle issues of depletion, pollution, bio diversity decline, climate change and inequity, slowing growth in consumption growth will slow, with  fall in disposable income in some places
    • Global energy use will reach a peak in 2040, because of continued increase in energy efficiency
    • CO2 emissions will peak in 2030, because of a shift toward low-carbon sources of power and heat. Nevertheless, CO2 concentrations will grow, and the global average temperature will pass the danger threshold of +2 C by 2050, and peak at 2.8 C in 2080, which could trigger self-reinforcing “run-away” warming with a possible collapse in the second half of the 21st century
    • The United States will experience the greatest stagnation, while the process of stagnation will occur more gradually in the otherOECD countries. China and Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa and ten leading emerging economies will progress, but this will still leave 3 billion people in severe poverty. Nathan's comments - This is another smoking gun for the NWO plan for America. According to them, America's economy will NEVER recover in the next 40 years! This means that the great recession / depression will continue to vaporize America until we are a second and third world country! Folks fasten your seats beats, this means that it is only going to get worse. It also means that is the Lord tarries, most of us will never see prosperity again in our lifetime ...unless some leave the country and immigrate to the BRICS nations!



My friends, it appears that this commercial had several layers of deep meaning. It also contained a very ominous message.

In these latest sessions, parts 6 & 7, I explain what this will mean for you and your family. Please share this program to warn your friends and loved ones.


To be continued - More updates coming soon.



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