Transcript - The Watchman’s Cry
News from the Wall Program #14 - Part B


A Warning of the Coming Civil War!
Updated Notes

Transcript Release - May 16, 2013 - from Audio Program Released - April 26, 2013
( Note some portions of this transcript have been edited for clarity. It has also been updated)

By Nathan Leal

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Several weeks ago, on April 7, 2013, I had three prophetic dreams, all in the same night, one after the other. (Actually, I had four of them, but the fourth one, I cannot share. Perhaps I will in the future.)

I recently shared these dreams on my News from the Wall Program # 14 (4-26-13) as well as on the Hagmann and Hagmann Show on May 2, 2013

Please prayerfully consider what you are about to read because this warning is dire and it applies to all of us! (By the way, please know that I am not a pacifist. I believe very strongly in self defense. The content of this warning article will explain why I am saying this.)

This is the first time in my life that I have ever had this many prophetic dreams at the same time. Having this many in one night reveals to me that God wants to bring a VERY strong warning to His people.

It reveals that time is running out. I am also very troubled that these things may be arriving sooner than most people are prepared to face.

In summary, the nation of America is headed towards a very hazardous future.
The purpose of this warning is to notify all of you that when these things arrive, America will be forever changed. The lifestyle of freedom that we all once knew will be over….permanently!

When these things come to pass, Americans will find themselves very confused, not knowing what to do. Many of them will react with the wrong choice and do the wrong things.

The end result will be…a slaughter! The country will find itself mired in a conflict against its own citizens!

Sadly, there will be partakers who will be misled into believing that it will be glorious to participate in what is coming.

But what is coming will NOT be like a romantic conflict of warfare that is found in a video game.

Nor will the coming frenzy will be glorious or virtuous…it will be a nightmare! It will be a bloodbath… and many will fall!

I know that this is a fervent introduction but time is short folks. Based on my recent glimpses, I must proclaim this warning with a resounding alarm.
The Three Dreams

I am going to share all of the dreams first and then I am going to talk about what they mean.

In the first dream, I was standing in a downtown area of a city somewhere in the United States. I do not know what city it was, but the street had three lanes of traffic all moving in the same direction.

On each side of the street were buildings that were three to four stories tall. Suddenly from behind me, four or five armored artillery vehicles passed me. They stopped abruptly in front of one of the buildings that were on my left side. The vehicles appeared to be the MRAP type vehicles similar to the ones the Homeland Security has purchased.

As they arrived and came to a halt, the agents in the vehicles exited all at the same time. They were dressed in black tactical gear and were either SWAT or Homeland Security agents. I did not get an exact count, but I estimate that there were about 15 to 20 of them.

It appeared that they were going to serve a warrant on one of the buildings that was to my left.

In my heart, I knew that the people who were being served were a Patriot type of group.

When the SWAT officers got out of their vehicles, suddenly from the rooftops of the buildings on both sides of the street, men rose up – there were about ten to fifteen men on both sides. They were armed and they aimed their weapons down on the officers below.

They quickly fired on the SWAT / DHS officers that were standing on the street. Within seconds, they shot all of the officers in a hail of bullets! Their lifeless bodies ended up motionless on the ground!
As this was happening, I began to scream and plead that they stop, but it was too late! I had just witnessed an ambush on all the officers.

I was overwhelmed with sorrow, shock and disbelief because I understood the magnitude of what had just happened.

I began to scream, “What have you done? Why have you done this?”

I knew that this meant that everything from this point on was going to change for America. I knew that because of this ambush, the rules were going to change for everyone in the country.

I knew that this meant that new laws were going to be written that would suffocate freedom.

I knew that this was going to cause these patriots to be labeled something that, at one time, they were not, but now they had relabeled themselves. They had just become enemies of the State.

This was going to change America forever.

Then the dream was over.

Second Dream

Instantly a new dream started. In this second dream, I was inside of a building looking out through a window. It appeared to be a motel room. I was somewhere in the Southwest of the United States. I am very, very sure that this is where I was; the South, Southwest.

As I was looking out of the motel room, I could see that about fifty to seventy-five feet away from my window was a highway. It had four lanes, two in one direction and two in the other.

As I continued observing, I saw that some kind of parade was happening along the street. But it was no ordinary parade!

It was a march with of tens of thousands of individuals. They filled all four lanes of traffic. They were walking shoulder to shoulder in the same direction. Some of them were carrying American flags. Some were dressed in camouflage; some were wearing military type headbands. They looked like citizen soldiers.

They were all carrying weapons. It was a declared march. They were marching off to war! They were Patriots!

They consisted of all age groups. Some were young, some were old.  Some were Vietnam veterans. But, they were all very passionate, they were resolute in their thinking, and nothing was going to change their mind.

When I saw them marching, I left the motel room and I walked towards the edge of the street. I shouted towards them with the same fervency that I had in the first dream.
I screamed at the top of my lungs, “Please don’t do this!”

I knew the implication of what they were doing with their march. I knew that it meant that the American Civil War was going to start if they continued.

I had the intuition and the knowledge, that when this war started, many of them were going to die.

I tried to cry out to them to please turn back. Two of the men in the march heard me and looked at me. They left the parade and started walking towards me.

One said, “What’s your problem buddy?”

I said, ‘Please do not do this!’

He answered, “What are you some kind of Pinko - Liberal? If you hate America… leave!”

I retreated and went back to the motel room. I knew that I had to get out of there. I tried to figure out where I needed to go.

The dream was over.

The Third Dream

Then a third dream started. In this third dream, I was in Texas. I was again inside of a building looking out of a window. (I find it interesting that in many of my prophetic dreams, I am looking out of a window when God reveals the glimpse.)

I was looking east. I saw the Houston Astrodome appear before me.

Then, I looked a little to the north of the Astrodome, and I saw Joel Osteen’s Church.

It was empty. There were no people inside of it. The stage was empty.

As I was looking at these two things, I noticed that I had two or three people in the room with me also looking out of the window. I am not sure who they were.

As I continued to look at Joel Osteen’s church, I noticed that I had a pair of binoculars hanging around my neck. I picked them up and looked through them in the same direction.

But, when the binoculars came to my eyes, the scene changed. The Astrodome disappeared, the church disappeared.

Instead, a new view appeared before me. I saw a train that was in motion. It appeared right in front of me. It was coming towards me.

The binoculars made the train appear closer than it really was.

As I looked at the train, I asked the people in the room, “Hey, do you guys see the train coming?”

They said, “What are you talking about?  We don’t see anything.”
I pointed in front of me and said, “It is right there!” 

They said, “Nathan, we do not see a train.”

The train had two red engines that were pulling a very long load. I watched it as it began to move faster. As it gained speed, I became concerned because it did not seem to be traveling safely.

It seemed to be going 80 to 100 miles per hour!

I said, “You guys, do you see what’s happening?”


Then suddenly, as the train could no longer control its speed, it left the tracks. It began to derail.

Alongside the train was the regular highway. When the train derailed it bounced towards the highway and continued to move along the street. As it did, it scraped the pavement. The heavy steel of the train began to make violent sparks as it tore along the asphalt and concrete. There was a loud sound of screaming metal that punished my ears!

As I watched through the binoculars, I became overwhelmed with grief and sorrow. 
I said to the people next to me, “You guys! This is a catastrophe! The train is crashing!”

I began to weep!

They said, “Nathan, we don’t see it. There is no train there. We don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I lowered the binoculars and looked out the window. Sure enough, when I lowered the binoculars, there was nothing there. But then, when I put the binoculars back to my eyes, the scene continued.

I suddenly realized that the binoculars in my hand were a prophetic tool from God that allowed the viewing of glimpses of things that had not yet happened! I understood!

I continued to look at the vision. The train with two red engines continued in its violent crash. The engine and all of the railcars began to jack knife along the highway.

Suddenly the street under the train began to buckle and slither up and down in a wavy motion.

I cried and wept even more because I feared for the victims of this tragedy!

In an instant and unexpectedly, behind the train, there was an explosion.

It was massive. I saw a mushroom cloud! Through the smoke and fire, I could see a city burning.

Since I was looking through prophetic binoculars, I am not sure if I was still looking at the general vicinity of Houston, Texas. I am not sure where it was. But, a city behind the train burned. There were buildings burning. There was a fireball. It was a terrible catastrophe. I was overwhelmed at the spectacle.

Then the dream was over.

What do they mean?

I want to take a moment and talk about the meanings of these dreams. As I share my heart, I am going to also include the sobering truth about our situation. Friends, please consider what I am about to say.

The first dream involved a conflict when SWAT officers arrived at a location to serve a warrant. In this dream, I knew that in the eyes of the SWAT team, the citizens who were being served were some kind of Patriot Group.

I do not know who they were. I just saw what they did!

When the SWAT team arrived, a battle broke out. Actually, it was an ambush. The Patriot Group was ready for them and they reacted with offensive actions.

What does this mean?

As I have sought God about these dreams, He has prompted my spirit to warn everyone that this thing is coming.

I must also include this; if anyone who is a true Christian participates in anything of this nature, (i.e. ambushing a SWAT team and killing them!) …they are in ERROR!

Unfortunately, in the future, there will be individuals who will assemble to do this very thing! It is not going to matter that they think logically or rationally. They are going to do this.

Why? Because they will be motivated by the complex influence of  “patriotism” mixed with several other factors.

By itself and when kept under control, patriotism is not evil. Patriotism can be noble and virtuous. Patriotism means – the love and devotion to one’s country.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am not saying that it is wrong to have a patriotic affection for your country home. I do!

But a conflict occurs when patriotic affection becomes skewed into a patriotic obsession!

What’s the difference?

Love of Country

I have affection for the land of America where I was born and raised. I have great memories of living in this nation. This is the land that God chose for my birth, for my upbringing, and for a large portion of my life, America has been good to me.

So, I do have affection for the land of my pilgrimage. I care for her. And now, I grieve for her.

I grieve at the thought that she is changing before my eyes into something that is no longer inspirational!

I grieve because I know that the future of my children looks bleak!

I grieve because I know that any future thoughts of America’s promise will only be found in the memories…of the past!

And folks, I grieve because I know that it did not have to be this way.

God wanted to continue His blessings on her, but she would not have it! The people chose to reject Him.

Sadly, over the past few years, America’s denial of God has gathered momentum.
Instead of turning to Him, the people of America have chosen their pleasures. They turned their backs on Him and banished Him from their lives, and thus, they banished themselves from the hope of His remedy!

Because folks, the nation of America cannot be saved by fancy speeches about freedom and 1776! The only speeches that will save America must include the words "Repent!" But who wants to hear those words?

It is unfortunate but most people have chosen their own way. And thus, here we are!

Divine Judgment

The fall of America will not happen because DHS bought a bunch of scary vehicles!
The fall will happen because Americans backslid and walked away from their freedom.

The Bible is very clear; serving God brings freedom, serving ourselves will bring bondage! - Deuteronomy, Ch. 6

17 "You shall diligently keep the commandments of the LORD your God, His testimonies, and His statutes which He has commanded you.

18 "And you shall do what is right and good in the sight of the LORD, that it may be well with you, and that you may go in and possess the good land of which the LORD swore to your fathers..”

24 'And the LORD commanded us to observe all these statutes, to fear the LORD our God, for our good always, that He might preserve us alive, as it is this day.

My friends, the oppression that is arriving in America cannot be remedied with the “arm of the flesh!”

The remedy is not Ted Nugent or the Patriotic Spirit of Barabbas!

America’s fall cannot be blamed on one man, or the failure of one political party, or even on Obama!

Obama is just the symptom. But the root of the problem goes deep…very deep!
And here is the hard and bold truth; the fall of America is everyone’s fault! When America needed to repent…she didn’t!

A large portion of the Church in America has dropped the ball. It has become inept and empty of the message and power of the Cross! It has become empty of solutions, and empty of God’s promises.

I am not saying that all churches are in this condition but many of them are. The evidence speaks for itself. How many of God’s people are awake right now?

How many are asleep?

Reactive Patriotism

I am sharing this insight because this is the true diagnosis. Unfortunately, most people would rather take the earthly route of the flesh with Reactive Patriotism!

What is that? Reactive Patriotism is responding to the problems of the nation in the flesh, through the strength of man.

On paper this may sound noble but unfortunately it bypasses God and repentance!

And folks, it will not succeed. Not this time around. Why? Because it is no longer 1776!

The events now taking place in America are divine! God is letting it happen! Which also adds another variable to the equation.

Without the repentance of the nation, no amount of patriotic appeal is going to prosper.

Why? Because patriots may find themselves fighting against God!

I know that these words may not be what you want to hear. But they are the truth!
For those wondering what to do? There is a strategy…find God’s mercy, forgiveness and strength right now, while you still can.

The only ones that will endure what’s coming will be those who find God’s mercy on an INDIVIDUAL basis!

Those who want to endure must seek God and ask Him for the discernment to see the truth through the fog.

Because without discerning eyes that are open to the truth, most people will only see the landscape from the ground, from the earth’s perspective. But the picture is much bigger than the counsel found in the world.

Correct Perspective

The real canvas reveals that the solution to America’s problems will not be fixed with a march, a rally, or with bullets!

My friends, I do not share this message to be unkind. I share it because this is what time it is. This is our situation!

And the unfortunate truth of this matter is that a civil war of words is going to become a civil war of action. When this thing happens, it is going to change everything.

This is what the powers of darkness want. They want a civil war.

Right now, the despondency of American citizens is growing. The US Government is creating continual policies that impose, oppress and bully.

In the natural, this is a recipe for disaster. This is a recipe that is causing anger to incubate in the hearts of many American citizens.

Unfortunately, the temptation will GROW among some citizens to do something drastic! Eventually, at some point, there are going to be some radical patriot types that are going to say, “We’re going for broke.”

When this happens, they are going to pick a fight. They will engage!

Reaction of Violence

The war will begin. At that point, many others will feel the pressure to join!

Folks, this is exactly what the powers that be want to happen. They want a civil war. They want to see social unrest because they want to have their season of martial law where everything will change to their benefit.

Unfortunately, the citizens with the wrong priorities will succumb to the temptation to join the rally of madness.

For those of you that are listening, we must all have the right priorities. We must have the priorities to behave as Christians who are as innocent as doves, and as Christians who place the fruit of the Spirit at the highest level.
Please do everything within your influence, within your volition, within your will to resist in taking part in something like this because the end result will be destruction, mayhem and death!

Regarding the dream of the ambush, eventually some type of event is going to occur where patriots react in violence.

It may not be exactly like my dream, where a SWAT team serves a Patriot group in a three lane downtown area and gets ambushed. But the event will involve Patriots and SWAT type officers. There will be violence...

...and there will be blood!

My dream was a prophetic warning!

When the event occurs, there is going to be blowback. There is going to be a reaction from the government. There will be consequences. Folks, there are always consequences. Those that live by the sword will die by the sword.

A reaction from the government will be the beginning consequence. But it will also snowball into a colossal consequence.
Regarding the group that did the ambush in my dream, I have received a few emails from listeners asking if it is possible that they were not real patriots. In other words, were they fictional? Were they “actors – provocateurs” made to appear like Patriots!
Folks, I do not know! In my dream, the label that I had for them was that they were Patriots. Could rogue elements stage such a thing? Yes.

But my warning still stands. To all of those who call themselves remnant believers in Jesus, do not participate in something like this!

Second Dream Comments

My second dream revealed an assembly of Patriots in a declared march. I believe that this dream will occur in the near future. Perhaps there will be marches that occur more than once. The marches could become a nationwide movement that spreads into several cities.

As it happens, there is going to be a large assembly of patriots that are going to protest what the government is doing.

I received a few emails from listeners, asking if the marches were a response to the battle that I saw in the first dream OR if the marches were actually the beginning of the coming civil war. In other words, were the marches Round One?

That part, I do not know. I suppose that the marches could be the beginning of a patriotic resistance.

One thing that I find very interesting is that after I released the original audio warning of this dream on April 26, 2013. I then shared the same warning on the Hagmann and Hagmann show on May 2, 2013.

Washington, D.C. March?

About a week later, I began receiving emails from listeners who told me that there is a person that is organizing a march where patriots will rally in Washington DC with their weapons. The rally will occur this July 4, 2013.

The organizer’s name is Adam Kokesh from New Mexico. Alex Jones interviewed him. See below:


Regarding this march, I do not know if this one is related to what God showed me, but I find the rhetoric very disturbing. At 9:00 minutes into the interview, Kokesh makes statements like:

"...we will stand up to their unjust authority in whatever ways we see fit..."

At 10:20 he says:

"...We will use physical force when necessary and when appropiate..."

At 11:00 he says:

"...When we march on D.C., liberty will be restored...!"


Since Alex interviewed Adam Kokesh on May 6, he has now decided that he is going to join in the march on July 4, 2013

In the video above he says that if there are enough cameras, then perhaps violence will not happen. But then Alex says, "Quit being timid and afraid because none of us are getting out of this thing alive!"

Folks, what does that mean? I do not see these developments as wise moves for these people. It also appears that these things could be the start of the movement for more marches, thus fulfilling my prophetic dream.

The march on Washington, DC may appear to be a benign event but there are too many things that could go wrong. It could even be a setup. All it would take for mayhem to happen is one lone individual in the crowd doing something stupid with their weapon.
Regarding the ambush that I saw, after it happens, the powers that be are not going to just sit on their hands and remain passive. They are going to react and they are going to hit back very, very hard.

When they do hit back, it may be in a way that will upset the other Patriots around the country.
While all of this is happening on the surface in the physical realm, behind the scenes, in the spiritual realm, there are going to be powers, minions, evil spirits, demons who are going to go forth and influence both sides to become bloodthirsty, to become angry.

They are going to influence both sides to become irrational, to desire war, to desire bloodshed and aggression.

When we look at the Book of Revelation, we can see the powers of darkness working behind the scenes to cause the kings of the Earth to assemble in the Valley of Armageddon. Demon spirits are going to influence this.

In the same way, here in America, there will be evil spirit minions who will influence people to desire a civil war.

The people who will succumb to this desire will be those who have the wrong priorities.

My friends, what is your priority? I must ask these questions. The Lord wants you to know that some priorities can be WRONG! Please consider these words!

My second dream revealed the march to war, civil war!

Brother Against Brother

Folks, this is the bottom line. Satan wants a bloodthirsty civil war. He wants to see Americans against Americans. He wants to see brother fighting against brother. He wants to see Americans fighting one another.

Placing faith in patriotism and in the arm flesh during the end times is placing faith in the spirit of Egypt.

This has also been prophesied in the end times:

"And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbor; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom.” Isaiah 19:2

When I saw the people marching to war in my second dream, I begged them not to do it. I begged them to turn back.

After I awoke, I wondered why I had so much passion against their march. I am NOT a pacifist, so I found it odd that in my dream that I was against it.

I am also not against war. In fact, the Bible tells us that there is a time for everything, including war.

“To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven…A time to love, And a time to hate; A time of war, And a time of peace.”  Ecclesiastes 3: 1, 8

War has its place in the timeline of God. Revelation tells us that there was a war in Heaven; The Angels of God verses Satan and his angels.

I am not against war. However, I am against war at the wrong time.

So in wondering why I had such passioned pleas, I have concluded that in my dream my plea was the Spirit of God beseeching the people not to do it. God wanted them to turn back. But, they did not listen.

Folks, based on how I acted as far as having emotions that are out of character with me, I am learning that when I get a prophetic dream, and in delivering God's message, I also experience His way of thinking. In other words, in the dream, I put on the mind of Christ. Thus I experienced emotions that are not my own.

This explains why I pleaded with the patriots not to march to war! In my natural finite mind, I can see how it may appear as a noble and brave commitment. But with the mind of Christ, I see it as a march to the death!

Therefore, I must deliver the message for God! In this coming event, there are going to be ramifications that are going to massive. They are going to change the laws of America, as we know them.

The coming events of civil war are going to cause a state of emergency. It is going to cause martial law. It is going to cause a new direction for America.

Again, in the dream, I was somewhere in the South. Does this mean that when this thing gets going, when the civil war starts, it is going to happen in the South or the Southwest? I do not know. I am just sharing what I saw. 

But this is why I am talking about this. Because it appears that we are getting very close to these things.

And I do not want to see any of you that are regular listeners to be a part of the fallen.

However, I am concerned that this is where our nation is headed.

If it happens under Obama’s watch, Obama is going to be able to enact martial law. He will be able to suspend the Constitution. The end game for America is going to be America under tyranny and under police state rule.

I know that I have been warning about these things for some time. But now, it appears that God is increasing the frequency of the prophetic glimpses because the events are getting closer. If they are getting closer, we need to make sure that our hearts and our spiritual condition is in the right place, that we have the right motives.

Third Dream

In the third dream, I was in Houston and I saw the Astrodome and Joel Osteen’s church.

I then looked through a pair of binoculars that I had around my neck, first of all, one of the key points of this dream was that God allows His Watchmen, or whoever He happens to be using at the time, to use spiritual tools.

Those spiritual tools belong to God. They were not made by the person. They were not purchased by the person. God just lets His servants use them.

So, in this dream, I was looking through binoculars that I happened to have. These binoculars were a prophetic looking glass. I was able to see a glimpse. Looking through them was scary.

In my dream, I became upset. I became very sorrowful and overwhelmed with grief because of the catastrophe that I was viewing and witnessing. 

Folks, I need to say this. Whenever a servant of God sees a glimpse of something that is to come, to see God’s judgment is not easy. It creates fear. It creates terror.

The Terror of the Lord!

To see the power of God in His judgment is to be able to see God in His true form. It shows that God is a powerful, majestic, awesome, overwhelming God who can melt mountains.

The Bible says, “Therefore, knowing the terror of the LORD, we persuade men…”
2 Corinthians  5:11

Ladies and gentlemen, I have seen glimpses of some terrible things. Because of that, I need to warn and persuade as many people as I can. So, please get your hearts right. Get your priorities right.

The number one priority is not fighting the New World Order or being in the Tea Party or making great speeches that rally others. It is something else.


The first priority that we should all have is to possess a heart of repentance that takes us to the foot of the cross with a contrite heart, it is experiencing repentance that causes us to look in the mirror and see that we are undone. It should cause us to deal with the issue of our sins and find forgiveness in the blood of Jesus.

Our priority must include repentance that inspires us to cry out to God for rescue from the chains of bondage and the strongholds that weigh us down.

Our priorities must influence us to seek victory from oppression and from defeat.
Some of you have been walking without the victory of God for too long. You have been tolerating sins defeat! But, it is time for you to get tired of it!

Folks, the terror of the LORD is a mighty thing. I want to share with you that God shows the glimpses of His terror because He also has the remedy.

He showed me a glimpse of terror and I am sharing it with you.

But, I am also presenting this; the loving-kindness of God is new every morning. It is available for you. It is available to forgive you and pick you back up. It is available to strengthen and restore you.

It is available to revive you.

The Train with Two Red Engines

When I saw the third dream, I saw a train with two red engines heading towards me. After I awoke, I wondered to myself what it meant and I prayed. I have talked to some people about it. I‘ve sought counsel.

I have wondered. Why red? 

  • Red represents war.
  • Red represents emergency.
  • Red represents the highest level of alarm.
  • Red represents Communism.
  • Red represents Satan – the red dragon
  • And also, red represents bloodshed.

A train with two red engines: I believe that this train represented several of these things, maybe all of these things. Perhaps other things!

Folks, it is traveling very fast and it is coming toward us right now. It is barreling down the track. The train is in the future and it is going to come into our present.

The Ground Will Shake

As it arrives, it is eventually going to derail. It is going to lose control. It is going to crash. When it lands on the street – the ground, there is going to be a mighty shaking of the earth! The ground of America and the ground where you walk is going to shake.
The ground where we live and where we do our business is going to shake!

The ground under your house is going to shake. The ground of our possessions and the ground of the land is going to shake.

Eventually, we are going to see an eruption of fire. We are going to see the reaction in a catastrophe of frenzied fire, of fire that consumes and burns.

There are many categories and many areas of our daily life that are going to find themselves consumed.

Folks, the future of America is hanging by a thread right now. It is barely hanging on. A thread is not that strong and when it breaks, that train with two engines is going to crash!

Question - is there going to be a red train that is going to crash literally? I don’t know; Maybe.

I do believe that part of this dream is it is going to play out in the spiritual realm. It is going to play out behind the scenes. The color red represents the things that I mentioned.

Is it possible that another attack is coming to America and it is going to involve a train? Again, at this point in time, I do not know. I am still seeking for the answer.

But out of curiosity, I researched whether there are any train companies that exist that have red engines. It appears that Canadian Pacific Railway has red engines.

Does that mean that somehow Canada is going to be involved? Or this rail company?

If we were to look at the train dream literally, one might ask if a Canadian Pacific train with two red engines is going to derail in the USA, possibly in Texas and cause a massive explosion? I have wondered about this.

And I have also wondered that if it did occur, would it be declared a terrorist attack? If so, who would they blame?

I have many questions about this dream and I am still seeking God about it. If more insight is revealed, I will share it with all of you.

One thing that I do know is that this event caused me to weep in my sleep. This does not happen very often. But it does tell me that this dream is one to take seriously. 

Coming Tyranny and Bible Prophecy

As this thing unfolds, tyrannical America will require that laws be passed to disarm the population. As the new laws arrive, there is going to be resistance.

In the natural, I know that this creates a conflict for Christians who are Patriots. It creates a looming question – “What do we do?”

As these events rear their ugly heads, it is going to become apparent for many evangelical Christians that they were not prepared to face these hard choices. Why? They dismissed the concern because they believed that the Pre-tribulation Rapture was going to rescue them and thus, they did not think about it!

Unfortunately, the Rapture has not happened and now these questions and issues need to be addressed because they are about to arrive.

This means that millions of Christians need to get on the fast track to learn about all of these things. Sadly, most will not. Many will be deceived into following the wrong advice or cleric like Ted Nugent. But they will follow the advice to their graves!

Ladies and gentlemen, the end result is that America is going to turn into a tyrant. The New World Order is going to rise out of the ashes to fulfill Bible prophecy, so that Jesus can return.

The End Times Will Not be Stopped!

( Note - I will address the question of civil war verses other choices below.)

Again, this thing is not going to be stopped! The New World Order will not be stopped. I know that people do not want to hear this, but today’s events are Bible prophecy.

I know that for some of you, my statements raise questions in your heart.

“Nathan, does this mean that we are supposed to just lay down and take it?”
That is not what I am saying, folks. And for the record, I am not a pacifist!

But here is a question for you, are there only two choices?

  • Laying down and taking it!
  • Or fighting back with the patriots?

Can there be a third choice, or a fourth, or a fifth option?

  • What about fleeing and heading for the mountains?
  • Or what about staying one step ahead of them by being guided by the Holy Spirit?
  • What about becoming invisible to the enemy. Ps.91 in action.

Brethren, the Bible tells us that in the time of the end, God will be doing some supernatural feats through His people.

“…but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” Daniel 11:32b

What a promise!

The above verse sounds conditional, The people that DO know their God! Sounds like homework! Knowing God requires that we seek to know His counsel.

This means that none of us needs to be getting involved in or following advice from someone or something that contains ungodly counsel.

Psalm 1:1 says,
“Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly…”

If you find yourself gravitating towards rhetoric that is patriotic, radical and violent.

There are questions to ask about it:

  • Is it Godly counsel?
  • Is it Godly rhetoric?
  • Who are the people saying it?
  • What are their motives and priorities?
  • Does it pass biblical scrutiny?
  • Is it wise?
  • Is it foolish?
  • Is it going to get somebody killed?
  • What spirit is behind the words? God or Satan?

I am talking about the civil war. As this thing unfolds, hopefully the Internet will still exist and I will still be on the air and I will be able to bring more talking points and more commentary and more interpretation and more words from the Holy Spirit on what needs to happen after new events come forth.

That is another reason that I am here, to continue to break down world events and to share some words from the Spirit and from God. So, please keep us in your prayers.  Also, continue to remember us in your support.


Folks, my plea is that you do not participate in folly. And we also need to have the discernment from the Holy Spirit.

Again, they that live by the sword will die by the sword. But I can already hear the rebuttals from patriots who want to say that my words sound "cowardly" and also that they want fight the tyrannical US government.

So please allow me to address a few rebuttals here.

Question: Should Christians take up arms and fight the government?

My Answer: The choice can only be decided by you. But I have question, to the one desiring to take part in the revolution, what are you trying to restore?

Society is still messed up with its anti-God belief system. Today's generation hates God and wants to live for itself.

Does one think that by overthrowing the regime, that somehow righteousness will return to America? This nation is in a mess because the hearts of the people are in a mess! This includes patriots, warriors, pacifists, evangelicals, liberals and also the remnant!

Since I released this article, I have received a few hate filled emails from patriots that are angry at my words that ask for calm. I have been accused of being a "coward" and "timid."

Folks, the words of this warning are not to promote "cowardice," or "non-bravery,"... they are to communicate God's warning to everyone. They are to promote wisdom and non-folly. In layman's terms, I am promoting that people not do something stupid!!

This warning is about not taking part in the folly of a patriotic ambush.

Question from a listener:

I received another email from a person that asked, "So Nathan, if SWAT is raping my wife, am I just supposed to take it!"

My Answer: Who said anything about rape? Folks, based on the responses that I am getting from some people, there are some who refuse to think logically with reason.

Again, this article is NOT about self defense. I am not against self defense. Defending your family from bandits, pirates and thieves is our duty. This warning is about not taking part in the murder of SWAT officers! In my dream they were ambushed. It was wrong!


But getting back to those who are digesting this information. I notice a developing pattern that those who believe in the Pretribulation rapture seem to want to fight in a civil war.. And those who do not believe in it want to look at other options like flee to the mountains.

Why the difference? Apparently, the end time view seems to have influence in the level of patriotism. Now folks, I could be wrong but this is my observation.

I notice that based on end time eschatology, there seems to be a connection on the outlook towards civil war and revolt.

What do I mean by that?

If you are a pretribber, then it is easy to think that the tyranny will be stopped. Because if the end time Beast was around, then you believe that you would be gone in the Rapture! Therefore the civil war is only against a bad US government and not the Beast of Revelation 13.

But my Pre-trib friend if this is your theory, I have a question. What if the US Government is the beginning of the Beast of Revelation? Do you really think that you can beat it? There are other priorities to worry about, like getting prepared to go underground with your family!

But if you a not a Pre-tribber, then you understand that the remnant will have to endure the tribulation period and the End Time Beast. You also understand that the NWO Beast will not be stopped. So armed revolution is futile. Better to flee like Jesus said!

And this is my point. I believe that we are witnessing the beginning of the Beast. We are also seeing the judgment of God that is allowing tyranny to come in the first place. The judgment of tyranny will not be stopped by a patriot army. Sorry Folks! It won't!

The events are going to come. In fact, they are already arriving. That is one of my concerns because this thing may be happening quicker than most of us are prepared to face.

Ladies and gentlemen, I see the agenda of Hell in motion right now for America.

Please keep in mind that the devil does not always need a false flag event for an evil agenda to pass. He merely needs to possess some people into doing some crazy things; things that will shock the people into an involuntary compliance.

In order for the powers of darkness to maneuver America into the evil season that is coming, their agenda needs to be in motion right now. And all we need to do is look around and see that it is indeed in motion!

In conclusion, we must all be getting ready.

I know that I revealed a lot of things. If you find yourself struggling with the validity if my topic, take the matters to God and ask Him. Ask the Holy Spirit. Let Him bear witness with you that these things are approaching.

Folks, time is running out,so get right with God! …. Get right with Jesus!
Then, get your last minute items. My prayer and my challenge for you is that your priorities will be in the right place, so that when these events happen, you will not succumb to the temptation to react in error.

Because we need to be as innocent as doves my friend…
…as innocent as doves!

God Bless You All,

Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry


Brethren, our ministry is Watchman’s Cry. If you appreciate our vigilance, let us know with your Support.

Our address is Watchman’s Cry, P.O. Box 157, Priest River ID 83856. 

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