A Comment on Sermon 121
Nathan Leal

Brethren, thank you for listening to the latest audio.

I have been getting some e-mails of confusion regarding this sermon. The purpose of this Bible study was not to create confusion, but to have spiritual integrity when studying the Scriptures.

The main topic of this sermon is about the “antichrist.”

The first part of the Bible study looks into the word “antichrist” and examines where that word is found in the Bible. According to the Scriptures, the word “antichrist” is found only in the books of the 1 John and 2 John.

According to the passages of Scripture in those books, the word antichrist means “against Christ.” The passages also explain that anybody can be antichrist. To deny that Jesus has come in the flesh is antichrist. The passages of Scripture also explain that this attitude can be committed by humans as well as evil spirits.

For the record, I do believe that the Scriptures tell us that there will be an end time leader who is very evil and who will massacre and persecute Christians during the tribulation.

The book of Daniel calls this person the little horn. He will be a very evil and vile person. When we examine the narrative of the end times, this person is the villain and I do believe that he will be in our future.

So please keep in mind, as you listen to the audio sermon that I am not trying to take this villain OUT of the end time prophecy story.

The purpose of this study is to find out scripturally, what the Bible really says about the end time characters: Instead of what we have heard in the fictional books like the "Left Behind" series and in Hollywood movies like “The Omen.”

Because of these fictional writings and because of Hollywood movies, a lot of Christians are misinformed about this end time leader. There are some traditions of men that teach that this end time leader will do some things that the Bible does not say.

Example, the beast and the antichrist are not the same thing. But people have been taught that they are the same thing.

According to the Scriptures the Beast is the end time empire or the New World order that will take over this world very soon. In other words, the beast is NOT a man.

The Bible prophesies about some events that will happen to the end time empire beast but some Christians erroneously think that those Scriptures are talking about a man when in truth, they are not. This is my motivation for these lessons. I wish to communicate the truth about these matters to the remnant of God.

So please keep that in mind as you were listening to the audio.

God bless you,






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