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"Events approaching in 2015 - Gearing for War!"



So what do we have to look forward to in 2015? The question should really be, "What should we prepare for in 2015?"

Many things are approaching, including the sound of the drums of war against Russia, and other nations.

War will become the developing story as public opinion in the West is swayed to accept it,

... and desire it!

But in order for the general population to accept it, they must first be brainwashed by the New World Order Brigade into believing that Russia is the enemy of the USA and NATO.

This will require OPERATION PROPAGANDA, which will entail a campaign of opinion engineering, brainwashing media presentations through - movies, video games, news reports, etc., cognitive political shaping, and false flag events.

The initial false flags will be small, but eventually, when the incubation period of public opinion is ripe, "The-Powers-That-Be" will execute the big one!

It will be a false flag that will galvanize the population into nationalism through blame and hatred towards Russia and other chosen countries. The other countries may include North Korea, China and /or a non-state group like ISIS, etc.

The run-up towards war may take several years, but in 2015, the rumblings will begin which eventually, will build into a national crescendo that will desire it!

As stated, it could take several years, but I must include that war could also begin towards the end of 2015.

We are in uncharted territory folks. This thing could break wide open at any moment. The only thing that will prevent war is the mercy of God.

Otherwise, the battle lines are being drawn...on a Pentagon Supercomputer!

Many people want it to happen.

-- Obama wants it, to distract the population from his failed presidency!

-- The neo cons want it, because they are bloodthirsty vampires!

-- The IMF wants it, to try to save the dying US PetroDollar!

-- The New World Order wants it, to hand a victory trophy to the East in the aftermath.

-- The Illuminati wants it, so that their proverbial Phoenix can rise from the ashes.

-- Satan wants it, so that his Beast can rise from the sea!

-- and God is going to allow it, to rid this world of His adversaries!

The campaign to steer the public to desire war will to be crafty and very deceptive; and the majority of Americans will be hypnotized by its spell.

The Next President

It appears that TPTB have narrowed their choices for presidential candidates. At the time of this writing, I am noticing the promotion of a Hillary vs. Jeb Bush Presidential run. While all of this could change, it is interesting that the established news outlets are already talking about this. Even more interesting is the lean towards Jeb Bush.

From the political neo-con point of view, Jeb Bush would be at an advantage as a candidate who can obtain the Spanish vote because his wife - Columba Bush is a naturalized citizen who was born in Mexico and thus, the Jeb Bush family has children who are half-Latino.

Their son George P. Bush has already entered politics in Texas.

If Jeb Bush does run and win, it may be the Latino vote that ensures his victory. Obama's recent amnesty of illegal aliens may help to bolster election results for Jeb.

While I am not certain about this outcome, I am sharing this because the news outlets are beginning to relay the signal of a Bush Presidency.

- From CNN - Jeb Bush can win it all

- December 2014 Polls give him the lead - 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination

- His Face book Page is announcing a possible run - A Message about Running

If Jeb Bush becomes the next President in 2016, it should strike GREAT CONCERN for all Americans and others throughout the world. The Bush's are warmongers at the highest level. A Jeb Bush win will almost assure that a war will be waged against Russia, China and others.

I must also include that if Hillary runs and wins, we will also have war. I am concerned that the next President will also be a War President. This is based on evidence that anyone can find if they will just look.

Is Halliburton Gearing for the Aftermath Mop-Up of War?

Bloomberg - Halliburton to Buy Baker Hughes for $34.6 Billion

In November 17, 2014, Halliburton made a bid to purchase Baker Hughes in Houston, Texas for 35 billion dollars. Baker Hughes is a supplier of oil field equipment throughout the world, including Russia.

Halliburton does not have a strong presence in Russia.

With the crash of the oil markets that is expected to worsen in the coming year, my question is why would Halliburton purchase Baker Hughes in this unsettled time period? Russia is experiencing sanctions. Why does Halliburton want them as a customer?

Is it because the NEOCON insiders at Halliburton know something that we do not know?

Do they know that war is approaching Russia which will result in destroyed oil fields in Russia?

If Jeb Bush wins the White House in 2016, and war with Russia ensues, the rebuilding contracts in Russia and throughout Europe will make Halliburton very wealthy.

At this point, this is speculation, but Halliburton has a history of war profiteering, and in light of the present oil market shakeout, I find the timing of Halliburton's acquisition of Baker Hughes suspect.

Insider White House Corruption

As we saw Vice President Cheney take advantage of his position with Halliburton, a conflict of interest is occurring once again in the present administration.

Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, recently joined the board of "Burisma Holdings," the largest Gas company in Ukraine, a few months ago.

Biden's son joins board of Ukraine gas company

The lesson here boys and girls, is to stay in school because a White House membership has its privileges!

Waves of Judgment

Because of America's stubbornness and hatred towards God, there will be a number of "wave judgments" that are going to be arriving in 2015 which will darken the sky over portions of the land.

The darkness over American society will be evident. It will influence great evil in the hearts of men. Horrific crimes will increase in frequency. Evil will become more and more prevalent. Race wars will increase. Societal upheaval will grow as America continues into the pit of her own demise and destruction.

This could have been stopped....if only America had repented!

..But instead - Woe to America!

The arriving waves of judgment will increase in frequency and strength. The interim between sorrowful events will grow shorter. In the last few years, the judgment has been flowing slowly, but in the future, it will speed up.

This will reduce the time that you have to get ready and prepare.

Friends, please do not just be a side-line observer. Do something about your situation. Time is running out!

More judgments are coming!, They will inflict a pounding in several categories including: finance, inflation, and higher food prices, increased tyranny, increase in evil, disease, and eventually...war!

Past Prophecies

Over the past few years, this ministry has given prophetic warnings of things that were coming to America. The list has been very long.

One of the warnings involved the stealing of retirement funds by the Federal Government. Read prophecy

This judgment is now on the horizon. Enter - President Obama's MyRA Proposal.

Federal Government MyRA website

The plan is to require retirement funds to be federalized. Make note of the name of this program - "MyRA"

"Ra" is a false Egyptian god. Who is Ra? - Wiki


Who is Ra? He was believed to rule in all parts of the created world: the sky, the earth, and the underworld. He was often considered to be the King of the Gods and thus the patron of the pharaoh.

This seems to fit the present narrative of Obama.

One of the architects of this scheme is Professor Teresa Ghilarducci. Below is a quote from her website about the program:

The President's "myRA" proposal is an old idea with a slight twist. It would allow employers to send workers' contributions to a guaranteed non-profit government bond plan. This is a good move. The program would extend tax breaks that are currently only available to high income workers. This is both a fair and good move.

However, the proposal would move myRA accounts to commercial IRA accounts when savings exceed $15,000. These accounts could then be tapped before retirement, which is a bad move. Another detriment - the program is voluntarywhich will limit an individual's ability to accumulate adequate funds for retirement. 

Unfortunately, these possibilities for leakage make this proposal woefully inadequate to deal with the retirement crisis. The President should support expanding Social Security, Social Security contributions, and a universal guaranteed prefunded account on top of Social Security.

Her website


The Present Oil Market Crash

Several months ago, God gave me a prophecy about the coming crash of the oil markets as well as other events. It was published on October 13, 2014. I went public with it and shared it on several occasions including the Hagmann & Hagmann program.

In my prophetic vision, I saw a giant sign fall out of the sky and crash to the ground. The sign had the words "Standard Oil" written on it. It had green sides on it with steel rebar.

The vision represented many things and one of them was "A SIGN" of falling oil. This meant that oil markets were going to CRASH!

The vision was also a parable that included "Standard Oil." Standard Oil was owned by John D. Rockefeller. Rockefeller was involved in the opening chapters of the Federal Reserve, the PetroDollar, and other nefarious NWO pursuits.

The crashing sign that I saw meant that oil markets were going to collapse and begin a chain-reaction of destructive events that would result in destruction to American cities and also cause massive inflation. I have gone into this in the link below as well as in other programs.

Read prophecy of oil market crash

This prophecy is now in motion, but it will not stop with cheap gas prices. It will result in an eruption that eventually will have grave consequences including the collapse of the US Dollar which will result in massive inflation. This will effect the prices of everything in America including food.

For those who are noticing the drop in oil prices, the big question that many people have is, "Why?"

There are many opinions out there. Most of it is propaganda. The real truth is that the present oil price manipulation is the beginning of war with Russia. The goal is to back Russia into a corner until she cries, "uncle!"

But Russia is not in the habit of whimpering!

...or giving up!

And the problem with this strategy is that it is going to backfire. My prophetic dream had other elements, including a destruction to the USA and mass chaos. It also revealed that America's power would fall to the ground and shatter!

So friends, be warned and take heed, this thing is already in motion and will escalate into future destruction.

Why does Ukraine matter to Russia and to the United States?

Ukraine is experiencing a tug of war by both Russia and the USA.

Why is this taking place? Many people in the general population do not understand what all the fuss is about, nor do most of them care.

But Ukraine matters to The Powers That Be.

...And it matters to this guy!

Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote the script that Obama is following to lead America to war with Russia.

In the early 1990's, Brzezinski said:

"It cannot be stressed strongly enough that without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be an empire, but with Ukraine suborned and then subordinated, Russia automatically becomes an empire."

So for Brzezinski, Russia must be prevented from obtaining control of Ukraine. Why?

It is because of its geographical location. Ukraine sits between Europe and Russia and is a bottle-neck / choke-point that gives Russia access to deliver gas and oil to Europe through strategic pipelines.

As you can see in the map above, Russia depends on Ukrainian pipelines to deliver its gas to Europe. This is exactly what Zbigniew Brzezinski does not like. He does not like Russia benefiting from this or growing wealthy from it.

Russia is a threat to the stability and future of the PetroDollar. And Putin is already making alternative arrangements to sell their oil using other currencies including gold. The NWO cronies of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), find Putin's non PetroDollar policy, unacceptable.

This is another reason that war is coming. Ukraine is the prize and both the East and the West want it.

The European Union and NATO want Ukraine to join them. But not to be outdone, Putin is forming his own Economic Union.


It is called the Eurasian Union. It is scheduled to become official on January 1, 2015...which is happening now! Thus far, it has five members including (Russia, Armenia, Belarus, & Kazakhstan,) Kyrgyzstan will join in May 2015.

Putin envisions adding most of the former Soviet Union States to the Union.

Russia expands Eurasian Union in competition with European bloc

Putin's EuroAsian Union Master plan

So a tug of war is taking place over ex-Soviet states. But what will be the outcome?

This is what we will be watching in the coming year. Putin's new Union is already saying that they are going to abandon the US Dollar and the Euro for transactions.

Eurasian Economic Union set to abandon dollar

This change-over may take a while, but nevertheless, this is not good news for the Dollar.

The Ukraine and Novorossiya

As the East and the West fight over Ukraine, most Westerners do not know that a large part of Ukraine was once a different area called Novorossiya, which means "New Russia." This area occupied the Southern and Eastern part of the country.

It was the Soviet Union who merged these two areas together in the 1920's into what we now know as Ukraine.

But with the uprisings taking place, many protesters are calling for "Novorossiya." Putin has even been referring to eastern Ukraine by this name.

‘Novorossiya,’ the latest historical concept to worry about in Ukraine

Here's Why Putin Calling Eastern Ukraine 'Novorossiya' Is Important

What does it mean? It is fueling secessionist movements in Ukraine. If Ukraine breaks apart, it would work in Putin's favor as he is ready to sweep up the crumbs.

Already, several regions are declaring independence from Ukraine including: Donetsk and Luhansk

Ukraine crisis: A country is born in Donetsk... but not for long


As you can see in the map above, the unrest is in the Southern and Eastern part of the country.

There is a possibility that more of these regions could declare independence and try to breakaway from Ukraine and give their allegiance to Russia.

If this occurs, the country will erupt into a more bloody civil war where the USA and NATO will get further involved. Putin will be challenged defend pro-Russia citizens in Southern Ukraine. This could be the catalyst that leads to WW3.

This is exactly what the American military industrial complex wants, another war. Not just any war but a very large war, to save the PetroDollar and also to try to tame the Russian Bear.

I must also include that the uprisings, that began in March of 2014, have the hand print of the CIA and MI6 all over it. Reports and evidence has exposed the involvement of Western provocateurs, including mercenaries from the "Blackwater" hatchling "Academi."

400 US mercenaries 'deployed on ground' in Ukraine military op

Oliver Stone interviewed ousted Ukrainian President. Says Coup was CIA Op

I know that Mr. Stone sparks controversy, but he is currently engaged in the production of a documentary about Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych, who left the country following the February coup.

And as per his Facebook page, dated December 30, 2014, he states that the coup in Ukraine has CIA fingerprints all over it.

"Excuse my absence these past weeks. A combination of overwork, prepping the Snowden movie in Germany & England, a side trip to Moscow, and a devastating head cold have laid me low. Recovering over Christmas in California; winter sun helps.

Interviewed Viktor Yanukovych 4 hours in Moscow for new English language documentary produced by Ukrainians. He was the legitimate President of Ukraine until he suddenly wasn’t on February 22 of this year. Details to follow in the documentary, but it seems clear that the so-called ‘shooters’ who killed 14 police men, wounded some 85, and killed 45 protesting civilians, were outside third party agitators. Many witnesses, including Yanukovych and police officials, believe these foreign elements were introduced by pro-Western factions-- with CIA fingerprints on it...."

Oliver Stone: CIA Fingerprints All Over Ukraine Coup

The evidence is dripping from the woodwork folks! We are presently witnessing an operation to lead this world to WW3.

Why War?

Here is a short synopsis.

In November of 2013, Ukraine was very close to signing an agreement to become associated with the EU. The problem with the deal was that the IMF presented many expectations and terms that Ukraine did not favor nor want.

Putin countered with his own proposal to join his Union.

Ukraine became confused and backed out of the EU deal. This is when the West began enacting their backup plan to destabilize Ukraine. The plan required using provocateurs to rally protests in the Ukraine. The staging ground was organized during the Sochii Olympics when Russia was distracted.

But the CIA propaganda machine could not begin the riots until after the Olympics. Otherwise people would not tune in to the Ukrainian chaos.

This delayed the crisis until several weeks after the Olympics ended, when we saw the protesting begin in late February.

...And he we are nine months later. The situation has deteriorated to the point the talk of WW3.

One of the biggest signals for the coming war shined brightly on December 4, 2014, when the House voted on (HR 758) which was a resolution for President Obama to use the US Military in Ukraine and provide LETHAL AID to the Ukrainian Government against RUSSIA!

It was an exercise in insanity!

The Elites Want War

New World Order puppeteer George Soros is lobbying for a war with Russia. On Jan 3, 2014 he stated in a German paper that the EU needs to begin taking on new debt to prepare for war with Russia.

Soros: EU to take on new debt for war against Russia

Ladies and gentlemen, his statement is very telling and reveals that war is coming. George Soros is a part of the vampire globalist gang who want to see WW3.


HR 758 - Insanity Resolution

The insane push for war knows no limits. The US Congress also desires it. They passed a crazy resolution in December, 2014.

Text of 758 Resolution from Gov Tracker website

The Resolution accuses Russia of many crimes including the downing of the Malaysian Plane.

"Whereas Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, a civilian airliner, was destroyed by a missile fired by Russian-backed separatist forces in eastern Ukraine, resulting in the loss of 298 innocent lives;"

It calls on Obama to respond to Russia and demands them to retreat:

(7) calls on the Russian Federation to remove its military forces and military equipment from the territory of Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova, and to end its political, military, and economic support of separatist forces;

It calls on Obama to give lethal aid to Ukraine:

(10) calls on the President to provide the Government of Ukraine with lethal and non-lethal defense articles, services, and training required to effectively defend its territory and sovereignty;

Lethal aid means guns and kill Russians!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it cannot be more clear that the USA wants to go to war with Russia. This should concern every one of you that are reading this report.

The threat is real! And eventually the missiles will be flying!

...Where they will be landing in a city near you! When it happens, will you be ready?

The Asia Pivot

Obama announced in 2011 that the US military would begin focusing on Asia for the foreseeable future. And by 2020, the USA military plans to relocate 60% of military assets to PACOM or Pacific Command.

The reason for the pivot is to able to face North Korea and China in future engagements. America is building several multibillion dollar bases to prepare for these coming wars.

Some of the bases will be known, some of them will be secret, small and undisclosed. They are the "lily pads" for the US military. With the new focus for the Asia pivot, these bases will grow throughout the Pacific.

The NDAA of 2015

In the latest National Defense Authorization Bill which funded the US military for the coming year, there was a pilot program that was included.

It is called a Human Terrain pilot program:

Section 1074—Pilot Program for the Human Terrain System. This section would require the Secretary of the Army to conduct. a pilot program to utilize Human Terrain System assets in the U.S. Pacific Command area of responsibility to support Phase 0 shaping operations and to support the theater security cooperation plans of the geographic combatant commander.

This program is disturbing because it changes the cognitive and moral way that human beings are considered for military engagement. Instead of citizens of a country being called civilians, the new plan will call them "Human Terrain" or "Human Domain."

This shift is a psychological scheme in the US military to redefine people as a part of the infrastructure, to de-humanize them.

This new program will utilize anthropologists who will be embedded with US troops and used to infiltrate the landscape of a mission and "map" the citizens into a database through intelligence gathering.

The information will then be given to the ranks in command so that they can "make decisions."

In a perfect world, this may sound like an adept strategy, but according to the pattern of this training, it appears that this program can and may be used against the America people. The training for "Human Terrain Experts" takes place in Leavenworth, Kansas and includes a final exam where the trainees go into the city of Leavenworth and practice on the "terrain" by gathering data on the citizens.

The trainees are also given an imaginary scenario to follow which says that portions of the United States have seceded. The area is in the Heartland from the Dakotas to Missouri. The job of the "terrain" experts is to infiltrate the protest zone and infiltrate the "criminal" groups. They are then supposed to "map" the group participants so that the military can put a stop to them.

Folks, this is a forerunner to the Nazi Stasi Secret Police, and it will be utilized by the US military against US citizens. Already they are practicing on people without their knowledge.

Become familiar with this term = Phase Zero Shaping. It is another step in the coming Police State.

Human Terrain System Sought to Transform the Army From Within


Folks, the momentum of evil is now turning the wheels which are on the road to war and destruction. Our job as Christians is to get ready and prepare our hearts for the trauma that Nation-USA is going to experience.

I share many of these things on the program...

In His Service,

Nathan Leal
Watchman's Cry



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