News From the Wall - Program #8
"The Judgment on America - Explained!"

Using the scriptures, Nathan Leal examines what Divine Judgment means.

This audio is an indepth Bible study on the present
Economic Crisis / Depression / Spiritual Judgment that
America is now experiencing.

Show Topics:

1. What is going on in America Right Now?
2. What we should expect in America's future!
3. What are the categories of a Divine Judgment!
4. The necessity for a spiritual perspective.
5. How bad is it going to get?
6. A study of Psalms 91

This audio message is over 2 hours long divided into two parts,


Listen to the program here:

Part 1: Listen to Part 1

Part 2: Listen to Part 2


Closing Music - "The Warrior" by Chuck Girard --
Chuck's Website

Link to News from the Wall Audio Sermon Library -

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