"One Bad Day"
March 2. 2011

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On March 1, 2011, Nathan Leal simulated a Nuclear Attack on America during his Watchman's Cry Radio Program. The program airs on the Survive2Thrive Network.

The program began as a normal broadcast but navigated into a dramatic simulation of an actual attack while he was on the air.

The program became very intense and communicates many elements to think about.

Ther purpose of the program is to ask the question, " Are you ready for something of this magnitude?"

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Comments about the program:

Brother Nathan,

I tuned into your show tonight about 15 minutes late...needless  to say put the fear of God in me with that " Orson Welles " style, ( It's bad enough just thinking about ugly "Luciferess" ( is that even a word!)   Janet Napolitano! ) 

I was checking Steve Quayle's site for the Red Screen, :]



Brother Leal,
Well done.... I was skeptical that this could be pulled off BUT as I set here with tears streaming down my cheeks I feel blessed to have been able to hear this. The holes in my preparations rang loud...
Thank you Brother and you,your family and friends did GREAT.
God Bless, G. in TN


Hello Nathan,

I had just dropped my son off at practice, came home, looked at the clock and rushed to turn on your program. Apparently I had JUST tuned in as you were saying something like "wait, what are you telling me? A mushroom cloud? .... YOU FREAKED ME OUT.

I listened a bit more, as in 3 more seconds, then a billion things ran through my mind. As I was desperately looking for an online web cam off the Space Needle and pulling up Fox News, I was also taking inventory in my head as to where everything was. Where are the kids, what is my Ex doing. My mind was looking through my storage space, my truck, under my bed, in the cupboards and so on. You want to know something? The human brain is quite amazing. I had multiple thought processes going on at the same time, and did not miss a beat.

In all honesty though, I failed miserably. I have been prepping for 2 years now and THOUGHT I had my act together. Well, I don't. Oh sure, I've lots of food, gear, a few possible locations to go to, depending on the situation and so on. But I have yet to do a dry run. Doing a dry run is something I have been 'putting off'. Well, that's going to happen this weekend, no if's and's or buts'.
Thank you for 'giving me a second chance'.

Wow!! The power of the Lord never ceases to amaze me. I honestly thought this was IT.
God Bless you and yours,


I have to say, I teared up Nathan. Seattle is not that far away and the thought of it. Ugh

It's amazing the Christians that say, "oh, I don't worry about anything, the Lord will provide." Yet they live worldly lives, right here and now. ...No way could they handle this emotionally, if not spiritually and for sure not physically! They are being told by their Pastor to not listen to the News, do not listen to End Time reporting on Face Book, just trust in the Lord. Of course he is Pre Trib, what else?
D. M.


There is already enough drama in the world. I look to the Watchman's Cry for truth and enlightenment. This didn't do it for me. To each his own...
R. S.


Well done Nathan. The program was unsettling and yet we all know down deep within us that its coming one day soon. Thank you for the messages you prepare and give to all of us. I have learned much through your teaching and the Holy Spirit's guidence. Thanks again and blessings to you and all of you family.


Stick to preaching brother Nathan, your not an actor LOL I look forward to your message every week however. Keep your eyes toward Christ. God Bless, T.


In respect  for you and your ministry I have to ask you...what was that last night  ??  Why ?? I really enjoy listening to you 99% of the time but last night was hard to listen to . I am sure your intentions were good but ......... Other people were listening and thought it was rather ........... FITB .Please remain informative as much as possible. We are not here for the show but for we hope God Breathed information and knowledge....
R. M.


This program was scary, but well worth listening to. I wish everyone would listen to it.

I did a little research recently on the practice of satanism in America. Most people are unaware, and might find it unbelievable, that satanic worship i...s being practiced in the U.S. Because of this, as well as abortion and the civilians that have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and other places, and many other sins of America and Americans, it is not surprising that God would judge America. I believe things are worse today than in the time of Noah.



I've lived with the knowledge of this for the last 55 years. God gave me visions of the endtimes and told me then I'd be alive at the 'time-of-the-end', at 8 years old I was terrified, and since then I've been preparing, not always in the right ways, still.... I sobbed thru' the whole broadcast thinking of the terrible destruction the evil one has caused mankind all-too-willingly race down the road to wickedness, I have mourned this wickedness for many decades.


Great job on "One Bad Day". It was very realistic. At the end of the show, I liked how you brought it back to knowing God more and having His peace. :)


Hat's off to you for the amazing job you did in giving your listener's a "reality check". If this program doesn't wake the listener's up - nothing will! I have known for years that the US will one day experience a nuclear attack. Your show made it all too real. I was glued to my MP-3 player, almost broke out in a cold sweat, knowing that one day this WILL happen..................When it does - where will my loved ones be? Will they be home? At Wal-Mart? A baseball game? I've warned them for years but they won't listen. My prayer for many years has been that when this happens me and my loved ones will be together. May Jesus have mercy on us all!

If your listener's wish to get a feel for the one bad day, i suggest that after they listen to your show, they find and watch the TV series "Jericho"...............There's also a book titled "One second after" that also brings a strong kick in the gut reality check. Written by an unbeliever, it will stun the reader. Most who read it can't put it down. The author is William Forschen. I think Amazon may have it...................

You are a blessing, Nathan. I wish there were more young people like you in Amerika..................Blessings, In Jesus,






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