Alert Warning #4 from Nathan Leal
“Obama 2.0 – The Rise to Perdition”
Nathan Leal - January 19, 2013


As I shared in my last alert, Link to article at high noon on January 20, 2013, the spirit princes from the underworld are going to invade the leadership in the White House and infiltrate the Administration.

This event will usher in the next phases of the end time agenda of Satan and the New World Order.

If you are reading this after 12 noon eastern time – 1/20/13, this process is already underway!

As I have been seeking to find more understanding about this pivotal event, I was prompted to ponder a question about one of the primary Babylonian Princes mentioned in Jeremiah 39:3

Nergal-Sharezer is mentioned twice in Jeremiah 39:3

“And all the princes of the king of Babylon came in, and sat in the middle gate, even Nergalsharezer, Samgarnebo, Sarsechim, Rabsaris, Nergalsharezer, Rabmag, with all the residue of the princes of the king of Babylon.”

Why Twice?

Why is this? Why is he mentioned twice in this passage?

In our previous audio message and in several alerts , we went into great detail about the profiles and resumes of the demonic entities involved.

Based on the profile that has been uncovered about the demonic spirit Nergal, one of his attributes appears to be that he is a “god of the noon-time.”

When we consider that this entity seems to favor invocation during high noon, I find it interesting that Obama’s Inauguration Ceremony is taking place at 12 noon on January 20, 2013, (as per the 22nd amendment of the U.S. Constitution.)

The time of the Inauguration Ceremony seems to fit with the arrival of Nergal.

But again, why is he mentioned twice in the passage of Jeremiah 39:3?

As I have been pondering this question, it suddenly hit me! Obama is going to have two Inauguration Ceremonies! The second one will occur the next day on Monday January 21, 2013. Based on the announced schedule for the Inaugural Ceremony of the 21st, the festivities will begin at 11:30 AM Eastern.

This means that the second “swearing in” of the “oath of office” will take place sometime after 11:30 AM on that day.

When considering that Nergal is the demon god of high noon and that he is mentioned twice in the before mentioned passage of scripture, I am left wondering if this reveals to us that Obama is going to receive a “DOUBLE WHAMMY” transference of slime from the spirit realm?

Two Impartations

Based on this update, I believe that this is exactly what it means. Obama will receive an impartation from the spirit realm on both Sunday and Monday, the 20th and the 21st of January at noon-time.

What does this mean? Based on this information, it appears that the invasion from the spirit realm is going to occur in waves over the course of several days.

Brethren, the coming spiritual invasion is underway. A new era of dark history is approaching our beloved America. At present she is gasping for breath on a gurney of the world’s emergency ward.

Unfortunately, it appears that the spiritual invasion of evil is going to result in an America that needs a heart transplant.

In the administration of Obama 2.0, I expect to see the fast track passing of Draconian laws which will undermine the Constitution and tighten the noose around the neck of Lady Liberty.

The Gun Grab

In my spirit, I also expect to see the disarming of America to occur in ways that are deceitful and overwhelming. Being that Satan is a deceiver and crafty, I believe that the traditional “gun grab” is going to play out in an unexpected manner and in a way that many patriots are not expecting.

I see it happening in ways that will be difficult to counter! And in ways that will impose intimidation and threats to the American public.

Therefore, I see that the Trojan horse approach may play out and use fear as a rallying point for their victory

Here are some of my thoughts on how it could happen:

1.   By a letter in the mail that says, “After evaluation, it has been determined that your household is not mentally fit to possess a firearm.”

2.   Through mental profiling where past medical records will come into play. Any past history of anti-depressants, therapy, stress related disorders, Ritalin for the children, post-trauma, etc., will isolate and penalize a household from possessing firearms.

3.   The profiling could include military veterans and ex-law enforcement officers who have been treated or experienced post trauma, treatment for trauma, etc., (Note – This isolates the majority of freedom loving veterans with the threat that may say, “Attention veteran - loose your benefits or comply!”)

4.   With a large portion of teenagers and children who have been diagnosed with hyperactivity or depression, the coming mandates could be used to eliminate millions of households from gun ownership.

5.   Threats, rewards, pay-offs, tattle-tale bounties etc. America will turn into a giant tattle-tale squad where neighbor will no longer be able to trust their neighbor. Divide and conquer is Obama’s rule of the coming days. By dividing the country, he will be able to conquer the whole.

6.   IRS, tax return rewards and well as threats. The offering of tax credits for gun turn in as well as threats for non-compliance.

Ladies and gentlemen, these are a few of the many concerns that I am pondering and expect to see in Obama 2.0.

After the gun confiscation is underway, I expect to see the next phase of the takeover of America. I will be addressing these things in upcoming article and broadcasts.

Now more than ever, I want to encourage everyone to seek the will of God in preparing to deal with these matters and also to ride out the storm.

Flee to the Mountains

Jesus warned us to flee to the mountains when we saw these things approaching. I want to encourage this strategy.

As mentioned in my previous program, if you are a resident in a blue liberal state, I would advise you to strongly seek the leading of God about relocating to a red state. I would also stress that this decision must be made quickly and without delay.

When the chaos erupts, I do not recommend trying to weather the coming weather in a blue state.

Also, seek the alliances of like-minded believers now my friends.

May the Lord be with you all as we see the day approaching.

(To be continued)

God Bless You All,
Nathan Leal - Watchman's Cry


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