They Will Deliver You Up!
Nathan Leal - August 12, 2008


(Watchman's note - This article is an addendum to broadcast 116. The purpose of this information is to detail the fact that there are "evil" and "rogue" elements in the governments of man. )

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“Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake.”  Matthew 24:9

In our previous audio studies, “the time of sorrows”, we examined and dissected the list of signs that would occur before the tribulation period started.

These things are listed in Matthew 24:6-8;

Verse 6: “And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

Verse 7: For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

Verse 8: All these are the beginning of sorrows.”

These events will be occurring during the beginning of sorrows.

As we continue reading this chapter, we see that in the next verse a “transition” occurs. Verse 9 begins with the word “then”…

Then what?

“Then” they shall deliver you up. What does this mean? It means that during the time of the tribulation, Christians will be arrested, incarcerated and killed.

No Secret Rapture

There will be NO secret rapture that rescues you or anybody else. The Word of God is very clear here. The Christians that live to see this day will experience persecution and death.

There is no rapture that occurs between verses eight and nine. Sorry folks! We need to be honest with ourselves. To insist that a rapture will occur before the “trouble” starts makes you guilty of “adding” to the Word of God!

So do you want to listen to man’s “false” words” or to believe that Word of God? It does not matter if John Haggee, Jack Van Impee, or Tim LaHaye says that there is a rapture between verses eight and nine. My Bible does not mention it!

Then they shall deliver you up! So let’s examine this whole concept. The concept that someday the authorities in worldwide governments will “round up” Christians and place them in detention centers or concentration camps.

Most Western Christians today have no problem believing that the future “One World Government” will do this hideous act.

But if I were to ask you if the United States would ever mistreat Christians in this manner, what would you say? Many Christians have a hard time bridging the concept that the U.S.A. would involve itself in such things.

Someday it will happen in The U.S.A.!

And this is what I want to address.

If we are indeed, in the end times, that means that soon, all the nations of the world will be guilty of Christian persecution, including the United States.

So the question must be asked, if the U.S.A. will be guilty of these crimes in a few years, what will cause the transition?

Another question, if the USA will be guilty of these things in the future, will there be laws that legislate their actions? Will there actually be recorded mandates in the government that justify these future crimes?

I submit to you, folks, that we have already witnessed the beginning of these laws. In the last few years, the “War on Terror” has begun the dismantling of the once respected Constitution.

I have already documented in many other articles how these things are taking place.

Under our Noses

The amazing thing to me is how these laws have passed right under the noses of most evangelical Christians without a vocal outcry. I have not heard opposition from the pulpit of TV preachers. In fact, quite the contrary, most ministers have no concern that these things are happening because of a “brilliant” smokescreen.

What smokescreen would that be? The smokescreen which creates the false concept that since we have a Republican Christian President, there has been no need to worry about these “War on Terror” laws.

“Mr. Bush is a Christian.”

“He is looking out for us.”

And while blind Christians celebrate that a “Republican” has been at the helm for seven years, our country has witnessed the most brutal attack on the constitution in its history. It is beyond debate folks.

Say “R.I.P." to the Lady at Ellis Island!

Big Brother

The fictional Big Brother story “1984” is now a reality.  It has arrived a few years late but nonetheless, it is here.

Here we are, it is 2008, and;

1. Now your phone calls can all be listened to.

2. Your mail can be opened without warrant.

3. You can be searched without a warrant.

Basically, now, you can be “DELIVERED UP” !  All it takes is for anybody to call Homeland Security and report you as being “suspicious”.

Most Christians still could care less! “I have nothing to worry about because I’m not a terrorist”, they say.

“And besides, those laws are for Arab looking people, not me. Because after all, our government would’t hurt us!”

“Our Government would not hurt us!”  That is the statement that I have heard from so many people over the years.

"Nah ahh, why would they do that?"

When I have tried explaining to people the dire situation that this country is in, I have also had people tell me, “I don’t believe you, why would they do that?”

The Bible is very clear folks! The future tribulation period will see the most horrible days that man has ever witnessed. This means that the USA will become brutal to Christians.

If the tribulation started tomorrow, this means that the USA would start brutalizing Christians tomorrow.

Is it possible that this could happen in the USA? Of course, the Bible says so.

Think about this folks, if the tribulation started tomorrow, this means that Christian persecution would be happening under a “Christian” President, right?

I understand that these words are hard to bear, but they are still true.

The Bible tells us over and over that Satan is the God of this world. This truth was reinforced when Satan showed Jesus the kingdoms of earth and offered to give them to Christ. Jesus did not argue the point that Satan does have the privilege of being "the god of this world" at the moment.

Satan is the god of this world

If Satan is the god of this world, that also means that the kingdoms of this earth are under his control, this includes the good ole’ U.S.A.!

And if the U.S.A. is under the control of Satan, that means that America does “bad” things! This means that America is under the power of a “thug”.

This concept is not an easy concept to grab a hold of, folks!  I understand that many American Christians are under the impression that America can do no wrong!

“We are a Christian nation!” so many people say.

I could say so much about the previous statement, but that is another sermon.

Am I Anti-American?

So, am I anti-American? Do I dislike this nation? A thousand times NO! I grieve that this nation is not the glorious country that it once was. The good ole' USA has entered a dark chapter in her history.

The nation of the "Liberators" of WWII, has now stooped to the low level of state sanctioned torture.

The land of the free has been transformed into a land of "dumbed-down" citizens who have "no clue" what the constitution means.

The "home of the brave" has been transformed into a society of a bunch of video game playing "zombies" with a "herd" mentality.

The present generation of this nation is not "eager" to be free. They are instead, "too stupid" to be free.

Our nations forefathers would be rolling in their graves if they saw how apethetic and indifferent American citizens have become in the midst of her downfall and destruction!

Life Support

The adage says, "Let freedom ring" but does it? When I look around, the freedom that I observe seems to be on "life support" !

And as she "gasps" for breath, most Christians do not seem to notice! I hear no voice of concern from mega-church pastors!


Again, because of the man created lie that gives most Christians a false sense of security.

What lie is that? The false paradigm that has people trusting and depending in their political party.

Let's be honest folks! Most evangelicals label themselves as being "republicans". Since we have a republican in the White House, most evangelicals have let their guard down and thrown their vigilance out of the window! I find it amazing that the present destruction of our nation is happening during the "watch" of Mr.Bush, the evangelical's choice!

Before I woke up, I myself also succumed to political party blindness. I also voted for him in the year 2,000!

But I can no longer be a part of the "Silent Majority"!

So am I saying that the Democrats are better?

No! No! No! What I am saying is that both parties in our leadership seem to be a complete joke!

In my opinion, the two parties both desire to take us to the New World Order! We now have history to prove it! The Bush's and the Clinton's both want the NWO.

The Future

The future candidates are no better.

Barack Obama says that he is a world citizen. What is this "change" that he keeps talking about? A fox wants to guard the hen house and also wants to change things!

McCain is a globalist. He has mentioned that he wants to see the formation of the "League of Democracies".

We must be wise, brethren. I challenge all of the ones reading this. The days ahead will be VERY interesting. Stay vigilant.


I recently recorded an audio program that details some of the crimes that the USA has recently committed. Some of the things that I mentioned sound unbelievable and may even be hard to bear.

In the remainder of this article I wish to offer you some links that document the things that I mentioned.

May the Lord be with You as you as you examine the matters below.

Nathan Leal - A Watchman



A U.S.A. False Flag Attack to start a war with Iran:

Seymour Hersh stated on July 9, 2008 that he sat in a meeting with Vice President Cheney. In this meeting, he witnessed cabinet members discuss how our government could carry out a false flag attack on our naval forces. This would be done by the USA building some patrol boats that look like Iranian Boats. We would then have some U.S. Marines dress up like Iranians and have them attack our navy ships and blame it on Iran.

This would galvanize the American public to support a war against Iran.

Watch Video



Operation Northwoods
This was a memo that was produced by military leaders during Kennedy Administration. During that era, some officials in the administration wanted a war with Cuba. This document details a plan that would result in a US war with Cuba.

In this plan, the USA would dress our marines as Cubans and have them attack our military bases. It also included the USA shooting down a plane with civilians in it and blaming it on Cuba.

The end result of this act of government sponsored terrorism would be the USA getting its war with Cuba. President Kennedy rejected the proposition and soon after died.

Download the memo - Memo in PDF Format


The Project for a New American Century: Rebuilding America’s Defenses

This was a multi year project in the 1990’s that involved many members of Daddy Bush’s administration who have also been involved in the present administration. This document spells out the script of America’s military plans in the new millennium.

Things mentioned include:

  1. The need to attack Iraq and Iran,
  2. Build new bases in the Middle East, Asia, and in South America
  3. Need for Homeland Security.
  4. A need for a “New Pearl Harbor” event
  5. The need for new  bio weapons that target specific races of people.

This neo-conservative (neocon) plan seems to have had a recent influence in U.S. Foreign Policy. The Iran attack is yet to be fulfilled.

Download the document - PDF Format


Unanswered questions about 911

I briefly touched the subject that the official story of 911, has many holes in it. The findings of the 911 commission failed to address hundreds of questions.

The smoking gun in the official story is the collapse building 7. The commission hearings failed to supply a satisfactory explanation of why a third building collapsed on that day.

The third building was the Salomon Bros. Building or Building 7. This was a 47 story building that was not hit by a plane or debris. It only had fire on a few floors but still, it collapsed at 5:20 pm eastern time. The collapse occurred in a fashion that resulted in the building falling into its own footprint.

A slow motion look at this collapse also shows demolition charges going off as it falls.

Watch Video:


Watch Second Video:


Another anomaly was committed by BBC News. The building collapsed at 5:20 in the afternoon, but BBC news reported at 4:55 that collapse had already occurred. Watch the video below and observe that the building is still intact and standing as the reporter is saying that it had already collapsed. Watch Video:



Watch video of people and firemen who witnessed bombs going off in the buildings.





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