The Stupor of Laodicea – Mega Church Madness
An excerpt from message #156 - "The Stupor of Laodicea Mega Church Madness"
Nathan Leal
September 1, 2010

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America is intoxicated. She has become drunk with thoughts of make-believe.

She has become littered with fables of pretend, heaped upon her by her villagers.

America is now the land of pretend, populated with citizens who shelter themselves with darkness and become angry at those who share the light or make a righteous challenge.

She is a land wrapped in denial and full of gluttons who have an appetite for pleasure, purchases, and possessions…

 …and who are in a hurry to go "nowhere!"

They walk about in a trance with no concern for the future, because their idol is the "golden calf" of now!

The futility of - "Now!"

Their celebrations must occur - “Now!”

And their wills must be satisfied - "Now!"

They seek to eat, drink, and behave with no regrets, and take a bite out of the fruit that they purchased from the “caterer of deception!

"Serve us a meal of make-believe!"… is their song…”for we will never see sorrow!"

"We will never be accused by the God above, for we are children of confidence and our garments will hide our shame!"

Unfortunately, they are wearing, "garments of delusion” and these clothes have removed their ability to know their appointment.

If the pretenders could see the approaching train, they would deny its arrival.

And to all that will listen! Please know! Please be aware!

And please prepare, for the arrival of the train of God’s judgment! It will arrive without delay. For this land has an appointment!

But there is resistance. The pretenders argue and say, "These things are not true! We deserve food and wine and peaceful days that will not end!"

Their denials did not satisfy. They wanted more!

The Lords of Pretend!

So in the valley of pretend and make-believe, the villagers rummaged through their own people and they found for themselves; priests and prophets to remind them of their glory!

The priests rose up and erected for themselves beautiful tabernacles and towers that reached into the sky. They created carpeted stages to perform for the cameras. They learned to dress, "hip" and "cool."

They become, "royal stars" in the land of pretend.

In their mission, they were showered with wealth and built for themselves palaces. They erected totems to honor their names and willingly, the people paid "homage" to them with gleaming adoration.

So the priests opened their mouths and presented cleverly crafted charms. The people were overwhelmed. The people loved their “words!”

In return, the villagers made the priests their, "Hopeful Lords."

And now, the land has been overwhelmed with schemers who have become, "The Lord's of Pretend!" And the people throng to them. They assemble and gather to hear their "gilded phrases.

And what is their message? Do they deliver words that teach the people to wrestle with their sinful ways?


Are they words recruited from Heaven above?


Are they oracles obtained from the Throne Room of God?


The Gospel of Make Believe!

Instead, the priests of pretend have fashioned and presented a gospel of make-believe and fantasy.

They have created a new version of God not found in the Holy Book. They have showered the people with happiness and stories of a God that answers all requests for fame and fortune.

And from the “podiums”, they motivate the people and tell them how magnificent they are.

They invoke words that speak to the wind, "You are a champion! God wants to funnel you with wealth, beauty, and gold dust!"

And the people love it. They have no clue that they are hearing the words of charlatans!

The Lords of pretend have become drunk with their own fame. They are “Pied Pipers” who deliver shadowed promises of an empty drink.

"You are little gods!" They tell the people.

"You are special and must be rewarded!"

"Trials are not meant for you because you deserve better, so refuse them and send them away!"

And it goes on…

"Champions deserve a prize, so smile to yourself and take yours!  And in spite of that circumstance, be happy!”

“God is happy with you; you must think positive thoughts and though you are struggling, and even though your pantry is empty with no food and your lights are about to be shut off, don't worry! You’re special. So congratulate yourself! “

“…Now there,… don't you feel better …already?"

And so, all of the people who attend these gatherings and listen to the empty words of confidence, leave the assembly, still in spiritual captivity!


They leave unhealed, and they return to their homes in bondage.

…In bondage to addictions!

…In bondage to the vain imaginations and nightmares!

…In bondage to their failures!

My friends, this is a catastrophe!

Today's church is mired in confusion. There is a famine for the real Word of God throughout this land! People are starving for the truth. They need spiritual healing! They need their chains of bondages to be broken!

Today's lukewarm gospel has made God into a "Cuddly Little Easter Bunny" just waiting to hand out baskets of candy at our beckoned calls!

But that version of God is an "ear tickling doctrine of demons!”

Our God Jehovah, who dwells in the Heavens, does not answer to any man! He cannot be fashioned by man. He cannot be molded and folded by man's hand!

The Lord God is not "origami art!"

He does not exist based on the utterances of silly men!

No man can say, “To me God is this or that!” Because it does not matter what you or I think, God already IS! And He was around before you were born!

The priests of pretend imply in their words of “bile” that God comes running towards us like an excited little puppy, waiting to grant our carnal wishes.

Ichabod and Undone!

To that I say, “Ichabod!”

The glory of God is not in those words!

The glory of God is not in that doctrine of lies!

The glory of God is not in those deceptions!

The glory of God cannot be found in vain thinking , placing men above God and minimizing sin!

The glory of God cannot be revealed to hearts inflamed with their own desires and their own wanting! For who can approach God, my friends, when their thoughts are in the bunker of evil?

Can God be glorified, with lips that offer a sacrifice of praise to Him, but then minutes later, these same lips are fouled with plans that describe evil living?

…Fouled with celebrations to the flesh!

…And fouled with words of hatred…

… or with words that are putrid?

No my friends! And in today’s mega churches, the people are not taught to be ashamed of their undone souls and their hearts that are hardened against God.

The people of pretend attend these gatherings, they leave empty handed of words that do not remove their chains.

Today’s mega church pastors are not praying! They are goofing off and they are pretending!

And my friends, please be warned, please be aware, and please know with discernment, that some of these people, some of these “Lords of Pretend” standing behind pulpits are not even redeemed souls!

They are not even a part of the brethren! They are unconverted souls standing behind "podiums" leading the blind with their own blind eyes.


Nathan, those sound like radical words!

You think those are radical words? Let me tell you about a radical woman; A lady at the feet of Jesus, weeping and wiping His feet with her tears.


Because this woman found forgiveness in Jesus! She knew and understood the burden of being weighted down with sin. She knew what it felt like to have a life immersed in darkness, and then to have the light turned on, in forgiveness!

She knew what it was like to experience the loving hands of Jesus, the Savior, in forgiveness. And because of that, she was radical!


And she was at the feet of Jesus one day, washing his feet with her tears, thanking him, and loving him for cleansing her soul!

Jesus said, "He that is forgiven much, loves much."

So when a person has been forgiven of much sin, it is going to show in their words.

It will show in their actions!

It will show in their heartbeat!

It will show in their passion!

It will show in their concern for others!

It will show… in YOUR words… and in YOUR actions, if you have experienced the forgiveness of God!

Hey mega-church Pastor!…Are  you concerned?

Are you concerned for souls that attend… your meetings?

… souls that are lost and dying?

… souls that know nothing of the perfume of God's forgiveness?

… souls immersed in the sewage of this earth? Are you concerned for them?

My friends, when a shepherd has a concern for souls, they are not going to be concentrating on earthly ventures! They are not going to be teaching the people about simple things that only tickle the ears!

Am I saying that every pulpit has this disease that I am describing? No!

Laodicea - Alive and Well

But I am saying this, today, over the land of America and over the West, and over a large portion of this world; the Church of the Laodicea is alive and well.

The lukewarm spirit has gone over the land, and brought stupor to the eyes of many shepherds. And God has had enough of this!

…These priests of pretend have eyes that are dim and cannot see!

…Their lips are generous with error that they utter against the Lord!

…Their words do not satisfy the hungry ones!

…Their drinks fail to quench thirsty hearts!

And so many that depend on them for strength, are left feeble and weak!

Their words should have pointed the people to the hiding place of God. They should have revealed the secret place to escape the shadows and the great tempest…
… but they have failed!

My friends, there are impostors out there! There are charlatans out there!

And for these crimes and many others, God is shaking the land!

Warning - The Land Will Shake!

He’s judging the land folks! And you need to be ready, for the things that are coming. You need to be awake and know about the things that are coming!

And this, my friends, is reality! In spite of the make believe pretenders who want to ignore it and deny it… folks, we are in very perilous times!

To all of the moms and dads listening, you need to know these things! Your family needs to know these things!

So please, don't give up, in trying to warn your loved ones and your friends! It will not be easy trying to warn them, I'll grant you that!

But if you can compel one soul to escape what's coming, that is one soul that has been rescued!

My friends, in the days ahead, you are going to see very ominous and perilous events! I can't say that enough! They are approaching!

And please know this, what you do between now and then, when they arrive, is going to matter! Because to stand at the sideline and do nothing, will have consequences!

And in spite of the lies from the pulpits which downplay the present story; Folks, you are already a part of the story! Every resident on this planet will participate in the coming story!

Events are unfolding as I speak!

And right now, there is a heavenly mandate in the hand of God, a directive spelled out on a holy scroll that says, "The land must now be judged!"

These events have been appointed to happen! Not in the future, but now!

The next shoe has been dropped! It is in the air! When it hits the ground, the land will shake, and rumble, and knock many people off of their feet!

The time is now, to repent and find solid footing through Jesus, our Savior and Lord!

God bless you,

Nathan Leal

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