Watchman’s Cry - Alert Warning #7

Don’t Be Fooled – History is repeating itself!
Countdown to the Syrian Invasion - Countdown to World War!

By Nathan Leal - September 12, 2013

For those who may wonder what is going on with American Foreign Policy, the answer is simple; History is repeating itself.

A quick flashback to a previous administration of George W. Bush reveals the tale of the tape.

One year after the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center, the USA entered the next phase of its Pax Americana Pinocchio Policy for the New American Century, which was to invade the sovereign nation of Iraq.

Convincing the world that it is a good idea to bomb another country requires a slick marketing campaign. But according to Bush Advisor - Andrew Card who said, "From the marketing point of view, you don't release a new product in August,"...I guess this is why these things seem to happen in right now!

Based on my observations, the effort must include lies, falsified evidence, charisma and evil genius.

During the Bush Regime, the effort required collusion with other western leaders. George W. had Tony Blair, and together with Satan, they manufactured a very deceptive story that was able to recruit what Bush called “the coalition of the willing,” - 48 countries to help invade and destroy the nation of Iraq.

In college, George Bush was a cheerleader. He cut his teeth learning the art. For him, it was the dark and dangerous world of rallying against the opposition. Back then, he was groomed by teachers who taught him that cheerleading was a powerful weapon and that someday he was going to use his training to change the world.

“Georgie,” his teacher said, “Only use your cheerleading powers for good!”

But did George listen? We now have history as the judge. George W. Bush was able to rally the coalition into the “spirit” of war.

Using his “cheerleader powers,” President Bush addressed the UN General assembly and put the world under his spell.

He used accusatory rambling against Saddam in a gymnastic manner to “woo” the crowd. Bush was also able to convince the conservative population of right-wingers in America that it was a good idea, (at the time, I was a part of that herd….silly me!)

The United States went on to use the false testimony of a secret informant who called himself, “Curveball,” who was later exposed to be a liar.

Secret informant - Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi - AKA "Curveball"

The United States also used Colin Powell to present to the UN General Assembly, large printed cartoons of alleged Iraqi bio-weapons labs that did not exist.

They were colorful pictures of pretend.

Did it work? Sure it did!

Bush was a master of Pep Rallies and he used the UN to rally the world for Team Neo-Con USA! Saddam Hussein became the effigy to be defeated...and burned.

The wheels were in motion. The UN eventually passed Resolution 1441 which allowed weapons inspectors to snoop around Iraq and look for weapons that did not exist.

After five months of looking, they found none.

Saddam said that this was because they had already been destroyed in the past.

“Prove it!” The United States said.

“How? They are gone!” Said Saddam.

“Not good enough!” Said Bush.

Four months later, Bush began using his powers once again to rally Congress to vote on a measure to allow the US to invade Iraq.

Bush got it!

On March 19, 2003, the USA began the invasion of Iraq.

As I said earlier, history is repeating itself. The dialogue for the Iraq invasion began with the United Nations on September 12, 2002.

Folks, please make note of the calendar and do some quick math.

September 12, 2002 was EXACTLY eleven years ago! Those who have studied the occultic use of numbers in world events should make note of this.

And here we are in September - 2013. Today, is the 12th. It is eleven years later, and now we have another President who is following a similar path. But this time the target is the nation of Syria.

I find the dates and numbers in these equations interesting as well as suspicious. Is this an illuminati thing going on?

The Iraqi invasion took five months to gather support until it began on March 19, 2003.

Will it take five months this time? Is there a significance to the eleven year cycle? If so, then that would mean that the Syrian invasion will occur sometime in March of 2014. Will they wait that long?

I don't know. But this is why I am releasing this alert.

The accusations against Syria are eerily similar to what we heard back then. Syria is alleged to have used WMD’s against their own people. Is it true?

Hiding the truth is much more difficult in the year 2013. We now have the internet and Youtube to share the inconvenient truth. Grassroots reporting is a constant irritation to the Obama Regime and the New World Order.

According to circumstantial evidence, it appears that the Syrian rebels were the ones who released the chemical weapons. This is easy to find on the internet. The Europeans saw the videos. So did the Russians. This is why they are not falling for the spell of John Kerry and Resident Obama.

But why does Obama want to bomb Syria? Is he acting alone? It is his idea?
Far from it; Bombing Syria is a part of a Neo-Con script that was written in the 1990’s.
The script is a part of an evil think-tank called – “The Project for a New American Century.”

The script for the project is a manifesto called – “Rebuilding America’s Defenses.”

Download Here

Or Here

Some of you may remember this if you were awake back then.

The plan is evil, diabolical and promotes the necessity for America to invade several Middle Eastern nations including Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Iran, as well as other things like developing bio-weapons that are "race specific!" ( page 60)

It is a big idea as Papa Bush once said. There are many motives behind it but the bottom line is that while the USA says that they are for democracy and peace, their version of Pax Americana is bloody and expensive.

Pax Americana is the Latin term for American Peace. It is the hypocritical phrase that has become the garment for past and present US Administrations which define America’s geo-strategy for the Middle East and for the world; which is to spread democracy by using  the tip of a cruise missile.

Presently, America’s version of spreading democracy has resulted in military operations in Afghanistan, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, U.A.E., Uzbekistan, and Yemen. Add to that another 54 African Nations.

This is according to recent citations from US Central Command’s (CENTCOM) website, as well as US Africa Command (AFRICOM).

For America, the plan is simple. Keep invading nations and maybe the world will respect the USA.

But  the world is now catching on to the ruse. They are not as dumb as Obama thinks they are.

Putin can see what’s going on! So can China.

(Of course, that is the easy explanation. The actual reason for America's continual military expansion has to do with geo politics, the NWO, oil and a garnish of influence from the powers of the invisible realm.)

So here we are once again ladies and gentlemen. But this time the toll is much more volatile. The Middle East is a fuse of instability that is very close to ignition. Syria is not just a pile of sand that is free for the taking.

The region is not what it was eleven years ago…it is worse!

The way that things are shaping up, we are now navigating into the territory of Bible Prophecy and WW3.

I find it ironic that as a young person, I always thought that it would be the Soviet Union who would start WW3 with its incendiary policies.

But now, it appears that it will be America that provides the ember to light the flame.
Who knew…huh folks!

I plan to release my next program in the next few days that will go into all of these, things so please be looking for it.

Brethren, please continue to pray to find God’s mercy for yourself and for your family. Please try to use this remaining time to get your last minute preparations and supplies. When the war begins, everything will skyrocket in price including food, fuel, tires, etc.

Based on what I am observing, America will not repent so this thing is going to be game on!

The days are numbered.

God bless and may God have mercy on us,

Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry



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