Trump Antichrist Series: Episode 2 – Foundations


This is the next installment in our series – “Trump the Antichrist”

We are in the last days. The great falling away is occurring and it appears that the son of perdition has been revealed. His name is Donald J. Trump.

According Bible Prophecy, he fits the resume for the Little Horn better than any other candidate in the world.

This series will prove this. It is an exhaustive study that will prove that we are in the final days of mankind and Trump was sent to separate the sheep from the goats.


1. Establishing a foundation for studying the Bible correctly
2. The Little Horn comes from where???
3. The timeline of Bible prophecy, where are we?
4. A dictatorship is coming to America.
5. The MAGA Republicans have a roadmap to victory that is in motion.
6. We are running out of time. Please share.


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