Prayer Request for Alison!


About a month ago, approximately August 3rd, Alison began feeling pain in her abdomen / pelvic region. We thought it might be a bladder infection, (UTI), but it was almost the weekend, and our local clinic was closed on Friday, so we decided to take her to the doctor the following Monday on her day off.

By the time Monday arrived, the pain had increased. We went to the clinic, had her checked out, they took lab samples, and said the results would take a while because they had to go to Seattle.

The doctor assumed it was a UTI, so they gave her antibiotics for it. The next day her pain was at level six or seven, she had to call out of work. (She works retail.) The pain kept getting worse.

Switched Meds Didn’t Work

She ended up missing that whole week of work. We called the Doctor again, on Thursday. He said we’ll switch your medicine, but it didn’t help. The pain grew to level 8 or 9 out of ten.

As some of you may know, it is in these situations when the enemy really attacks with fearful thoughts. I kept praying and praying. The concern was growing. We were now in week two of this.

By the time Saturday came around, the pain was so bad, she was in tears, crying. It was so hard to watch. I took a drive and cried out to God on Saturday. I screamed in the car; pleading, proclaiming, rebuking, requesting, crying…I spent about an hour praying and then came home.

My prayer battle helped a little, because she said that the pain had reduced to about half. That was good. That would help her get through the weekend, until the clinic opened again on Monday. We went back, (it’s now been two weeks of suffering,)

They Switched Meds a Third Time

Monday came around, and they switched her to a third antibiotic. As most of you know, its not good to go through this much antibiotics.

She missed more work, not only were the doctor visits compiling and become expensive, but now we were missing income. She took the medicine for another week, pain lingered about level three to four, but didn’t stop.

Went to the ER

Fast forward to last weekend, (we were now in week three of this ailment,) she tried going back to work last Saturday, but couldn’t take the pain because she threw up a few times. They sent her home and said we needed to go to the ER, but being Saturday, all the clinics were closed.

So we drove to Coeur d’Alene which is about 45 minutes away, to an Urgency Care Clinic. They checked her out, and said that she needed a CAT scan to find out what was going on. The only problem is that it takes a month to get on the schedule. The Doctor continued that the only way to get one sooner was at the Emergency Room, and he recommended that we did not delay. This was a very hard decision, because the ER is expensive, but we were now worried that maybe it was the, I don’t even like saying it…the “C” word.

We Found Out What it Was

So we went to the emergency room in Coeur d’Alene. They immediately ordered a CAT scan, and some blood tests. The results came back, thankfully it was not, the “C” word, praise God for that.

But we finally had an answer, the Doctor said that she had chronic Cystitis.

He went on to describe how painful it is for women who suffer from it. He advised us on what to do, diet changes, home remedies, etc. But he did say that it may be something that wants to stick around. We left the ER, bittersweet. We were thankful that it wasn’t the dreadful, “C”, but we also realized that we were facing a new uninvited ailment, “Cystitis.”

She went back to work today after missing a lot. She’s trying to endure through the pain, but we are trying a few things to help lessen the pain.

An Appeal to the Brethren

So this is where you guys come in, I am humbly asking that those of you who believe in healing prayer, to please say a prayer for Alison, to help her deal with the pain, and also for healing.

It is so hard watching her suffer. I’m sure many of you understand what this is like.

I also have another request. If there are any brethren out there, who are able, we really need some financial help. Between the missed work, and the doctor bills, it’s overwhelming.

I have been working on several sermons, but those were put on hold, because I was being a nurse for Alison.

We also welcome any remedies or suggestions from those of you who have gone through this. We have had several suggestions for castor oil, so we are doing that.

We love you guys.

Thank you for your support. I’m going to provide several donation links below. Those of you who are prompted to help, we appreciate it more than words can say.

It has been very difficult, lately.

But thanks be to God, with His strength, and your support we can endure.

Blessings to all, Nathan

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