After the Rapture, The Inheritance, Millennium Series Part 1


It is known by some as the “Rapture,” but was it is? It is the event where Jesus is going to harvest the Earth to gather His elect.

If you are seeking knowledge about the End Times, welcome to this ministry, where we study the end time prophecies found in the Bible.

In this Series we will be making an in-depth study of the Millennium. But what is it, and what can we expect during that time period?

The Bible tells us it will be a 1,000 year period of peace for the Earth. It is known as the Seventh Day. But there is more… So much more!

Sadly, most preachers don’t talk about it, so as a result, most Christians know very little about it, so good news, we are going to study it.

So get ready for an exciting Bible study as we discover how glorious our future is going to be.


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