Pandemic 2025 – The Pale Horse Rideth


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Note: This one of the most in-depth research exposés that I have have produced.

This video is RICH with information and proof that can help ALL of you who are trying to education your friends or family about the dangers of the vaccine.

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The sinister plan of the Elite is in motion, my friends. It is being carried out by them and in this video we will talk about it.

Youtube is censoring this information so I am hosting it on an alternative platform below.

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Youtube is censoring this information so I am hosting it on the alternative platform: Rumble


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Regarding the research links, here are a few of the ones cited on the video:

Links and Sources

Deagel Forecast 2025

Link to Youtube Channel – Died Suddenly Videos by Jwilderness

New Covid Killer 2025 Simulation

SEERS Pandemic Simulation

Medical Journal White Papers about Dangers of the Juice:


Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia after

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