Reptilian Trump – Scorpion King – A Warning to the Church


In this video, I voice my concern about Donald Trump and the threat that he is to the future of America.

He has an obsession with being in power and is going to use any opportunity to become the Dictator of America! This in itself is terrible, but I am also concerned that he may be the “Little Horn,” of Bible Prophecy.

Should he succeed in getting into the White House after the indictments, it will give more credence that he may actually be the “Guy!”

Therefore, that possibility has me on “High Alert,” as I watch.

Its a real concern, my friends, therefore I have no choice, I must give a warning about Donald Trump and his MAGA Cult, who want to bring Civil War and call it Christian!

And I must also warn that he may be the AC!

The days ahead are going to be very interesting. The return of Jesus is drawing near! Get ready my friends! This video is ONLY for those who have the eyes to see.

God Bless,

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