“Russkiy Mir” – Putin’s Plan to invade Europe. Prepare for War!


What are Russia’s Goals?

This video reveals the reasons why Putin invaded Ukraine, but the reasons are not what you are being told.

It’s about “Russkye Mir.” It’s about Russian Demography.

It is NOT what you are being told by Tucker Carlson.

Russia has plans to invade more countries, which will lead to a wider war in Europe, and eventually WW3. World War is coming folks.

Get prepared.

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Nathan Leal


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The video is available in several platforms: Odysee, Youtube, and soon Rumble.

Odysee: https://odysee.com/@watchmanscry:d/russkiy-mir-putin’s-plan-to-invade:5

NOTE – The Youtube version below is missing the first four minutes of video. For the complete video, please watch the version on Odysee. Thanks