The Color of Truth is Red


The Color of Truth is Red

by Nathan Leal

The church is treading its oars in a soup of darkness through the night without His light from above.

And in the rush, a cascading overflow awaits them which will tumble them into the Tribulation’s Abyss.

Because that’s where we are folks. We are there! We are living in that time that the saints of old desired to see.

But they fell asleep hoping … and reading about us.

Welcome to the grand finale of mankind!

God chose us to see this day, and He forewarned us of the dark tide that would swallow the earth with its arrival. He cautioned us.

Today His Spirit is blowing a trumpet of warning, but who can hear it?

And while these prophecies are taking place, the church is in a slumber and swimming in deception. Sadly, the deception has infected many who claim to have end time knowledge that they gleaned from internet heroes.

.. heroes who replaced the Bible with artifacts and trinkets of strange scripture.

Today’s Internet Church no longer partakes of His table, because Christianity has shaped shifted into X-Files meets Erich von Däniken, with a sprinkle of a few mislabeled Bible verses.

The Church has become weird. God’s Shepherds have been replaced with self proclaimed holy men who don the hat of Indiana Jones in a quest to find dark souvenirs.

It is a great astonishment, where tomb raiders took over the Bible study and distracted God’s people with shape shifting reptilians and tales of giants, but not to worry, because their Bible kit includes a NATO bullet waiting to be dipped in red.

I guess that’s appropriate, because red is today’s color of truth.

The Specter of the Red

The Red Army is liberating their neighbor under the flag of a Federation, but wants the world to look away as it devours much flesh, just like the prophecy said it would.

It’s Red Operation of Bloodshed flows under the power of the red dragon, Satan, the deceiver who is thriving in the sleeping church with red, and placed a barb of longing in Putin’s heart, to make a crimson river flow over Ukraine.

… and why wouldn’t he? He is the bear’s roar.

He is the feet of the Beast that tramples the Earth. While at the same time, he has become the church’s best, a noble, a prince fighting for their faith.

He is their hero warring for humanity, a savior to Ukraine, and a slayer of Nazi scum that forgot to show up in the battlefield, because instead of killing Nazis…

… Putin is butchering civilian babies,

… and raping little civilian girls,

… and cutting out civilian tongues,

… and chopping off civilian ears,

He does this under the Christian flag as he sets Ukrainians free…

My friends, the color of Truth is red … so is Ukrainian soil.

Red is a many flavored thing, and American Republicans are witnessing it’s canvas.

They see it.

…and still they defend the dragon’s child, the beast that is devouring much flesh. The Bible prophesies that the whole world will worship the beast and marvel about it.

Today’s internet Christian Assembly is grasping for the feet of the bear. They love it’s red matted fur. They love it’s warmth. But through the red, they cannot see that it sizzles with anger, and smells of Hell’s vapor.

They cannot see they are riding the Scarlet colored Beast…

… Or its paws that are scorching the earth in red.

They cannot hear the cries of the innocent ones it has crushed.

… Red is the truth.

And soon the sword from Heaven will be bathed in red.

Woe onto the Earth.

Nathan Leal


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