The Breaking of the Seals has Begun! Part 3 – Now on Youtube


The Breaking of the Seals has Begun! Part 3

By Nathan Leal

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This is part three of the message and warning that I previously issued about the seals being opened.

As we look around, tyrannical changes are happening before our eyes. The plague jab and its policies are conquering all of mankind. What is the end result going to be? The powers that be are just getting started with their engineered chaos and fake crisis.

As Christians, we must discern these arriving events as prophetic, and that can only happen if we understand the Scriptures about the end times.

In this installment we will examine several areas of Bible Prophecy and also cover the passage found in Daniel 2:43…

“They Shall Mingle Themselves with the Seed of Men”

It is happening folks. The spirit of perdition has hijacked medical science with an undertaking to bring genocide to the human race. And they are doing it with a manufactured emergency that is allowing them to poison mankind with a satanic mixture veiled as a “jab.”

I would encourage everyone to listen to this program several times and to get a hold of the biblical warning and information. May God have mercy on all of us.

In His service,

Nathan Leal



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