The Wolves are Among Us – How False Prophets Evolve


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My friends, I am finally wrapping up the Trump Delusion.

A few folks will say, “Yay!”

But before we do, it is important to know “how We Got Here,” as a Church. How did so many “preachers” and “prophets,” get it wrong and miss it with their prophecies?

The answer can be found in the Bible. It has to do with End Time delusion, the “mystery of iniquity,” and it is because of these things that a very POWERFUL force invaded the land.

It is still here and it is just getting started.

This program will examine this mess by looking into the Scriptures. And in so doing, I must warn that all Christians need to be on high alert from now on, because a very dark plague of deception and evil has entered the fray.

As Christians, we must know what the Bible has to say about it. That is what this program will do.

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